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Enterprise Streaming Media Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2011 to 2017

Published: Feb-2011 | Format: PDF | Winter Green Research | Number of pages: 529 | Code: MRS - 2410

WinterGreen Research announces that it has a new study on Streaming Media Software: Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2011-2017. The study has 529 pages and 154 tables and figures.

Enterprise use of streaming media is for training, marketing, partner communication, departmental communication, and live streaming of events. Collaboration depends on media exchange. Every industry uses media. The studios and the broadcasters use streaming media exclusively. Streaming media files are current, they are short or they are massive. They may be somewhere in between.

It is an ongoing challenge for many enterprise organizations to maximize the expertise of scarce subject matter experts. Recent increases in outsourcing make this challenge more significant. These subject matter experts need to be able to communicate complex thoughts visually. Travel for in-face meetings reduces productivity, is costly, and can cause significant delays and missed deadlines.

Enterprise sales people need to travel for face to face meetings with customers. Everyone else in the organization can and does attend virtual meetings. Streaming media supports those encounters.

Streaming media is poised to improve productivity at the enterprise middle management and lower level of the enterprise as more people have a global reach. Streaming media can provide communication across geographical boundaries, letting teams achieve collaboration in many different working environments. Enterprises recognize that video communications, live webcasts, on-demand recordings of meetings, executive presentations, training, and product information help build competitive advantage, maximize efficiency and increase the bottom line. Delivery of video communications is complex.

Streaming media is able to reach millions of viewers simultaneously. Marketing strategy is leveraging demand for images and video that is more compelling than documents and power point. An effective enterprise video communications solution includes offerings for live video, video on-demand, digital signage, and syndication. Distribution to various viewer platforms is being extended as cell phones, ipads, and readers extend the variety of viewing platforms.

600 mobile telecom brands use Real to provide world-class messaging services. Mobile video services seek to leverage the enhanced capability of the networks, increasing popularity and affordability of smartphones, and improvements in the mobile video business. More than 600 mobile telecom brands use Real to provide world-class messaging services. With elements of fun, personalization and interoperability, systems are anticipated to achieve rapid growth.

Network upgrades put mobile video on the fast track. Changes and improvements in the mobile video ecosystem act as stimulants for the adoption of mobile video services. Key areas of bandwidth, ease of use, and content availability support to the development of the mobile video business.

Network improvements allow faster data transfer speeds with lower latency. The development and deployment of mobile broadcasting technology is leveraging those higher speed transmission capabilities. Mobile operators seek to monetize rising demand for mobile video, particularly given the huge strain that bandwidth-rich video and streaming television can put on a mobile network.

According to Susan Eustis, the primary author of the study, “Streaming media permits collaborative interactive presentations. Streaming media is far superior to static presentations. Collaboration between teams worldwide permits the enterprise to work on projects 24x7, with the streaming media providing information to the next team about the state of a project.”

Enterprise streaming media markets at $336.1 million in 2010 are anticipated to reach $1.1 billion by 2017. Growth is the result of the improved visualization brought by video.


Enterprise Streaming Media Market Driving Forces
Enterprise Streaming Media Market Shares
Enterprise Streaming Media Market Forecasts

1.1 Knowledge Worker Media Market Opportunity
1.1.1 Streaming Media Software Systems Industry Adoption
1.1.2 Knowledge Workers Must Be Able To Exchange This Information
1.1.3 Streaming Media Improves Productivity
1.1.4 Streaming Media Software Systems Centralized Content Online
1.1.5 Streaming Video Delivery Method
1.1.6 Enterprise-Streaming Video
1.2 Streaming Media Knowledge Worker Market Opportunity
1.2.1 Streaming Media Facilities Collaboration
1.2.2 Adobe Acrobat Streaming Media Positioning
1.3 Implementing An Effective Enterprise Video Communications Strategy
1.3.1 Corporate Governance and Compliance
1.4 Enterprise Video Communications Needs Assessment Matrix
1.4.1 Streaming Media Solution Components
1.4.2 Enterprise Video Information Platform Promotes Content Sharing And Content Reuse
1.5 Enterprise Video Communications
1.6 Streaming Media Enterprise Market Outlook
1.7 Media Streaming Enterprise Market Categories
1.8 Enterprise Use Of Broadcast-Quality Video To Leverage the Internet as a Channel
1.9 Increased Use Of The Internet For Communication, Electronic Commerce, And Advertising
1.10 Broadband Communications
1.10.1 Network Infrastructure And Transmission Methods
1.11 Distribution
1.12 Operating System Focus On Media Delivery
1.13 Media Hosting
1.14 Electronic Commerce And Subscription Services
1.15 Channel Streaming Media Model
1.16 Internet Access Devices Enhance the Value of the Channel

2.1 Enterprise Streaming Media Market Driving Forces
2.2 Enterprise Streaming Media Market Shares
2.2.1 Streaming Media Technology Licensing
2.2.2 RealNetworks High Quality Streaming Video
2.2.3 RealNetworks Technology Products
2.2.4 Adobe / Flash
2.2.5 Adobe / Macromedia / Flash
2.2.6 Adobe / Macromedia Flash Player 9 for Linux
2.2.7 Adobe Flash Player Internet PC Penetration
2.2.8 Microsoft's Silverlight Platform Focused On Lowering Cost Of Content Creation & Delivery
2.2.9 Microsoft Digital Media And Media Distribution Technology
2.2.10 Apple QuickTime Streaming
2.2.11 Accordent Engage
2.2.12 Accordent Capture Station
2.2.13 Wowza Media Systems
2.3 Enterprise Streaming Media Market Forecasts
2.3.1 Streaming Media Servers and Licenses Market Segment Forecasts
2.3.2 FLV (Flash Video)
2.3.3 Streaming Media Growth
2.3.4 Streaming Media Of News-Oriented Business Material
2.4 Software as a Service
2.4.1 Streaming Media Principal Competitors
2.4.2 Streaming Media Enterprise Market Opportunity
2.4.3 Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)
2.4.4 Enterprise Video Communications Challenge
2.4.5 Keynote Streaming Perspective
2.4.6 Streaming Media Performance Aspects
2.4.7 Streaming Media Technical Challenges
2.4.8 Streaming Media Providers Try To Work Around The Problem Of Delays
2.5 Streaming Media Challenges
2.6 Streaming Media Business Benefits
2.6.1 Streaming Media Network Services
2.7 Enterprise Streaming Media Applications
2.7.1 Enterprise Streaming Media Compliance Applications
2.7.2 Enterprise Retail Financial Video Communications Solutions
2.7.3 Regional Education Service Centers
2.7.4 Enterprise On Demand Streaming Media Systems
2.7.5 Video Role In The Auto Industry Accelerates
2.7.6 Enterprises Are More Distributed Than Ever
2.7.7 Streaming Video: Live Streaming And Video On Demand (VOD)
2.7.8 Enterprise Live Event Webcast Programming
2.7.9 Video Creation and Authoring
2.7.10 Digital Signage and Syndication
2.7.11 Enterprise Video Production for Communication
2.7.12 Digital Media Common Platform
2.7.13 Enterprise Video Security
2.7.14 Digital Rights Management
2.7.15 Viewership Monitoring and Reporting
2.7.16 Enterprise Video Infrastructure
2.7.17 Encoders/Transcoders
2.7.18 Streaming Servers
2.7.19 Media Asset Management
2.7.20 Video Components
2.7.21 Video Conferencing
2.7.22 Streaming Media For Back End Systems
2.7.23 Enterprise Streaming Media For Front End Systems
2.7.24 Customer Service
2.7.25 Partner Business Drivers
2.7.26 Business Process Streaming Media
2.7.27 Streaming Media For Business Processes
2.7.28 Impact Of Mergers And Acquisitions
2.7.29 Expand Strategic Partnerships
2.7.30 Electronic Commerce
2.7.31 Vendors With A Broad Suite Of Products
2.8 Media Management Return On Investment
2.8.1 Return on Investment Through Enterprise Video
2.9 Streaming Media Regional Analysis

3.1 Streaming Media Enterprise Products
3.2 RealNetworks
3.2.1 RealNetworks® Media Servers for Cloud Services
3.2.2 RealNetworks® Media Servers for Mobile Entertainment
3.2.3 RealNetworks® Media Servers Mobile Messaging
3.2.4 RealNetworks Helix™ Technology Platform
3.2.5 RealNetworks Helix Server
3.2.6 RealNetworks Helix Server Target Markets
3.2.7 Real Networks Client Technology
3.2.8 RealPlayer for Mobile Devices
3.2.9 Real Networks Helix DNA
3.2.10 Real Networks Cross-Platform, Multi-Format, and Carrier-Grade
3.2.11 Real Networks Building Blocks for Digital Media
3.2.12 RealNetworks Helix Proxy
3.2.13 RealNetworks Helix Rate Adaptation
3.2.14 RealNetworks Helix Delivering Multiple Formats
3.2.15 RealNetworks Helix Mulitple Operating Systems
3.2.16 RealNetworks Helix Unicast Broadcasting To Internal & External Audiences
3.2.17 RealNetworks Helix Archiving Broadcasts
3.2.18 RealNetworks Helix Authentication
3.2.19 RealNetworks Helix Monitoring
3.2.20 RealNetworks Helix Custom Logging
3.2.21 RealNetworks Helix Community DNA
3.2.22 Real Networks Helix Community Operations Team
3.3 Microsoft Media Player
3.3.1 Windows Media Player Media Places
3.3.2 Microsoft Silverlight
3.3.3 Microsoft's Silverlight Platform Focused On Lowering Cost Of Content Creation & Delivery
3.3.4 Microsoft Streaming Media: Video On-Demand
3.3.5 Microsoft Silverlight Platform Comprehensive Content Management
3.3.6 Microsoft Silverlight Platform Management Intelligence
3.3.7 Microsoft Silverlight Platform Industry-Standard Support
3.3.8 Microsoft Live Streaming Media Platform:
3.3.9 Microsoft Live Streaming Media Platform Customized Interactive Message
3.3.10 Microsoft Live Streaming Media Platform Intelligent Tracking
3.3.11 Microsoft Streaming Media to the iPhone
3.3.12 Microsoft Media Management Platform
3.4 Adobe / Macromedia / Flash
3.4.1 Adobe / Macromedia Flash Player 9 for Linux
3.4.2 Adobe Flash Platform Services
3.4.3 Adobe Flash Platform Benefits
3.4.1 Adobe Flash Platform Real-Time Push Messaging
3.4.2 Adobe Flash Platform Pre-Built Components
3.4.3 Adobe Flash Platform Multimedia Streaming
3.4.4 Adobe Flash Platform User Management
3.4.5 Adobe InMarket
3.5 Apple
3.5.1 Apple QuickTime Pro
3.5.2 Apple Quicktime Converts Media
3.5.3 Apple QuickTime 7 Pro Records and Edits Work
3.5.4 Apple QuickTime Streaming
3.5.5 Apple QuickTime Streaming Server
3.5.6 Apple Streaming
3.5.7 Apple QuickTime Streaming Web Server
3.5.8 Apple QuickTime Broadcaster
3.5.9 Apple Server Solutions
3.5.10 Apple Media Streaming Features
3.6 Qumu
3.6.1 Qumu Video Webcasting Products
3.6.2 Qumu Video Management And Publishing Software
3.6.3 Qumu Can Be Used In Conjunction With Robust Creation Tools Accordent Presenter PRO
3.6.4 Qumu Target Markets
3.6.5 Qumu ViewCast Niagara Pro and Osprey-240
3.6.6 Qumu End-To-End Enterprise-Class Software Solutions
3.6.7 Qumu Integrates Digital Rapids Encoders
3.6.8 Qumu Business Video Conferencing Products
3.6.9 Qumu and ViewCast Partner to Deliver Powerful Video Solution for the Enterprise
3.6.10 Qumu Platform to Manage Enterprise Video
3.6.11 Qumu Corporate Network Integration
3.6.12 Qumu Compliance
3.6.13 Qumu's Video Control Center
3.6.14 Qumu Live Video Broadcast - Scaling Live Video Events
3.6.15 Qumu Dynamic Program Browser and Event Calendar
3.6.16 Qumu Live to VOD Transition Management
3.6.17 Qumu Live Event Challenge for Presenters
3.6.18 Qumu Solution: MP LiveCaster
3.6.19 Qumu Video Content Management - Managing Large Libraries of Video Content
3.6.20 Video on Demand
3.6.21 Qumu Comprehensive Scalable Distribution
3.6.22 Qumu Solution: Reporting
3.6.23 Qumu Digital Signage Network
3.6.24 Media Delivery Services Live Webcast Video
3.6.25 Qumu MP MediaNet Enhances Video Infrastructure
3.7 Accordent Engage
3.7.1 Accordent Media Management
3.7.2 Accordent Media Creation
3.7.3 Accordent Engage
3.7.4 Accordent Technologies High-impact Webcasting Without High Costs
3.7.5 Accordent Announces HD Support for Accordent Capture Station
3.7.6 Accordent Rich Media Capture Station
3.7.7 Accordent Enterprise Rich Media Technology
3.7.8 Accordent Focus Group Capture Station
3.7.9 Accordent Mobile Edition
3.7.10 Accordent System Supports Marketing Focus Groups Leverage Multimedia Presentations
3.7.11 Accordent Capture Station Permits Businesses to Leverage Online Multimedia Communications Presentations
3.7.12 Accordent Software University Medical Center Medical education
3.7.13 Accordent Software Internal Communications / Technology Seminars
3.7.14 Accordent Next-Generation Focus Groups
3.7.15 Accordent Technologies Gold Certified Partner
Status in Microsoft Partner Program
3.7.16 Accordent Rich Media Communications
3.7.17 Accordent Capture Station
3.7.18 Accordent PresenterPro
3.7.19 Accordent Engage
3.8 Spirent Load Testing
3.9 adap.tv Partners with the Platform
3.10 Kulabyte HD Solution for On2’s VP6
3.10.1 XStream Live Streaming Video Software
3.10.2 Kulabyte Live Video Streaming Servers For Portable & Rackmount Uses
3.10.3 XStreamCast Voyager™ Live Video Streaming Server
3.10.4 XStreamCast Traveler™ Live Video Kulabyte Streaming Server
3.10.5 XStreamCast Server™ Live Video Kulabyte Streaming Server
3.11 Ignite
3.11.1 Ignite Video Delivery
3.11.2 Ignite Enterprise Live Streaming
3.11.3 Ignite for Social Media
3.11.4 Ignite for Mobile
3.11.5 Ignite Software Delivery
3.12 Streaming Media Distance Learning
3.13 Sales and Channel Enablement
3.13.1 Qumu
3.13.2 Qumu Sales and Marketing Teams Revenue Driving by Streaming Media
3.14 Corporate Communications
3.14.1 Qumu Corporate Video Communications
3.15 HR Benefits Administration
3.15.1 Qumu
3.15.2 Streaming Media Servers Replace Storage Media
3.15.3 Microsoft Silverlight
3.15.4 Microsoft Mainstreaming Streaming Media
3.15.5 Microsoft Optimize Components Of Software Platform To Add Value To Silverlight
3.15.6 Microsoft Mainstreaming Streaming Media
3.15.7 Spirent Avalanche Load Testing Appliances
3.15.8 Bandwidth For Video Over IP
3.15.9 VitalStream’s Value-add
3.15.10 Internap / VitalStream CDN Technology
3.15.11 Internap VitalStream CDN To Power Black Coffee Channel
3.15.12 Internap / Adobe Partnership
3.15.13 Internap Network Services
3.16 Digitalsmiths / GOTUIT
3.16.1 Digitalsmiths / Gotuit PowerVideo Suite
3.16.2 Gotuit VideoMarker Pro (*New Product)
3.17 Distributing Online Media
3.18 3C
3.18.1 3C Streaming Media
3.18.2 3C Media on Demand
3.19 Video Role In The Enterprise Accelerates
3.20 Streaming Media Return on Investment: Bandwidth for Video over IP
3.20.1 Streaming Media Market Dynamics
3.20.2 Streaming Media Standardization
3.21 Internap Network Services / VitalStream Online Video
3.21.1 Broadband Penetration Enables Widespread Rich Media Content Distribution
3.21.2 Declining Costs Create New Opportunities
3.21.3 Streaming Media Opportunities for Business
3.21.4 Advertising Campaigns/Marketing and Branding Effectiveness
3.21.5 VitalStream Supports Branding And New Customer Acquisition
3.21.6 VitalStream Web Analytics Data
3.21.7 VitalStream Customer Service and Support
3.21.8 VitalStream Flash Rich Media Value-Add
3.21.9 VitalStream CDN Technology
3.22 Cisco WebEx
3.22.1 Cisco Telepresence
3.23 Wowza Media Systems Flash Developer
3.23.1 Maven Collaborates with Microsoft for Next-Generation Internet TV Experiences Using Microsoft Silverlight
3.23.2 Maven Internet TV Platform
3.24 Origin Digital / InterData Software
3.25 Ignite Technologies
3.26 Telestream Episode Integration with Final Cut Studio 2
3.26.1 Telestream Products
3.26.2 ROO Video Portal
3.27 Abacast Streaming Media
3.27.1 The Abacast Radio Streaming Platform
3.27.2 Abacast Streaming and Hosting
3.27.3 Abacast Mobile Streaming
3.27.4 Abacast Mobile Streaming Revenue
3.27.5 Abacast Mobile Partner: jacAPPS

4.1 Enterprise Streaming Media Market Technology Trends
4.2 Rapid Adoption Of Internet Interactive Rich Media Streaming Media
4.2.1 Broadband Penetration Enables Widespread Rich Media Content Distribution
4.2.2 Declining Costs Create New Opportunities
4.2.3 Streaming Media Opportunities for Business
4.2.4 Advertising Campaigns/Marketing and Branding Effectiveness
4.2.5 Product Demos and Training Effectiveness
4.2.6 Streaming Media Customer Service and Support
4.3 Multiple Internet Networks
4.3.1 Problem Of Inefficient Routing Of Data Traffic On The Internet
4.3.2 Effective Throughput
4.3.3 Growing Importance Of The Internet For Business-Critical Internet-Based Applications
4.3.4 Technology Impact
4.3.5 Services and Technology
4.4 Data Center Services
4.5 Flow Control Platform, or FCP
4.5.1 Network Access Points and Data Centers
4.6 Streaming Media Overcomes Limitations of Internet Stateless Approach
4.6.1 Types of Streaming Media
4.6.2 Broadband
4.6.3 Server-based Streaming
4.6.4 Streaming Media Tool For Business To Communicate
4.7 Open Systems
4.7.1 Open Web Services Technology
4.7.2 Open Standards To Define A Common Event
4.7.3 Open Systems
4.8 Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
4.8.1 IBM Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
4.8.2 SOA Business Challenge IT Imperative
4.8.3 Service-Oriented Architecture And Relevant Standards
4.9 Java
4.9.1 Vendor Commitment To Java
4.9.2 Advantages Of Java In Context Of Application Integration
4.10 J2EE (Java™ Platform)
4.10.1 Java Single Application Development
4.10.2 Vendor Commitment To Java
4.10.3 Advantages Of Java In Context Of Application Integration
4.10.4 J2EE Standardization
4.11 Web Services Protocols
4.11.1 Web Services
4.11.2 Soap 4-38
4.11.3 Apache Soap
4.11.4 Load Balancer With SSL Support
4.11.5 Points Of Failure
4.11.6 Soap Limitations
4.11.7 WSDL
4.11.8 WSDL Service Descriptions
4.11.9 UDDI Registry
4.11.10 UDDI Test Registries
4.11.11 UDDI Distributed Web Service Discovery
4.11.12 UDDI Consortium
4.11.13 WS-Inspection Document Extensibility
4.11.14 XSLT
4.11.15 OASIS
4.11.16 ebXML
4.12 StreamFinder.com
4.13 Tremor Media Leverages Mirror Image Internet For Reliable, Uninterrupted Delivery of Video Ads and Online Content

5.1 3C Software
5.1.1 3C Software ImpactECS Used By Shaw Industries I
5.2 Abacast
5.3 Accenture / Origin Digital
5.3.1 Origin Digital Customers
5.4 Accordent Technologies
5.5 Adap.tv
5.6 Adobe
5.6.1 Adobe Revenue
5.6.2 Adobe Segment Information
5.6.3 Adobe Geographic Information
5.6.4 Adobe Software Business Overview
5.6.5 Adobe Strategy
5.6.6 Adobe Ubiquitous Client Technologies
5.6.7 Adobe Segments
5.6.8 Creative Solutions Segment
5.6.9 Knowledge Workers Are In Enterprises
5.6.10 Adobe Professional Page Layout Market
5.6.11 Adobe Scene7
5.6.12 Adobe Paper-To-Digital
5.6.13 Adobe Collaboration
5.6.14 Adobe Customer Interaction Model
5.6.15 Adobe Knowledge Worker Business
5.6.16 Adobe Omniture Online Analytics
5.6.17 Adobe Platform Products
5.7 Digitalsmiths
5.7.1 Digitalsmiths Acquires Gotuit
5.7.2 Digitalsmiths Existing Investors
5.7.3 Gotuit
5.8 Digital Rapids
5.9 Ignite Technologies
5.9.1 Ignite Secure And Scalable Content Delivery Solution
5.10 Internap
5.10.1 Internap Network Services Acquires VitalStream
5.10.2 Internap Competition
5.10.3 Internap Revenues
5.11 Kulabyte
5.11.1 Sorenson Media Partnership With Kulabyte
5.12 Microsoft
5.12.1 Microsoft Azure Services Platform
5.12.2 Microsoft Windows Azure
5.12.3 Microsoft Live Services
5.12.4 Microsoft SQL Services
5.12.5 Microsoft .NET Services
5.12.6 Microsoft® SharePoint® Services & Dynamics® CRM Services
5.12.7 Microsoft Second-Quarter Revenue For The Quarter Ended Dec. 31, 2010
5.12.8 Microsoft Revenue Nine Months 2009
5.12.9 Microsoft Competition
5.12.10 Microsoft Security Vulnerabilities
5.12.11 Microsoft Client Segment
5.12.12 Microsoft Segments
5.12.13 Open Text Livelink ECM Integration Microsoft Office SharePoint Server
5.12.14 Microsoft Multinational Computer Technology
5.12.15 Selected Microsoft Partners
5.12.16 Microsoft Software Products
5.12.17 Microsoft Cloud-Based Services
5.12.18 Microsoft Operating Segments
5.12.19 Microsoft Server and Tools
5.12.20 Microsoft Business Division
5.12.21 Competitors To The Microsoft Office System
5.12.22 Microsoft Entertainment and Devices Division
5.13 Qumu
5.14 RealNetworks
5.14.1 RealNetworks Net revenue
5.14.2 RealNetworks Technology Products and Solutions
5.14.3 RealNetworks Messaging Services
5.14.4 RealNetworks Media Software and Services
5.14.5 RealNetworks Technology Licensing
5.14.6 RealNetworks Media Software and Services
5.15 SAP
5.15.1 SAP Strategy For Growth
5.15.2 SAP Strategy
5.15.3 SAP Service-Oriented Architecture SOA
5.15.4 SAP NetWeaver
5.15.5 SAP Industries Served
5.15.6 SAP Revenue
5.16 Spirent
5.17 Wowza Media Systems

List of Tables

Table ES-1
Enterprise Streaming Media Market Driving Forces
Figure ES-2
Enterprise Streaming Media Market Shares, Shipments,
Dollars, Worldwide 2010
Figure ES-3
Enterprise Streaming Media Market Forecasts Dollars,
Worldwide, 2011-2017
Table 1-1
Enterprise Video Technology Solutions Attributes
Table 1-1 (Continued)
Enterprise Video Technology Solutions Attributes
Table 1-2
Considerations In The Creation, Management And
Delivery Of Streaming Video
Table 1-3
Digital Video Streaming Media Enables Business
Table 1-4
Streaming Media Solution Components
Table 1-5
Streaming Media Solution Video Value Chain
Figure 1-6
Enterprise Video Communications System
Table 1-7
Enterprise and Business Digital Video And Streaming
Media Market Categories
Table 1-8
Professional Use Of Video Editing And Media Streaming
Table 1-9
Media Delivery Positioning
Table 1-10
Media Delivery Features
Table 1-11
Streaming Media Product Distribution And
Bundling Target Markets
Table 2-1
Enterprise Streaming Media Market Driving Forces
Table 2-2
Relative Advantages Of Enterprise Streaming Media
Table 2-3
Enterprise Streaming Media Business Drivers
Table 2-4
Enterprise Streaming Media Technology Drivers
Figure 2-5
Enterprise Streaming Media Market Shares, Shipments,
Dollars, Worldwide 2010
Table 2-6
Enterprise Streaming Media Market Shares, Shipments,
Dollars, Worldwide, 2010
Figure 2-7
Adobe Flash Player Internet PC Penetration
Figure 2-8
Enterprise Streaming Media Market Forecasts Dollars,
Worldwide, 2011-2017
Figure 2-9
Enterprise Streaming Media Market Forecasts
Dollars, Worldwide, 2011-2017
Table 2-10
Streaming Media Servers and Licenses Market
Segment Forecasts
Dollars, Worldwide, 2011-2017
Table 2-11
Streaming Media Servers and Licenses Market
Segment Forecasts, Percent, Worldwide, 2011-2017
Table 2-12
High-Quality Online Video Formats Percent
Table 2-13
Largest Enterprise Streaming Media Users
Table 2-14
Streaming Media Performance Aspects
Table 2-15
Streaming Media Technical Challenges
Table 2-16
Streaming Media Performance Analysis Target Score Functions
Table 2-16 (Continued)
Streaming Media Performance Analysis Target Score Functions
Table 2-16 (Continued)
Streaming Media Performance Analysis Target Score Functions
Table 2-17
Key Challenges Of Streaming Media
Table 2-18
Streaming Media Integration Modular Architecture Impact
Table 2-19
Media Streaming Key Benefits
Table 2-20
Video Streaming Media Enterprise Applications
Table 2-21
Streaming Media Conferencing Goals:
Table 2-22
Video Enterprise Streaming Media Solution
Management Benefits:
Table 2-22 (Continued)
Video Enterprise Streaming Media Solution
Management Benefits:
Table 2-23
Video Enterprise Streaming Media Solution Challenges:
Table 2-24
Enterprise On demand Streaming Media Systems Positioning
Table 2-25
Enterprise Video Evolving Applications
Table 2-26
Business Benefits Of Advanced Streaming Media
Table 2-27
Enterprise Market Advantages Achieved From Streaming Media
Table 2-28
Streaming Media Targeted To B2B And Exchanges
Table 2-29
Business Process Streaming Media Advantages
Table 2-30
Enterprise Streaming Media Processes
Table 2-31
E-Business Objectives
Table 2-32
Electronic Commerce Infrastructure Requirements
Table 2-33
Streaming Media Functions Enable E-commerce
Table 2-34
Streaming Media Support For Internet Commerce And EDI
Figure 2-35
Enterprise Streaming Media Regional Market
Segments, Dollars, 2010
Table 2-36
Enterprise Streaming Media Regional Market Segments, 2010
Table 3-1
Key Benefits Of RealNetworks Helix Server
Table 3-2 (Continued)
Key Benefits Of RealNetworks Helix Server
Table 3-3
RealNetworks Helix Servers
Table 3-4:
RealNetworks Helix Server Target Markets
Table 3-5: (Continued)
RealNetworks Helix Server Target Markets
Table 3-6:
Key Benefits Of RealNetworks Helix Proxy
Table 3-7: (Continued)
Key Benefits Of RealNetworks Helix Proxy
Table 3-8:
RealNetworks Helix Servers Features
Table 3-9:
RealNetworks Helix Types Of Authentication Available
Table 3-10:
RealNetworks helix server comparison
Figure 3-8:
Realnetworks Helix Client Platform Architecture
Figure 3-9:
RealNetworks Helix Client Applications
Table 3-10
Microsoft Windows 7 Features Used by Media Player
Figure 3-11
Microsoft Windows Media Player Software Varieties
Figure 3-12
Microsoft Windows Media Player Hardware Varieties
Table 3-13
Microsoft Silverlight Platform Features and Benefits:
Table 3- 14:
Microsoft Live Streaming Media Platform Features and Benefits:
Table 3-15:
Create and Deliver Customized Interactive
Communications To The Desktop
Table 3-16:
Media Management Platform Features
Table 3-16: (Continued)
Media Management Platform Features
Figure 3-17:
Adobe Flash Player Internet PC Penetration
Figure 3-18:
Adobe Flash Player Internet Platform
Table 3-19
Adobe Flash Platform Benefits
Table 3-20
Adobe InMarket Benefits
Table 3-21
Adobe InMarket Growing Reach Features
Table 3-22:
Apple Quicktime Streaming Web Server Modules
Table 3-23:
Apple Quicktime Broadcaster Supported Media Types:
Table 3-24:
Apple Quicktime Broadcaster Supported Media
Icecast-Compatible Protocols Over http:
Table 3-25:
Apple Server Solutions
Table 3-26:
Apple Server Admin: Streaming Media Server Quick Time Streaming
Table 3-27:
Apple Quicktime Streaming Server
Table 3-28
Qumu Media Content Lifecycle Management
Table 3-29
Qumu Video Webcasting Product Functons
Table 3-30:
QUMU Content Creation Functions
Table 3-31:
Qumu Content Positioning Support The Ability To
Find and View Content Quickly
Table 3-32:
Qumu Business Video Conferencing Products
Table 3-33:
QUMU Business Video Solutions Corporate Communications
Table 3-34:
QUMU Solution Components
Table 3-35:
Qumu Products
Table 3-36:
Qumu Solutions Corporate Communications
Table 3-37:
Qumu Enterprise Video Target Markets
Table 3-38:
Qumu Enterprise Video Management Aspects
Table 3-39:
Qumu Video Control Center (VCC) Components
Table 3-4/:
Qumu Video Control Center (VCC) Benefits
Table 3-41:
Qumu MP Benefits Of Live Eventpro
Table 3-42:
QUMU Solution: MP Livecaster Benefits
Table 3-43:
Benefits Of Qumu MP VOD Manager
Table 3-44:
Qumu MP Digital Signage Features
Table 3-45:
Qumu Media Delivery Services Live Webcast Video
Mp Medianet Features
Table 3-46:
Qumu Media Delivery Services Live Webcast Video
Mp Medianet Benefits
Table 3-47:
QUMU Solution Components
Table 3-48:
QUMU MP Medianet Key Benefits
Table 3-49
Accordent Media Management System™ Features:
Table 3-50
Accordent Media Creation Product Features:
Table 3-51
Accordent Products & Services
Table 3-52:
Accordent Positioning To Make Video A Primary
Form Of Communication
Table 3-53:
Accordent Technologies Streaming Video
Features and Benefits
Figure 3-54:
Accordent Capture Station Workflow Diagram
Table 3-55:
Accordent PresenterPRO Enterprise-Class Software Features:
Table 3-56:
Accordent PresenterPRO Enterprise-Class Software Benefits
Table 3-57:
Accordent Enterprise-Class Software Features and Benefits
Table 3-58:
Spirent Load Testing Functions
Table 3-59:
Kulabyte Turn-Key Form Factors:
Table 3-60:
Ignite Solution Allows Systems To Track And Report
Table 3-61:
Ignite Solution Streaming Media Functions
Table 3-62:
Online Educational Services, Educational Technology Challenges:
Table 3-63:
Online Educational Services, Educational Technology Benefits:
Table 3-64:
Streaming Media Educational Technology Challenges
Table 3-65:
QUMU Sales And Channel Enablement Solution Components
Table 3-66:
QUMU Sales And Channel Enablement Solution Key Benefits
Table 3-67:
QUMU Sales And Marketing Teams Revenue
Table 3-68:
QUMU Corporate Video Communications Solution Components
Table 3-69:
QUMU Corporate Video Communications Key Benefits
Table 3-69: (Continued)
QUMU Corporate Video Communications Key Benefits
Table 3-70:
QUMU Corporate Training Video - Solution Components
Table 3-71:
QUMU Corporate Training Video Key Benefits - Employee
Training Video
Table 3-72:
Spirent Load Testing Appliances Functions
Table 3-73:
Digitalsmiths Gotuit Videomixer Functions
Table 3-74:
Digitalsmiths GOTUIT Powervideo Suite Functions
Table 3-75:
Gotuit VideoMarker Pro
Table 3-76:
Digitalsmiths Gotuit VideoMarker for Viewers
Table 3-77:
3C Software List of Current Media On Demand
Table 3-78:
Benefits of the Abacast Radio Streaming Platform
Figure 3-79:
Abacast Radio Streaming Platform
Table 3-80:
Abacast content delivery Functions
Table 3-81:
Abacast Streaming Benefits
Table 3-82:
Abacast Streaming And Hosting Key Features
Figure 3-83:
Abacast Network Map
Table 3-84:
Abacast Mobile Audio Streaming Features:
Table 4-1
Streaming Media Benefits
Table 4-2
New Technology
Table 4-3
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Functions
Table 4-3 (Continued)
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Functions
Table 4-4
Web Services Protocols
Table 4-5
Soap-Based Web Service Production Environment Testing
Table 4-6
XSLT Transformation Of XML
Figure 5-1
Accordant Streaming Media Positioning
Figure 5-2
Accordant Streaming Technology Partners
Figure 5-3
Accordant Streaming Media Technology Partners
Table 5-4
Adobe Target Markets
Table 5-5
Ignite Technologies Customers
Table 5-6
Internap Industry Specific Customer Positioning
Table 5-7
Internap has a Managed Internet Route Optimizer Functions
Table 5-8
Internap Competition
Table 5-9
Microsoft Response to Security Vulnerabilities
Table 5-10
SAP Strategy For Growth
Table 5-11
SAP Services Positioning
Table 5-12
Table 5-13
SAP NetWeaver Technology Platform Areas Supported
Table 5-14
SAP Industry-Specific Best Practices Positioning

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