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In-Depth Survey on China Automobile Rental Market, 2014

Published: Aug-2014 | Format: PDF | Huidian Research | Number of pages: 305 | Code: MRS - 3224


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Since the 18th CPC National Congress, the proposal of relevant policies of reformation of government car purchase, auto purchase restrictions and new-energy automobile have greatly promoted the robust development of China's automobile rental market. The total scale of China's auto rental market is expected to reach CNY 38 billion by the end of 2014, and the CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) from 2010 to 2014 will up to 20.2%. The total number of automobile for renting in China is estimated to increase from 200,000 plus automobiles in 2010 to 430,000 plus automobiles, with a CAGR reaching 21%.


This high CAGR has won China's automobile rental market the name of sunrise industry and is favored by capital market. Many large auto rental enterprises have further expanded their business. China Auto Rental Inc. is about to go public in Hong Kong Stock Exchange, so as to gain more finance to facilitate the expansion. EHI Car Service also attempts to go public. In general, China's auto-rental market has entered into fierce competition stage.

Table of Contents


Part I Project Overview
Project Introduction
Sample of Survey Proposal


Part II Survey on Eleven Auto Rental Enterprises
Target Enterprises: China Auto Rental Inc., EHI Car Service Co., Ltd, Top One Car Rental Co., Ltd, Avis Rent a Car System, LLC., Shouqi Auto Lease Co., Reocar Co., Ltd, Da Zhong Taxi & Leasing Car Company, Pang Da ORIX Auto Leasing Co., Ltd, The Hertz Corporation, Long YaodDi Car Renal Pty Co., Ltd, and CTC Service Co., Ltd.


1. Company Profile

2. Main Business

3. Company Structure

4. Major Service Platform

5. Network Distribution

6. Operation Conditions


7. Automobile Sum

8. Service Type

9. Latest Dynamics

10. Operation Model

11. Automobile Quantity (by Brand)

12. Automobile Quantity (by Type)

13. Rental Charge

14. Rental Procedure

15. Client Type (Long/Short Term Rental)

16. Client Rental Purpose

17. Client Rental Frequency (Sedan, SUV, MPV, Bus, Minibus)

18. Client Preferred Price (Sedan, SUV, MPV, Bus, Minibus)

19. Client Preferred Type (Sedan, SUV, MPV, Bus, Minibus)

20. Client Concerns

21. Influence of Relevant Policies (reformation of government car purchase, auto-purchase restrictions and new-energy automobile)

22. New Automobile Purchase Forecast

23. Purchase Capital Source

24. Future Development Trend

25. SWOT Analysis

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