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Development and Market of Skin Care Products Industry in Globe and China

Published: Jul-2015 | Format: PDF | ASKCI Consulting Co., Ltd | Code: MRS - 28729


Chinese cosmetics market is the largest emerge market over the world. Chinese cosmetics industry has grew from weak to strong. Skin care product is one of the segments of the cosmetics industry. In 2013, the sales of Chinese skin care market was RMB131.4 billion, and the YOY growth rate is 10%. 

Under such intense market competition, and fast growing skin care products market, the skin care product sellers should have different strategies for the segment markets.

The Aim of Report

  • To provide readers with comprehensive and in-depth understanding of Global and Chinese skin care products industry;
  • To analyze the market demand of skin care products industry; 
  • To analyze market size of the industry; 
  • To discover import and export statistics of the industry;
  • To reveal opportunities for skin care products industry in global and China.  

Benefit from the Report

  • Obtain latest info of skin care products industry, such as market size, market structure, industry chain, key players, etc.; 
  • Discover market potential in different regions and segments; 
  • Find out how Chinese skin care products market will change and how your business can be involved in;
  • Keep informed of your competitors/their activities in the globe and in China; 
  • Learn about key market drivers, investment opportunity ; 


  • The report will investigate global and Chinese skin care products industry from the following aspects:
  • Market size
  • Global industry environment
  • Regional development situation
  • Import/export
  • Market segments
  • Forecast
  • Bellwether company
  • Etc.

Part Contents
 Executive Summary
 Definition and Methodology
I Skin Care Product Overview
I-1 Definition
I-2 History 
I-3 Classification
I-4 Industry Chain
II Global Skin Care Production Market
II-1 Overview
II-2 Regional Market
III Chinese Market Environment
III-1 Financial Index
III-2 Policy
III-3 Demographic Data 
IV Chinese Skin Care Product Market
IV-1 Overview
IV-2 Market Feature
IV-3 Demand And Supply
IV-4 Consumer Factors 
IV-5 Problem And Solution
IV-6 Development Trend
V Chinese Skin Care Product Market Size
V-1 Market Size
V-2 Market Structure
V-3 Brands
V-4 Market Shares
VI Pricing
VI-1 Overview
VI-2 Factor
VI-3 Trend
VII Cost and Profitability 
VII-1 Overview
VII-2 Manufacturing
VII-3 Cost And Expense
VII-4 Profitability
VIII Import and Export, 2009-2013
VIII-1 Import
VIII-2 Export
IX Competition
IX-1 Competitive Structure 
IX-2 Chinese Skin Care Product Competition
IX-3 Competitive Strategy
X Chinese Skin Care Product Market Marketing Strategy
X-1 Overview
X-2 Promotion Model
X-3 Recommendation
XI Global Bellwether Company
XI-1 L'Oreal
XI-2 P&G,Procter & Gamble
XI-3 Unilever
XI-4 Avon
XI-5 Shiseido
XI-6 Amway
XI-7 EstÉE Lauder
XI-8 Beiersdorf A G
XI-9 Amore
XII Chinese Bellwether Company
XII-1 Softto Co., Ltd.
XII-2 Shanghai Jahwa United Co.,Ltd.
XII-3 Natural Beauty Bio-Technology Limited
XII-4 Zhuhai Sunrana Co., Ltd.
XII-5 Shanghai Cheng Ming Ming Cosmetic Product Ltd.
XII-6 Beijing Dabao Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
XII-7 Tianjin Yumeijing Group Co., Ltd.
XII-8 Guangdong Marubi Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.
XII-9 Jiangsu Longliqi Bioscience Co., Ltd.
XII-10 Zhejiang Proya Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
XII-11 Nanjing Jianong Bio-Tech Co., Ltd.
XII-12 France Danzi Group(Hongkong)Limited
XII-13 Shanghai Pehchaolin Daily Chemical Co.,Ltd
XII-14 Natural Beauty Co., Ltd.
XIII Forecast
 ASKCI's Legal Disclaimer

List of Tables
Table 1 Skin care production industrial chain
Table 2 Skin care production market growth rate, 2008-2013
Table 3 Skin care products brands market shares

List of Figures
Figure 1 Chinese skin care products brands cognition, 2013 
Figure 2 Skin care product rankings, 2013
Figure 3 Skin care products searching key words, 2013


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