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Development and Market of Drone Industry in Globe and China

Published: Jul-2015 | Format: PDF | ASKCI Consulting Co., Ltd | Code: MRS - 28691


Military drone is the majority in drone market application which occupied 89% of market shares. United States investment in drone realm was 3.4 billion dollar in 1990s; however, global investment in drone realm explosive increased since 2000; and then quantity of the drones and population of drone manufacturers had steady increase during 2004-2014.

It is predicted that the global drone demand would increase from $6.4 billion in 2015 to $9.47 billion in 2020, which the annual growth rate is 8.2%. AskCI predicts that global military drone market cap will reach $8.3 billion, which 87.65% of the market shares are military drones.

1)The Aim of Report
To provide readers with comprehensive and in-depth understanding of Global and Chinese drone industry;
To analyze the market of drone industry; 
To analyze application of the industry; 
To discover drivers and barriers of the industry;
To reveal opportunities for drone industry in global and China.  

2)Benefit from the Report
Obtain latest info of drone industry, such as market size, market demand, application, key players, etc.; 
Discover market potential in different regions and segments; 
Find out how Chinese drone market will change and how your business can be involved in;
Keep informed of your competitors/their activities in the globe and in China; 
Learn about key market risks and barriers; 
Disclose export statistics and rival competitiveness

The report will investigate global and Chinese drone industry from the following aspects:
Market size
Development environment
Key players

Part Contents
 Executive Summary
 Definition and Methodology
I Global Drone Technology
I-1 Definition And Classification
I-2 Core Technology
II Global Drone Market
II-1 Global Market Analysis
II-2 Global Military Drone Application
II-3 Global Civil Drone Application
III Chinese Drone Market
III-1 Tactical  Positioning
III-2 Chinese Market
III-3 Military Drone Application
III-4 Civil Drone Application
IV Chinese Military Drone Market Demand
Iv-1 Military Drone Market
Iv-2 Target Drone Demand
Iv-3 Spy Drone Demand
Iv-4 Other Drones
V Chinese Civil Drone Market Demand
V-1 Rescue 
V-2 Public Security
V-3 Environment Monitoring
V-4 Meteorological Observation 
V-5 Geographical Mapping
V-6 Aerial Imaging
V-7 Resource Exploration
V-8 Power Grid Inspection
V-9 Oil Pipeline Inspection
V-10 Agriculture 
VI Global Competition And Export
VI-1 Drone Exporter
VI-2 Chinese Drone Competitiveness
VI-3 Target Market
VII Bellwether Company
VII-1 Foreign Company
VII-1.1 Northrop Grumman
VII-1.1.1 Introduction
VII-1.1.2 Product
VII-1.1.3 Performance 
VII-1.1.4 Updates
VII-1.2 General Atomics
VII-1.3 Aai
VII-1.4 Boeing
VII-1.5 Iai
VII-2 Chinese Company
VII-2.1 Dji
VII-2.2 Aee
VII-2.3 Sunward
VII-2.4 All China Times Aerospace Science And Technology Development Co., Ltd.
VII-2.5 Asn Technology
VII-2.6 Xingyu Zhuhai Aviation Technology Co., Ltd.
VII-2.7 Glxinying
VII-2.8 Avic Guizhou Guihang Automotive Components Co., Ltd.
VII-2.9 Hongdu Aviation Industry Group Ltd.
VII-2.10 North Navigation Control Technology Co., Ltd.
VII-2.11 China Spacesat Co., Ltd.
VII-2.12 China Aerospace Times Electronics Co., Ltd.
VII-2.13 Guide Infrared
VII-2.14 Shandong Mining Machinery Group Co., Ltd.
VII-2.15 Hefei Sunwin Intelligence Co., Ltd.
VIII Investment Risks And Barrier
VIII-1 Barriers
VIII-2 Risks
IX Forecast And Prospective, 2015-2020
IX-1 Global Drone Industry Trends
IX-2 Global Market Forecast
IX-3 Chinese Market Forecast
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List of Tables
Table 1 Drone technology classification
Table 2 Drone usage classification
Table 3 Military drone usage

List of Figures
Figure 1 Cost of tactical drone
Figure 2 Cost of strategic drone
Figure 3 Global drone statistics


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