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China Blockchain Technology Market (2018-2023)

Published: May-2018 | Format: PDF | Netscribes | Number of pages: 70 | Code: MRS - 313865

China Blockchain Technology Market

Blockchain technology is used trecord Bitcoin transactions via a global network of computers. It is a continuously growing list of blocks (records) that are linked and secured using cryptography. Each new block created is connected tthe previous block via a “cryptographic Hash”. Chinese organizations are planning tdevelop the world’s leading Blockchain-based platform. The Chinese government is backing a blockchain fund of worth USD 1 Bn. Government auditors are looking forward tutilizing Blockchain technology as a solution tstore data.

The database from World Intellectual Property Organization reports that more than half of the 406 Blockchains related patent applications are from China. China is leading global blockchain patent applications. Digitally-minded opportunists are the breakthrough of blockchain in China. The local governments of China are looking forward tworking with Blockchain related programs and making investments that would benefit start-ups. China’s top retailers are planning tuse blockchain for traceability systems. JD.com, a Chinese e-commerce firm plan tuse Blockchain technology for Supply chain management. Blockchain application in supply chain management is expected tgrow at a double-digit CAGR. 

China is willing tapply blockchain technology across various domains like mobile payments, and travel bookings. 90% t100% of the transactions take place through mobile payments, and 65% of Chinese tourists are willing tpay through their mobile phones during their overseas travel, hence increasing the chance of data conspiracy. These factors contribute towards the growth of the Blockchain market. However, the future of Blockchain growth in China will depend on well-designed policies and regulations.

Key growth factors:

China has shown most significant adoption of e-wallets, hence driving the demand for Blockchain technology
Chinese policymakers are educating and protecting investor on the nascent and unregulated blockchain ecosystem. The hype on “Blockchain Technology” is pulling both corporations and the general public towards the technology

Threats and key players:

  • In September 2017, the Central bank of China announced ICas an illegal method of raising funds, causing Blockchain projects and start-ups trefund all the Bitcoins and ethereum they had accumulated during ICcampaign tprotect investors
  • Lack of understanding the technology is one of the critical factors, which is restraining the adoption of this technology. These factors may pose a problem for an investor tdecide on investment 
  • The key Blockchain companies operating in this country are Microsoft Corporation and Deloitte

What’s covered in the report?

  • Overview of the China Blockchain Technology market
  • The current and forecasted market size data for the China Blockchain Technology market 
  • The current and forecasted market size data for the segments of the market, by industry– BFS (Banking and Financial services), Insurance, Supply Chain, Healthcare, Others
  • Market trends in the China Blockchain Technology Market
  • Market drivers and challenges in China Blockchain Technology Market 
  • Analysis of company profiles of the major players operating in the market

Why buy?

  • Get a broad understanding of the China Blockchain Technology Market and its segments- By Industries 
  • Get region-specific drivers and challenges affecting the China Blockchain technology market? 
  • Recognize significant competitors' business and market dynamics, and respond accordingly

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  • With the given market data, Netscribes offers customizations according tspecific needs. Write tus at info@netscribes.com
Chapter 1: Executive summary 
1.1 Market scope and segmentation 
1.2 Key questions answered in this study 
1.3 Executive summary

Chapter 2: Introduction
2.1. Blockchain technology-Functionality
2.2. Blockchain application
2.3. Blockchain use cases 
2.4. Value chain-Blockchain technology market 

Chapter 3: China Blockchain Technology Market overview
3.1. Market overview - Key observations, global historical (2016-2017) and forecasted (2018-2023) market size (USD bn)
3.2. Market trends
3.3. Market drivers

Chapter 4: China Blockchain Technology Market by industries
4.1. China segmentation by BFS, Insurance, Supply Chain, Healthcare and other industries – Industry overview, market share

Chapter 5: Company profiles
5.1. Microsoft Corporation (*)
o Company Snapshot
o Key People
o Financial Standing
o Blockchain Offering
o Focus Area
o Recent Initiatives
o Key Verticals
o Geographical Presence
5.2. Deloitte
(*) all the information are similar to the above company

Chapter 6: Start-up Company Overview
6.1. Okcoin(*)
o Overview
o Key People
o Investor
o Client/Partners
o Recent Initiatives
6.2. Bitkan
6.3. BTCchina
 (*) all the information are similar to the above company

Chapter 7: Conclusion
7.1. Blockchain Opportunities
7.2. Conclusion

1. List of Tables
2. Research Methodology
3. Assumptions
4. About Netscribes Inc.

Disclaimer: The Table of Contents (ToC) provided above contains the targeted coverage. The coverage is subject to change as we progress with the research.


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