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Development Trend and Investment Prospect of China Mobile Payment Market, 2014-2018

Published: Apr-2014 | Format: PDF | Huidian Research | Number of pages: 110 | Code: MRS - 3265

Development Trend and Investment Prospect of China Mobile Payment Market, 2014-2018 primarily analyzes market status and business performance of major domestic enterprises in China mobile payment industry, meanwhile it offers suggestions on this industry, so as to provide decision-making references for investors.

With the increasing of mobile users and mobile network users, the growth of mobile shopping has attained to 400% on year-on-year basis in recent years. An increasing number of users want to place orders and accomplish payment through mobile phones, and such awareness is rising. At present, participants of mobile payment include banks, mobile operators, China Unionpay and third party payment companies, which are actively developing mobile payment transaction.

Commercial banks launched mobile banking service, and coupled with some mobile payment functions, such as online shopping and telefee charging. China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom, the three large mobile operators also are actively engaged in near-field payment transaction.

Third party payment companies also are setting foot in mobile payment market, such as Alipay, Tenpay and 99Bill, which have developed payment software for smart clients, accelerating the rapid growth of e-commerce; Lakala and Qiandai have developed bankcard acceptance products that based on audio port cell phones, and users can pay the fees, complete credit card payment and bank card balance enquiry by themselves.

In 2013, the mobile payment business totaled 1.674 billion transactions, up 212.86% year-on-year; the mobile payment amount generated CNY 9.64 trillion, a year-on-year increase of 317.56%.

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Table Of Contents


1. Overview of Mobile Payment
1.1 Overview of E-payment
1.1.1 Definition
1.1.2 Classification
1.1.3 Characteristics
1.2 Overview of Mobile Payment
1.2.1 Definition and Classification
1.2.2 Characteristics
1.2.3 Procedures and Methods
1.2.4 Technical Support
1.3 Value Chain of Mobile Payment Market
1.4 Patterns of Mobile Payment
1.4.1 Four Commercial Models
1.4.2 New Models
1.5 Development History of Mobile Payment


2. Development Environment of China Mobile Payment Industry
2.1 China Economic Development Environment
2.2 Policy Environment and Standards


3. Current Situation of China Mobile Payment Industry
3.1 Current Situation of Market
3.1.1 Overview of Mobile Payment Industry
3.1.2 Status of Payment with Mobile Phones
3.1.3 Existing Problems in Mobile Payment
3.2 Competitive Landscape in Mobile Payment Industry


4. Market Segment of Mobile Payment
4.1 Third Party E-payment Market
4.1.1 Overview of Third Party E-payment
4.1.2 Pattern of Third Party E-payment
4.1.3 Market Status
4.1.4 Market Size
4.2 Demand Analysis of Online Payment Industry
4.2.1 Development Overview
4.2.2 Market Status
4.2.3 Market Size
4.3 Telephone Payment Market
4.3.1 Overview of Telephone Payment
4.3.2 Market Status
4.3.3 Existing Problems


5. Mobile Payment Service Operators 
5.1 China Mobile Communication Corporation (CMCC)
5.1.1 Company Profile
5.1.2 Business Performance
5.1.3 Competitive Edge
5.1.4 Future Development Strategy
5.2 China Unicom
5.2.1 Company Profile
5.2.2 Business Performance
5.2.3 Competitive Edge
5.2.4 Future Development Strategy
5.3 China Telecom
5.3.1 Company Profile
5.3.2 Business Performance
5.3.3 Competitive Edge
5.3.4 Future Development Strategy


6. Major Enterprises in Mobile Payment Market
6.1.1 Company Profile
6.1.2 Business Performance
6.1.3 Competitive Edge
6.1.4 Future Development
6.2 Tongfang Microelectronics Company
6.2.1 Company Profile
6.2.2 Business Performance
6.2.3 Competitive Edge
6.2.4 Development Trend
6.3 Talkweb
6.3.1 Company Profile
6.3.2 Business Performance
6.3.3 Competitive Edge
6.3.4 Future Development Strategy
6.4.1 Company Profile
6.4.2 Business Performance
6.4.3 Competitive Edge
6.4.4 Future Development Strategy


7. Major Enterprises in Third Party Payment Market 
7.1 Alipay
7.1.1 Company Profile
7.1.2 Business Performance
7.1.3 Competitive Advantage
7.1.4 Development Trend
7.2 Tenpay
7.2.1 Company Profile
7.2.2 Business Performance
7.2.3 Competitive Advantage
7.2.4 Development Trend
7.3 Unionpay
7.3.1 Company Profile
7.3.2 Business Performance
7.3.3 Competitive Advantage
7.3.4 Future Development Strategy
7.4 Lakala
7.4.1 Company Profile
7.4.2 Business Performance
7.4.3 Competitive Advantage
7.4.4 Development Trend


8. Development Trend Prediction of China Mobile Payment Industry 
8.1 Development Trend
8.1.1 Mobile Payment Technology Emphasizes on the Integration of Payment
8.1.2 All-round Cooperation in Industrial Chain Forms Benign Ecosystem
8.1.3 Available Resources Make Enterprises Development Direction Different
8.1.4 Three Application Scenarios Support the Three Development Trends
8.2 Market Size Forecasting of Mobile Payment


9. Investment Opportunities and Risks of Mobile Payment Industry
9.1 Investment Opportunities
9.1.1 Relevant Supportive Policies
9.1.2 Explosion Era Arrives
9.1.3 More Bulls may come forth
9.1.4 Pay Attention to Opportunities in Market Segments
9.2 Investment Risks
9.2.1 Lack of Standard and Specification
9.2.2 Lack of Supervision and Administration
9.2.3 Technical Risk
9.2.4 Credit Risk
9.2.5 Security Risk in Intelligent Terminal
9.2.6 Operation and Application Risk
9.3 Investment Proposals
9.3.1 Perfect Related Laws and Regulations
9.3.2 Train Customer Use Habit
9.3.3 Reinforce Industrial Chain Cooperation
9.3.4 Improve Mobile Payment Security

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