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In-depth Research and Forecast of Industrial Automation Market in China, 2014-2018

Published: Aug-2014 | Format: PDF | Huidian Research | Number of pages: 85 | Code: MRS - 3215

In-depth Research and Forecast of Industrial Automation Market in China, 2014-2018 mainly analyzes the current status of domestic market, supply and demand, competition pattern in industrial automation industry and the business performance of main enterprises, also gives suggestions, and provides decision-making references for enterprise planning to understand this industry or invest in the field.

The development of industrial control automation in China, mostly takes the following steps: first: introduce a complete set of equipment; second: digest and absorb equipment, and then conduct secondary development and application. At present, the industrial control automation technology, industry and application have made great progress; the industrial computer systems sector has formed in China.

In recent years, the industrial automation industry is developing rapidly in China. During the period of "11th five-year plan", all growth rates of the main business revenue in industrial automatic control system equipment manufacturing industry, were 20%40% over the same period of last year, higher than annual GDP growth rate of 11.2% in the same period. The Data from National Bureau of Statistics showed: the main business revenue of enterprises in industrial automatic control system equipment manufacturing industry were CNY 0.1997 billion in 2011, CNY 0.2450 billion in 2012, and up to CNY 0.2686 billion by the end of November 2013, which exceeded the total of 2012. Industrial automation industry has become one of the driving forces to promote rapid growth of economy in China.

At present, the market competition pattern has been formed in industrial automation control field in China. Jiangsu Province has the largest number of enterprises (about 350). By 2013, the total asset of the industrial automation manufacturing enterprises above designated scale had been up to CNY 430 billion, in which, the top five provinces and municipalities were Jiangsu, Beijing, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Guangdong.

Table of Contents


1. Overview of Tire Retreading Industry
1.1 Definition
1.3 Circular Economy


2. Environment of Tire Retreading Industry in China
2.1 Economic Environment
2.2 Industrial Policy
2.3 Industrial Standard


3. Development of Tire Retreading Industry in China
3.1 Current Status of Development
3.1.2Output of Waste Tire and Utilization Condition
3.2 Existing Problems
3.2.1 Lack of Relevant Policies
3.2.2 Backward Tire Retreading Technology and Equipment
3.2.3Low Proportion of Retreaded Tire
3.2.4 Small Production Scale and Heavy Pollution
3.2.5 Low Quality of the Retreaded Tire and Lack of Market Recognition
3.2.6 Small Enterprises Struggle Hard for Survival with Seldom Government Support
3.2.7Domestic Automobile Inspection Standard Hinders the Development of Tire Retreading Industry
3.2.8Low Industrial Profits and Narrow Distribution Channel


4. Market Segmentations of Tire Retreading Industry in China
4.1Tire Retreading Industrial Structure
4.2Engineering Tire Retreading Market
4.3Aircraft Tire Retreading Market
4.4 Industry Competition Landscape
4.4.1 Industry Concentration Ratio
4.4.2 Industry Regional Distribution


5. Import & Export of Tire Retreading Industry in China
5.1 Import Volume & Amount
5.2 Export Volume & Amount
5.3 Import Sources & Export Destinations
5.3.1 Import Sources
5.3.2 Export Destinations


6. Major Chinese Tire Retreading Enterprises
6.1Sailun Co., Ltd.
6.1.1 Company Profile
6.1.2 Operation Condition
6.1.3 Core Competitiveness
6.2 Beijing Jitong Tire Retreading & Recycling Co., Ltd.
6.2.1Company Profile
6.2.2 Business Performance
6.3 Beijing Jinyuntong OTR Tire Repair & Retread Ltd.
6.3.1Company Profile
6.3.2 Major Customer
6.3.3Business Performance
6.3.4 Future Development Target
6.4 Qingyun Huatai Rubber Product Co., Ltd.
6.4.1Company Profile
6.4.2Business Performance
6.4.3 Development Planning
6.5 Shangdong Rongfeng Co., Ltd.
6.5.1Company Profile
6.5.2 Production Capacity
6.5.3 Distribution Channel
6.5.4 Arranged Projects
6.6 Pengtai Tire Retreading Co., Ltd.
6.6.1 Company Profile
6.6.2 Major Produce and Standard
6.6.3 Operation Condition
6.7 Chongqing Chaoke Industry Development Co., Ltd.
6.7.1Company Profile
6.7.2 Business Performance
6.8 Shandong (Weihai) Triangle Huada Tire Retreading Co., Ltd.
6.8.1Company Profile
6.8.2 Huada Manages Parts of the Tire Retreading Business of Triangle Group
6.9 Sichuan XinduSanyi Tire Retreading Co., Ltd
6.9.1 Company Profile
6.9.2 Product Equipment and Standard
6.9.3 Business Performance


7. Development Trend of Tire Retreading Industry in China
7.1 Recycling System of Waste Tire gains Daily Perfection and the Relevant Laws and Policies are Forthcoming
7.2 Certain Breakthroughs are achieved in Tire Retreading Technology and Retreading Equipment is getting Daily Advanced
7.3 Assets Reorganization is under Exploration with the Intend to Organize Incorporation

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