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Belgium Liquid Natural Gas Market Analysis and Outlook Report to 2020- Forecasts of LNG Supply, Demand, Trade, Plant Status, Contracts, Prices, Stock, Capacity, Investments and Companies

Published: Feb-2015 | Format: PDF | OG Analysis | Number of pages: 100 | Code: MRS - 16484

Belgium Liquid Natural Gas Market Analysis and Outlook Report to 2020Forecasts of LNG Supply, Demand, Trade, Plant Status, Contracts, Prices, Stock, Capacity, Investments and Companies is a complete guide for analysts interested in Belgium LNG markets. The comprehensive report from LNGANALYSIS provides profound analysis and complete data on each segment of Belgium LNG value chain and forecasts production, demand, major trends and challenges of investing in the market. Historical and forecasted information on regasification plant, storage tanks, jetty and LNG carriers is provided for each of the existing and planned LNG terminals in Belgium.

The research work provides historical and forecasted analysis of Belgium LNG industry for a period of 16 years from 2000 to 2020. For the first time, you will find the sales and purchase agreements (SPAs), trade movements, prices along with an illustrative map in one single report. In addition, the report provides the construction details, capital investments and feasibility of planned projects.

The report also forecasts natural gas production and consumption data between 2000 and 2025. Also, analytical tools including benchmark with peer markets and positioning map are provided. Belgium market structure is clearly described with supporting data on market shares of each company between 2000 and 2020.

The report is designed in a complete user friendly and time saving pattern to provide you more information on each page of the report. Designed to meet all your LNG data and analysis requirements at one location, the report drives its data from LNGANALYSIS databases. Analysis in the report is provided from in-house and external industry experience people. We validate the analysis and data forecasts periodically with more than 100 industry experts across the globe to assure quality expected by you.


  • Country and company strategies amidst recent fluctuations in market conditions
  • Historic and Forecasted Liquefaction capacity, storage capacity, contracted and non-contracted capacities from 2000 to 2020
  • Capital expenditure details of all planned terminals along with investment forecasts to 2017
  • Supply and Demand forecasts to 2020 along with trade patterns of Belgium LNG
  • An illustrative map of all the existing and planned LNG terminals
  • SWOT Analysis of the market
  • Positioning matrix and Benchmark with five peer markets on four key indexes
  • Construction details including FEED/ EPC contract, constructor details, construction period and operating technology
  • All active and announced Sales and Purchase agreements (SPA) along with purchaser, quantity and duration details
  • Market Structure, Companiestheir capacities and market shares, 2005 to 2020
  • Trade movements and pricing information by country are provided from 2002 to 2014
  • Terminal start year, installed capacity, processing trains, storage capacity and storage tanks
  • Operator and shareholders along with their equity stake for all terminals
  • Source field, connecting pipelines, jetty and other infrastructure, LNG carriers
  • Company profiles of three LNG majors
  • Latest mergers, acquisitions, contract announcements, trade agreements, terminal expansions and all related news

Reasons To Purchase

  • Formulate your strategies using our in-depth analysis and historical and forecasted data on terminals, countries and companies
  • Identify potential opportunities for gas procurement, capacity reservations and asset investments
  • Evaluate pros and cons of investing in each LNG market as compared to its peer markets
  • Enhance your strategy formulation through our positioning matrix and identifying the growth stage of the market
  • Identify potential investment opportunities present across the LNG value chain in the entire world
  • Evaluate planned projects using our feasibility analysis of planned projects and capital investment
  • Gain access to data on LNG pricing and trade movements in different parts of the world and export or import LNG from stable and cheapest sources
  • Stay ahead of competition by understanding their business strategies and planned investments
  • Make merger and acquisition decisions using market share information and latest news section

Table of Contents

1. Table of Contents
1.1. List of Tables
1.2. List of Figures

2. Belgium Liquefied Natural Gas Market Overview
2.1. Snapshot
2.2. Review of LNG Operations in 2014
2.2.1. LNG Purchases/Sales, 2014
2.2.2. Spare LNG Capacity available for Contracts, 2014
2.2.3. Total LNG Import Expenditure/ Export Revenues, 2014
2.2.4. Top Importers /Suppliers of Belgium LNG, 2014
2.3. Key Strategies opted by Belgium in Current Market Conditions

3. Belgium LNG Market Analysis and Outlook to 2020
3.1. Liquefaction/ Regasification Capacity Outlook by Terminal, 2005- 2020
3.2. LNG Storage Capacity Outlook by Terminal, 2005- 2020
3.3. LNG Capital Investment Forecast, 2014- 2017
3.4. LNG Exports/Imports from Belgium, 2005- 2020
3.5. Company wise LNG Capacity Outlook, 2005- 2020

4. Belgium LNG Strategic Analysis
4.1. Belgium LNG Market SWOT Analysis
4.1.1. Strengths
4.1.2. Weaknesses
4.1.3. Opportunities
4.1.4. Threats
4.2. Role in Region and Global Market Outlook
4.2.1. Belgium LNG Industry Benchmarking with Peer Markets
4.2.2. Belgium LNG Positioning Matrix

5. Belgium LNG Trade and Sale Purchase (SPA) Contract Agreements Outlook, 2005- 2020
5.1. Major Countries importing/exporting LNG from Belgium
5.2. Belgium LNG Production Outlook, 2005- 2020
5.3. Belgium LNG terminal utilization rates, 2005- 2014
5.4. Belgium Medium and Long Term Sale Purchase Agreement Details, 2015
5.5. Belgium Contracted LNG Capacity Outlook, 2015- 2020

6. Belgium Planned LNG Plant Details
6.1. Investment Opportunities in Belgium LNG Market
6.2. Capital Expenditure Details of Planned Projects
6.3. Current Status of Planned LNG Projects in Belgium

7. Belgium LNG Industry Competitive Landscape
7.1. Key Strategies of LNG Companies in Belgium
7.2. Belgium LNG Market Structure, 2014
7.3. Belgium Operator wise LNG Terminal Details, 2014
7.4. Company wise Liquefaction Capacity Outlook, 2005- 2020

8. Belgium Operational and Planned LNG Infrastructure Details
Zeebrugge LNG- Location, Start Up, Capacity, Technology, Storage, Trains, Tanks, Operator, Ownership Details

9. Belgium LNG Company Profiles
9.1. Company A Business and Strategic Analysis Report
9.1.1. Snapshot
9.1.2. Business Description
9.1.3. SWOT Analysis
9.1.4. Financial Overview
9.2. Company B Business and Strategic Analysis Report
9.2.1. Snapshot
9.2.2. Business Description
9.2.3. SWOT Analysis
9.2.4. Financial Overview
9.3. Company C Business and Strategic Analysis Report
9.3.1. Snapshot
9.3.2. Business Description
9.3.3. SWOT Analysis
9.3.4. Financial Overview

10. Belgium LNG News Updates

11. Appendix

List of Tables

Table 1: Belgium LNG Markets- Key Information, 2014
Table 2: Annual Planned LNG Capex in Belgium LNG Markets, 2012- 2020
Table 3: Forecast of Belgium LNG Capacity, 2005- 2020
Table 4: Belgium Proven Gas Reserves, 2000- 2013
Table 5: Belgium Marketed Gas Production Forecast, 2005- 2020
Table 6: Belgium Gas Consumption in Domestic Markets, 2005- 2020
Table 7: Belgium Existing LNG Plants- Location, Start Up, Capacity, Technology, Storage, Trains, Tanks, Operator, Ownership Details
Table 8: Belgium Planned LNG Projects- Location, Start Up, Capacity, Technology, Storage, Trains, Tanks, Operator and Ownership Details
Table 9: Belgium Country Level LNG Capacity Forecast, 2005- 2020
Table 10: Belgium Terminal Level LNG Capacity Outlook, 2005- 2020
Table 11: Belgium Terminal Level LNG Trains Count Outlook, 2005- 2020
Table 12: Belgium Terminal Level LNG Storage Capacity Outlook, 2005- 2020
Table 13: Belgium Terminal Level LNG Storage Tanks Count Outlook, 2005- 2020
Table 14: Belgium Planned LNG- Constructor, Technology, Current Status (Construction/Pre-FEED/FEED/FID/Approvals), Expected Start Up Details
Table 15: Belgium Annual LNG Capital Investment Outlook, 2013- 2020
Table 16: Belgium LNG Market Comparison- Overall Ranking
Table 17: Belgium LNG Market Comparison- Trade Index
Table 18: Belgium LNG Market Comparison- Capacity Index
Table 19: Belgium LNG Market Comparison- Contracts Index
Table 20: Belgium LNG Market Comparison- Growth Index
Table 21: Belgium LNG Market Comparison- Companies Index
Table 22: Belgium LNG Exports and/ Imports by Partner Country
Table 23: Belgium Long Term LNG SPA Details
Table 24: Belgium Contracted Capacity and Non-Contracted Capacity, 2005- 2020
Table 25: Belgium Company wise LNG Capacity Forecast, 2005- 2020

List of Figures

Figure 1: Belgium Gas Production and Demand Forecast, 2005- 2025
Figure 2: Belgium LNG Import/Export Outlook, 2005- 2020
Figure 3: Leading LNG Companies in Belgium and their Market Shares, 2014
Figure 4: Belgium Proven Gas Reserves, 2000- 2013
Figure 5: Belgium Primary Energy Mix, 2014
Figure 6: Belgium Map and Geographic Boundaries
Figure 7: Belgium GDP (Current Prices) Outlook, 2005- 2025
Figure 8: Belgium Population (Millions) Outlook, 2005- 2025
Figure 9: Belgium Total Investments (%GDP) Outlook, 2005- 2025
Figure 10: Belgium Disposable Income Outlook, 2005- 2025
Figure 11: Belgium LNG Market Structure, 2014

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