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Country Profile: Bakery & Cereals sector in Denmark

Published: May-2017 | Format: PDF | GlobalData | Number of pages: 152 | Code: MRS - 140519

Country Profile: Bakery & Cereals sector in Denmark


GlobalData’s Country Profile report on the Bakery & Cereals sector in Denmark provides insights on high growth markets to target, trends in the usage of packaging materials, types and closures category level distribution data and brands market shares.

The Danish Bakery & Cereals sector is led by Bread & Rolls market, while Cookies (Sweet Biscuits) is expected to be the fastest growing category during the forecast period (2016-2021). Artisanal Producers account for the leading share, while Kohberg and Karenvolf are the leading brands in the sector. Hypermarkets & Supermarkets is the leading channel for the distribution of Bakery & Cereals in the country. Flexible Packaging is the most commonly used packaging material in the sector. Health & Wellness attributes such as ‘Naturally Healthy’ and ‘Food Minus’, and consumer benefits such as ‘General Wellbeing’ are the most sought after claims in the Danish Bakery & Cereals sector.

What else is contained
- Market data: Overall market value and volume data with growth analysis for 2011-2021
- Category coverage: Value and growth analysis for Baking Ingredients, Baking Mixes, Bread & Rolls, Breakfast Cereals, ‘Cakes, Pastries & Sweet Pies’, Cereal Bars, Cookies (Sweet Biscuits), Dough Products, Energy Bars, Morning Goods, and Savory Biscuits with inputs on individual category share within each market and the change in their market share forecast for 2016-2021
- Leading players: Market share of brands and private labels, including private label growth analysis from 2011-2016
- Distribution data: Percentage of sales within each market through distribution channels such as Cash & Carries and warehouse Clubs, Hypermarkets & Supermarkets, Convenience Stores, Food & Drinks Specialists, eRetailers and others
- Packaging data: consumption breakdown for packaging materials and containers in each market, in terms of percentage share of number of units sold. Packaging material data for Glass, Flexible Packaging, Paper & Board, Rigid Plastics, and others; container data for: Film, Bag/Sachet, Tub, Box, Pouch, and Tin.


- The Danish Bakery & Cereals sector is led by Bread & Rolls in value and volume terms.
- Cookies (Sweet Biscuits) are expected to grow fastest during 2016-2021.
- The top five brands account for 19.6% of the market share by value in 2016; while Private labels account for 12.3% share in the same year.
- Flexible Packaging is the most commonly used packaging material in the sector.
- Hypermarkets & Supermarkets is the leading distribution channel for Bakery & Cereals sector in the country.
- The Danish Bakery & Cereals sector is expected to grow at a CAGR of 2.9% during 2016-2021.

Reasons to buy

- Identify high potential categories and explore further market opportunities based on detailed value and volume analysis
- Existing and new players can analyze key distribution channels to identify and evaluate trends and opportunities
- Gain an understanding of the total competitive landscape based on detailed brand share analysis to plan effective market positioning
- Manufacturers can identify the opportunities to position products with H&W attributes/benefits
- Access the key and most influential consumer trends driving Bakery & Cereals products consumption, and how they influence consumer behavior in the market which will help determine the best audiences to target
- Our team of analysts have placed a significant emphasis on changes expected in the market that will provide a clear picture of the opportunities that can be tapped over the next five years, resulting in revenue expansion
- The packaging analysis report helps manufacturers, in identifying the most commonly used packaging materials in the sector
- Analysis on key macro-economic indicators such as GDP per capita, population (overall and breakdown by age), and consumer price index. It also covers a comparative analysis of political, economic, socio-demographic, and technological indicators (PEST) across 50 countries.
Table of Contents
1. Report Scope 1
2. Executive summary 3
3. Denmark in the global and regional context 4
3.1. Denmark’s share in the Global and Western European Bakery & Cereals sector 4
3.2. Denmark compared to other leading countries in Western Europe 5
4. Market size analysis - Bakery & Cereals sector 6
4.1. Value and volume analysis - Bakery & Cereals sector in Denmark 6
4.2. Per capita consumption - Denmark compared to Western Europe and globally 7
4.3. Extent to which consumers are trading up/down 8
4.4. Value and volume analysis of markets in the Bakery & Cereals sector 9
4.5. Growth analysis by markets 10
5. Market and category analysis 11
5.1. Per capita consumption analysis by markets 11
5.2. Market analysis: Baking Ingredients 12
5.3. Market analysis: Baking Mixes 15
5.4. Market analysis: Bread & Rolls 18
5.5. Market analysis: Breakfast Cereals 20
5.6. Market analysis: Cakes Pastries & Sweet Pies 22
5.7. Market analysis: Cereal Bars 24
5.8. Market analysis: Cookies (Sweet Biscuits) 26
5.9. Market analysis: Dough Products 29
5.10. Market analysis: Energy Bars 31
5.11. Market analysis: Morning Goods 32
5.12. Market analysis: Savory Biscuits 34
6. Distribution analysis 36
6.1. Distribution channel share analysis: Bakery & Cereals 36
6.2. Distribution channel share analysis: Baking Ingredients 37
6.3. Distribution channel share analysis: Baking Mixes 38
6.4. Distribution channel share analysis: Bread & Rolls 39
6.5. Distribution channel share analysis: Breakfast Cereals 40
6.6. Distribution channel share analysis: Cakes, Pastries & Sweet Pies 41
6.7. Distribution channel share analysis: Cereals Bars 42
6.8. Distribution channel share analysis: Cookies (Sweet Biscuits) 43
6.9. Distribution channel share analysis: Dough Products 44
6.10. Distribution channel share analysis: Energy Bars 45
6.11. Distribution channel share analysis: Morning Goods 46
6.12. Distribution channel share analysis: Savory Biscuits 47
7. Competitive landscape 48
7.1. Brand share analysis by sector 48
7.2. Brand share analysis by markets 51
7.3. Brand share analysis by category 63
7.3.1. Baking Ingredients 63
7.3.2. Baking Mixes 65
7.3.3. Breakfast Cereals 67
7.3.4. Cereal Bars 68
7.3.5. Savory Biscuits 69
7.4. Private label share analysis 71
8. Health & Wellness analysis 73
8.1. Market size analysis by Health & Wellness claims 73
8.2. Market share analysis - Health & Wellness product attributes 74
8.3. Market size analysis - Health & Wellness consumer benefits 76
8.4. Leading companies in Danish Health & Wellness market 78
9. Packaging analysis 81
9.1. Packaging share and growth analysis by packaging material 81
9.2. Packaging share analysis by packaging material 82
9.3. Packaging share and growth analysis by container type 83
9.4. Packaging share analysis by container type 84
9.5. Packaging share and growth analysis by closure type 85
9.6. Packaging share analysis by closure type 86
9.7. Packaging share and growth analysis by outer type 87
9.8. Packaging share analysis by outer type 88
10. Macroeconomic analysis 89
10.1. GDP per Capita 92
10.2. Population and population growth 93
10.3. Consumer Price Index 94
10.4. Population breakdown by age 95
11. Consumergraphics 96
11.1. Consumption by Gender 96
11.2. Consumption by Age 97
11.3. Consumption by Education 98
11.4. Consumption by Urbanization 99
12. Methodology 100
13. Definitions 101
14. Appendix 115
15. About GlobalData 141
16. Disclaimer 142
17. Contact Us 143


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