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Language Translation Software Market Shares and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2011-2017

Published: Jan-2011 | Format: PDF | Winter Green Research | Number of pages: 602 | Code: MRS - 2548

WinterGreen Research announces that it has a new study on Language Translation Software Market Shares and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2011-2017. The 2011 study has 712 pages, 256 tables and figures.

Hybrid machine translation is evolving more sophisticated software that actually works well enough to be useful, The hybrid systems provide dramatic improvement, creating the ability to use machine translation in a wide variety of situations.

Hybrid machine translation combines the features of statistical and rules based approaches. Human language technology solution combines the strengths of rule-based and statistical systems. The term hybrid in this context means statistical MT (SMT) systems use examples and apply statistical techniques to a large body of language data to perform translations combined with rules based approaches.

Statistical SMT systems learn from text alignment rather than in depth grammatical knowledge as with rules based RBMT systems. Machine translation takes into account the grammatical structure of each language and uses contextual rules to select among multiple meanings, in order to transfer sentences from the source language (to be translated) into the target language (translation).

Rule-based machine translation (RBMT) uses linguistic rules. This means that words and phrases are translated based on an in-depth knowledge of the language. That is, the most suitable words of the target language replace the ones in the source language. RBMT provides more of a human element to the translation because the rules are user-defined based on an understanding of the target language.

Rule-based methods parse a text, usually creating an intermediary, symbolic representation from which the text in the target language is generated. These methods require extensive vocabulary along with word meanings, how words are formed and how words are arranged to create meaning, all governed by large sets of rules.

RBMT programs are highly advanced and allow a native speaker of the target language to comprehend what is written by the native speaker of the source language. The advantage of rule based translation is that it accommodates fairly abstract text and the informative aspects of the translation. 

Rules based translation provides high coverage of a greater number of domains and types of texts. Rules support information being transferred from the source to the target language in an intelligent manner. Adequacy refers to the quality of the information that was transferred from the source to the target language.

Globalization of the economy is occurring with the advent of the integrated enterprise. As companies position to sell goods and services worldwide, globalization becomes a fact of life. Teams of people work together from many different countries sharing workload and marketing efforts.

The globalization of the economy has brought into existence 1,000 globally integrated enterprises that sustain operations in 160 countries. These commercial organizations generally have more money than most countries, all but the largest countries. As such the commercial enterprise has become a global force, changing the nature of combat by their very existence.

Even war is changing. Negotiated settlements are a result of the shift of military to peace keeping law enforcement. There is a fundamental shift in the nature of combat as military robots and unmanned vehicles get adopted.

Cell ubiquity, the globally integrated enterprise, the Internet, automated software translation all complement military robots to change the nature of combat. Armed intervention needs to have automated process, and the unmanned ground vehicles provide efficiency in the context of this changed war environment.

As people have more in common with each other, the world becomes a melting pot, with people within nations dependent on and interacting with people of other nations. Communication has become facilitated worldwide. Nationalistic passion has become an anachronism in this context.

Prime figures in the globalization of crime are emerging, that change the nature of combat. The new type of organized crime is evolved by people who are educated, have international ties, and operate with the support of the state. It is not large countries like Germany, Russia, North Korea, China and India that are the foe; it is globally integrated terrorist organizations pushing drugs and other illegal activities that are the enemy. Large and mid size UGVs provide the ability to quickly and with relative safety, track and capture these rogue bands of bad guys.

Military unmanned ground vehicles support a shift in the very fundamental goal of military action. Military action has become a matter of protecting a nations’s own borders. The US is not in Iraq or Afghanistan for any other reason than to protect the US borders, prevent bad guys from blowing up buildings or otherwise creating havoc in the internal borders of the US.

Language Translation Software markets are growing because business is expanding in a manner that provides enterprise presence all over the world. Markets at $575.5 million in 2010 are anticipated to reach$3 billion by 2017.

Table Of Content

Language Translation Software Market Shares and Market Forecasts
Language Translation Market Driving Forces
Machine Language Translation Market Shares
Machine Language Translation Market Forecasts
Hybrid Machine Translation

1. Language Translation Software Market Description and Market Dynamics
1.1 Globalization of the Economy
1.2 Machine Language Translation
1.2.1 Translation Services
1.2.2 Translation Custom Services
1.2.3 Professional Services Connector Implementation Services
1.2.4 Work Product Maintenance
1.3 Global Language Teams
1.3.1 Software Localization
1.3.2 Key Translation Parameters
1.3.3 Rule-Based Machine Translation (RMT)
1.3.4 Statistical Machine Translation (SMT)
1.4 Standard Machine Translation vs. Customized Translation Services
1.4.1 Translation Software
1.5 Interpreting in Health Care
1.5.1 Sight Translation (Written to Oral)
1.5.2 Translation of Simple Text (Written to Written)
1.6 Value of Natural Language Translation
1.6.1 Search Engine Translation Optimization
1.7 Measuring Language Translation Systems Quality
1.7.1 Machine Translation (MT) Quality Impasse
1.7.2 Machine Translation Output Is Not Easily Predictable
1.7.3 Quality Metrics Depend on the Input Text and the Level of Customization
1.7.4 No Standards Govern MT Systems
1.7.5 Benefits of Machine Language Translation Systems Integration
1.7.6 Intuitive Coding Functionality Supplies Grammatical Information
1.7.7 Update Dictionary Resources and Enhance Source Text
1.7.8 Retranslate and Validate
1.7.9 Difficulty Of Measuring The Quality Of Automatic Language Translation Systems
1.8 International Events and Multinational Companies Require Simultaneous Translation
1.8.1 NATO
1.8.2 Rotary
1.8.3 Simultaneous Interpretation Specialists I.S.T.S NATO Presence
1.8.4 Simultaneous Interpretation Specialists I.S.T.S AVW-TELAV Rotary International Simultaneous Interpretation Services

2. Language Translation Software Market Shares and Market Forecasts
2.1 Language Translation Market Driving Forces
2.1.1 Translation Services Depend On Having Excellent Writers
2.1.2 Multinational Companies Protect The Brand Consistently In Every Market
2.1.3 Enterprise Global Infrastructure
2.1.4 Globalization Market Sectors
2.1.5 Hybrid Machine Translation System
2.1.6 Disruptive Market Forces
2.1.7 SOA Infrastructure Market Driving Forces
2.2 Machine Language Translation Market Shares
2.2.1 Localization Translation Software Market Leading Participants
2.2.2 Lionbridge
2.2.3 SDL Trados For Professional Translators
2.2.4 SDL/ Trados Enterprise Translation Server
2.2.5 Asia Online Ability To Learn From Post Editing Corrections And Never Make The Same Mistake Twice
2.2.6 Asia Online High Volume Bulk Translators
2.2.7 Asia Online Secure Enterprise and Government Translation Environments
2.2.8 Asia Online In The Process Of Translating
100’s of Millions Of Pages Of English Content Into Multiple Asian Languages
2.2.9 Translations.com
2.2.10 Translations.com GlobalLink Management System Software
2.2.11 IBM Globalization Software Services
2.2.12 Symbio Software Development Centers In China, Taiwan and the United States
2.2.13 Systran Enterprise Hybrid Machine Translation Solution
2.2.14 Reverso-Softissimo
2.2.15 Systran Intuitive Coding Technology
2.2.16 Language Engineering Company LEC Power Translator
2.2.17 SAIC / AppTek Hybrid Machine Translation (HMT) System
2.2.18 Babylon Dictionary And Translation Software
2.2.19 Google
2.2.20 Word Magic ESI PRO
2.2.21 Ciyasoft CiyaTran MT
2.2.22 MultiCorpora
2.2.23 Moses
2.2.24 MultiLingual Search Engine Optimization (MSEO)
2.2.25 MultiLingual Search Engine Optimization (MSEO) Search Engine Translation
2.3 Machine Language Translation Market Forecasts
2.3.1 SDL Language Technologies
2.4 Language Translation Software Market Installed Base and Penetration
2.5 Language Translation By Humans Market Shares
2.5.1 Language Translation Services Participants
2.5.2 RWS Legal Translation
2.5.3 Lionbridge
2.5.4 SDL/ Trados
2.5.5 SDL/ Trados Permanent Translators
2.5.6 SDL / Idiom
2.5.7 Systran
2.5.8 IBM
2.5.9 Yahoo Babelfish
2.5.10 AVW-TELAV Audio Visual Solutions / Simultaneous Interpretation Specialists I.S.T.S
2.5.11 Asia Online
2.5.12 Applied Language Solutions
2.5.13 Berlitz GlobalNET Translation Services
2.5.14 thebigwordGroup
2.6 Localization Translation Services Market Forecasts
2.6.1 Globalizing CRM By Speaking The Customer Language
2.7 Language Translation Services Market Forecasts
2.7.1 Global Information Management
2.7.2 Global Information Management Solutions
2.8 Globalization / Localization Translation
2.8.1 Machine Translation Software
2.8.2 Publication Software
2.8.3 Machine Translation / Human Translation Forecasts
2.8.4 Machine Translation Software Solutions
2.8.5 Translators At Medical Facilities
2.9 Worldwide Language Translation Software Pricing
2.9.1 App tec
2.9.2 IBM Table of Processor Value Units [PVUs] per core
2.9.3 IBM WebSphere® Translation Server Pricing
2.9.4 Word Magic Language Translation Pricing
2.9.5 Systran Language Packs
2.9.6 Setting Translation Rates
2.9.7 Page Rates or Word/Byte Rates
2.9.8 Language Translation Search Engine MSEO Pricing
2.9.9 Wordmagic Pricing for Gist Machine Language Translations
2.9.10 Word Magic Professional Translation Pricing
2.10 Language Translation Regional Analysis
2.10.1 Software Translation Market In Japan
2.10.2 Manual Translation Market Size
2.10.3 Japanese Patent Translation Market Size
2.10.4 Lionbridge Revenue By Geographical Region
2.10.5 Symbio Group Outsourcing

3. Globalization / Localization Language Translation Software Product Description
3.1 Globalization Software Solution
3.2 Language Translation Platform Products
3.2.1 IBM Globalization Software Services
3.2.2 IBM Translation Addresses Business Challenges
3.3 Lionbridge *
3.3.1 Lionbridge Technologies Localization Methodology
3.3.2 Lionbridge Automating Translation Management and Multilingual Content Management
3.4 SDL/ Trados Platform Translation Software*
3.4.1 SDL RevleX™ Translation Memory (TM) Engine
3.4.2 Systran Machine Translation (MT) Technology Integrates Multilingual Functionalities
3.4.3 Systran Intuitive Coding Technology
3.4.4 Systran Online Services
3.4.5 SDL Language Weaver
3.4.6 SDL / LW Enterprise Translation Server
3.4.7 SDL / LW Custom Enterprise Translation Server
3.4.8 SDL / LW Professional Services
3.5 IBM Language Translation Platform
3.6 Desktop Language Translation Products
3.7 SDL Trados Desktop Language Translation Software
3.7.1 SDL Trados Freelance
3.7.2 SDLPhraseFinder
3.7.3 SDL TRADOS MultiTerm 7 Desktop
3.8 SDL / Freetranslations
3.8.1 Systran Desktop Products
3.8.2 Systran - Online Translation, Translation Software And Tools
3.9 Word Magic Software Product Suites
3.9.1 Word Magic English-Spanish Interpreter
3.9.2 Translation Dictionary & Tools
3.9.3 Word Magic Point & Click Translation Dictionary
3.9.4 Word Magic Text Translation
3.9.5 Word Magic Actual Translation Work on A Regular Basis: ESI Professional
3.9.6 Word Magic Professional Translation Work: Suite Premier
3.9.7 Word Magic For Professional and Amateur Writers: TDT Professional
3.9.8 Word Magic For Spanish / English
3.9.9 Word Magic Translation Dictionary
3.9.10 Word Magic Healthcare
3.9.11 How Word Magic Healthcare Converser Works
3.10 Server Language Translation Products
3.10.1 SDL Trados Server Language Translation
3.10.2 SDL/ Trados Language Services Cover A Huge Range Of Business Requirements
3.10.3 Trados
3.10.4 SDL / Trados Language Translation Vertical Target Markets
3.10.5 SDL Trados
3.10.6 SDL World Leader In Global Information Management
3.10.7 SDL Translation Management Consistency and Quality in Global Authoring
3.10.8 Bosch Collaborates With SDL On Terminology Portal
3.10.9 SDL Trados Bosch Web-Based Portal Solution
3.10.10 SDL Global Information Management Products
3.10.11 SDL Translation Management System Teamworks
3.10.12 SDL / Idiom
3.10.13 SDL / Idiom WorldStart 15
3.10.14 SDL / Idiom WorldStart Discovery
3.11 IBM
3.11.1 IBM - Natural Language Analysis And Translation Project Overview
3.11.2 IBM Lotus Workplace Instant Messaging SPI
3.11.3 IBM Translation for Business
3.11.4 IBM Workplace Instant Messaging SPI Language Translation Servlets
3.11.5 IBM Rational Application For Creating An Instant Message Handler
3.11.6 IBM - WebSphere® Translation Server
3.11.7 IBM - WebSphere® Translation Server Features and Benefits
3.11.8 IBM - WebSphere® Translation Server Hardware Requirements
3.11.9 IBM - Global On Demand Business
3.12 Systran Client-Server Products
3.12.1 Systran Mobile
3.12.2 Systran E-Services
3.12.3 SystranBox
3.12.4 SystranLinks
3.12.5 SystraNet
3.12.6 Systran OEM
3.12.7 Systran Professional Services
3.12.8 Systran Professional Services
3.12.9 Systran Professional Premium 5.0
3.12.10 Systran Language Translation Software Positioning
3.12.11 Systran Services
3.13 OnLine Translation
3.13.1 Yahoo Translate
3.13.2 Yahoo Babel Fish
3.13.3 Systran Online Translation
3.13.4 Systran WebTranslator
3.13.5 Lionbridge Technologies Online Translation Service Delivery Platform
3.13.6 SDL Web Translation
3.13.7 SAIC AppTek Web Translation and Localization
3.13.8 Translation Experts Dictionary in Pocket PC
3.13.9 Translation Experts Large Internet Dictionary
3.13.10 Translation Experts PocketTran - Translator And Dictionary In Pocket
3.13.11 Translation Experts PalmTran - Translator And Dictionary In The Palm Of Hand
3.13.12 Translation Experts PocketKeys - Keyboard for PocketPC devices
3.13.13 Translation Experts Mobile Telephone Translator/Cell Telephone Translator
3.13.14 Language Engineering Company LEC Power Translator
3.14 Translation Services
3.14.1 Translation Experts
3.14.2 Translation Experts InteractiveTran - Interactive Machine Translator
3.14.3 Translation Experts InterTran - Web Site Translation Server
3.14.4 Translation Experts Professional Human Translation Service
3.14.5 Translation Experts KnowledgeSearch
3.14.6 Translation Experts NeuroTran
3.14.7 Translation Experts NeuroTran Advanced Artificial Intelligence Rules
3.14.8 Translation Experts NeuroTran® Pro
3.14.9 LEC
3.14.10 Language Engineering Company LEC Products for Individuals and Businesses
3.14.11 LEC Products for Businesses
3.14.12 LEC Specialized Dictionaries Accuracy
3.14.13 LEC Translate2Go
3.14.14 Language Engineering Company, LLC Subscription Service
3.14.15 LEC Translate Pro Enterprise Solutions
3.14.16 LEC Enterprise 340 Language Pairs Translation Software
3.14.17 LEC Composite Translation Engine
3.14.18 LEC Suscription Translation Service Translate DotNet
3.15 Science Applications International Corporation / AppTek
3.15.1 SAIC Human Language Technology for Federal and Commercial Customers
3.15.2 SAIC AppTek Hybrid MT State-Of-The Art Machine Translation System
3.15.3 SAIC AppTek Hybrid Machine Translation (HMT) System
3.15.4 SAIC AppTek’s HMT Platform Integrated Suite of HLT Applications
3.15.5 AppTek Available Languages:
3.15.6 SAIC AppTeK Hybrid Language Translation Functionality
3.15.7 SAIC AppTek TranSphere® Operation
3.15.8 AppTek Hybrid Machine Language Translation Product Suite
3.16 Symbio
3.16.1 Symbio Software Development Centers In China, Taiwan and the United States
3.16.2 Symbio
3.16.3 Symbio TOPLocalization and Translation :
3.16.4 Symbio Localized Product Development:
3.16.5 Symbio Leverages China Outsourcing Teams
3.16.6 Word Magic Professional Translation Performed By A Human Translator *
3.16.7 Word Magic Edited Gist Translation Mode
3.16.8 Word Magic 123 Text Translations Outsourcing Services Mode
3.16.9 Wordmagicsoft.com / Global Language Team Translation
3.16.10 Translations.com
3.16.11 Translations.com / GMS Software
3.16.12 Translations.com GlobalLink Management System Software
3.17 MultiLingual Search Engine Optimization (MSEO)
3.17.1 MSEO Search Engine Key Words Optimization
3.18 Thebigword
3.18.1 Thebigword Process And Tools
3.19 Asia Online
3.19.1 Asia Online In The Process Of Translating
100’s of Millions Of Pages Of English Content Into Multiple Asian Languages
3.19.2 Asian Portals
3.19.3 Asia Online High Quality Enterprise Class Translation
3.19.4 Asia Online Enterprise Translation Portal Post Editor Screen
3.19.5 Asia Online Language Service Providers
3.19.6 Asia Online High Volume Bulk Translators
3.19.7 Asia Online Secure and Government Translation Environments
3.19.8 Asia Online Network Business Applications
3.19.9 Asia Online Continuous Improvement Translation Platform
3.19.10 Asia Online Global Enterprise Communications
3.19.11 Asia Online Solutions
3.19.12 Asia Online Language Service Providers
3.19.13 Asia Online High Volume Bulk Translators
3.19.14 Asia Online and Print Content Publishers
3.19.15 Asia Online Mobile Communications
3.19.16 Asia Online Translation Technology Platform
3.20 Babylon
3.21 Ciyasoft
3.21.1 CiyaSoft Natural Language Processing Supports Arabic-Based Languages
3.21.2 Ciyasoft CiyaGate
3.21.3 Ciyasoft CiyaICR
3.21.4 Ciyasoft CiyaTran MT
3.21.5 Ciyasoft Tools
3.22 Google
3.22.1 Google Text and Web Translation
3.22.2 Google offers easy translation service for Web pages
3.23 Language Lens
3.24 Lucy Software
3.24.1 Lucy Software Multi-Lingual Solutions
3.24.2 Lucy LT -Technology
3.24.3 Lucy Solutions for Multilingual Communication
3.25 NJ Software
3.26 Microsoft / Systran
3.26.1 Microsoft / Asia Online
3.27 Moses
3.27.1 Moses Open Source License
3.28 MultiCorpora
3.28.1 MultiTrans Overview
3.29 Open Text / N-Stein
3.30 PROMT
3.30.1 Prompt Online-Translator.com
3.30.2 Promt Automated Translation Software
3.30.3 Promt Rule-Based Model
3.31 Sakhr
3.31.1 Sakhr Arabic Machine Translation
3.31.2 Sakhr Technology
3.32 Softissimo
3.32.1 Softissimo Reverso Translator
3.33 RWS Legal Translation
3.34 Sail Labs Technology

4. Language Translation Software Technology
4.1 Machine Translation Technology
4.1.1 Number Of Words Translated Via Computer
4.1.2 IBM Importance of Business Partners
4.2 Human Language Translation
4.2.1 Human Translator Use of Machine Translation
4.2.2 Rule-Based And Statistical Machine Translation
4.2.3 Hybrid MT: The Best of Rules and Statistics
4.2.4 Business Case for Hybrid MT
4.2.5 Corpus Translation Studies
4.3 Vendor Language Translation Technology
4.3.1 IBM Machine Translation
4.3.2 IBM MT Strategy
4.3.3 AppTek HMT Breakthrough
4.3.4 AppTec Hybrid Machine Translation
4.3.5 Word Magic Technology
4.3.6 Sail Labs Communication Mining Technologies
4.3.7 Systran Intuitive Coding Technology
4.4 Translation Process For Hospitals And Health Care Organizations
4.4.1 Linguistically Appropriate Access and Services
4.4.2 Healthcare Parameters and Considerations for Evaluation
4.4.3 International Language Translation Quality Standards
4.5 Sharing Translation Memories
4.5.1 Model
4.5.2 Word Alignment
4.5.3 Methods for Learning Phrase Translations
4.6 Open Source Language Translation
4.7 Automatic Speech Recognition
4.7.1 Acoustic Models
4.7.2 Speaker ID/Clustering
4.7.3 Speaker Identification
4.7.4 Speaker Clustering
4.7.5 Speaker Change Detection
4.7.6 Spoken Translation Technology
4.7.7 Translation: The Problem

5. Language Translation Company Profiles
5.1 Acclaro
5.2 All Language Ltd
5.3 Alpha CRC
5.4 Asia Online *
5.4.1 Asia Online Pte. Privately Owned
5.4.2 Asia Online Multinational Firm
5.4.3 Asia Online and Across Systems Partner
5.5 Applied Language Solutions
5.6 AVW Audio Visual
5.6.1 AVW-TELAV Audio Visual Solutions / Simultaneous Interpretation Specialists I.S.T.S
5.7 Babylon
5.7.1 Babylon Corporate Customers
5.8 Benesse Corporation / Berlitz
5.8.1 Berlitz
5.9 Beyondsoft
5.10 Captura Group
5.11 Ciyasoft
5.11.1 CiyaSoft Business Partner in IBM PartnerWorld
5.12 Comsys
5.12.1 Comsys Competitive Strengths
5.12.2 Comsys Competition
5.12.3 Comsys Business Strategy
5.13 Cross Language
5.14 Echo International
5.15 EQHO Communications
5.16 ForeignExchange Translations
5.16.1 ForeignExchange Translations Measurable Quality
5.16.2 ForeignExchange Translations Specialization
5.17 Geo Group
5.18 Global Vibration / MSEO
5.19 Google
5.19.1 Google Advertising
5.19.2 Google Revenue
5.19.3 Google Q2 2009 Revenue Summary
5.19.4 Google Revenues by Geography
5.19.5 Google Revenues by Segment
5.19.6 Google Business Overview
5.19.7 Google Client
5.20 Government Acquisitions
5.21 HiSoft Technology
5.22 IBM
5.22.1 IBM Business Partnering Strategy
5.22.2 IBM Strategic Priorities
5.22.3 IBM BPM Powered By Smart SOA
5.22.4 IBM Delivers Integration and Innovation to Clients
5.22.5 IBM Business Model
5.22.6 IBM Unified Communications In The Cloud Architecture
5.22.7 IBM LotusLive Cloud-Based Portfolio Of Social Networking And Collaboration Services
5.22.8 IBM Revenue
5.22.9 IBM Q1 2009 Revenue
5.22.10 IBM Q2 2009 Revenue
5.22.11 IBM Software Capabilities
5.22.12 IBM Systems and Technology Capabilities
5.22.13 IBM Worldwide Organizations
5.22.14 IBM Security
5.23 INK
5.23.1 INK Norway Language Academic Partner
5.24 Innodata Isogen
5.24.1 Innodata Isogen “Typical” Localization Process
5.25 iSP
5.26 Language Engineering Company (LEC)
5.26.1 LEC Products for Individuals
5.26.2 LEC Products for Businesses
5.26.3 LEC Language Translation Software Business
5.26.4 LEC Translation Technology
5.26.5 LEC Translate on the Go
5.26.6 LEC Optimized for the Web
5.26.7 LEC Customers
5.27 Language Lens
5.28 Legal Translation Services (LTS)
5.29 LinguaLinx Language Solutions
5.30 Lionbridge
5.30.1 Lionbridge Global Language and Content (GLC):
5.30.2 Lionbridge Global Development and Testing (GDT):
5.30.3 Lionbridge Interpretation:
5.30.4 Lionbridge Language Technology Platform
5.30.5 LionBridge Positioning Snapshot
5.30.6 Lionbridge Translation and Localization Services
5.30.7 Lionbridge Translation Service Delivery
5.30.8 Lionbridge Localization Methodology
5.30.9 Lionbridge Services
5.30.10 Lionbridge Localization Services
5.30.11 Lionbridge Terminology Management
5.30.12 Lionbridge Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) And Enterprise Applications
5.30.13 Lionbridge Technologies Revenue
5.30.14 Lionbridge Sales And Marketing
5.30.15 Lionbridge Clients
5.30.16 Lionbridge / Golden Living
5.30.17 Lionbridge Technologies Competition
5.30.18 Lionbridge Technologies Solution Centers
5.31 Localize Technologies
5.31.1 Localize Technologies Internet, Telecommunications, E-Business And Software
5.32 Lucy Software
5.33 Luz
5.34 Matrix
5.34.1 Matrix Translation Partners
5.35 Microsoft Corporation
5.35.1 Microsoft Azure Services Platform
5.35.2 Microsoft Windows Azure
5.35.3 Microsoft Live Services
5.35.4 Microsoft SQL Services
5.35.5 Microsoft .NET Services
5.35.6 Microsoft® SharePoint® Services & Dynamics® CRM Services
5.35.7 Microsoft Revenue Nine Months 2009
5.35.8 Microsoft Revenue
5.35.9 Microsoft Segment Revenue
5.35.10 Microsoft Server and Tools Revenue
5.35.11 Microsoft Online Services Business Revenue
5.35.12 Microsoft Business Division Revenue
5.35.13 Microsoft Entertainment and Devices Division
5.35.14 Microsoft Competition
5.35.15 Microsoft Security Vulnerabilities
5.35.16 Microsoft Client Segment
5.35.17 Microsoft Segments
5.35.18 Open Text Livelink ECM Integration Microsoft Office SharePoint Server
5.35.19 Microsoft Multinational Computer Technology
5.35.20 Selected Microsoft Partners
5.35.21 Microsoft Financials
5.35.22 Microsoft Software Products
5.36 Milengo
5.37 Moses
5.38 MSEO
5.39 MultiCorpora
5.39.1 MultiCorpora Customers
5.39.2 MultiTrans Software Solution Suite
5.40 New Market Translations
5.41 NJStar Software Company*
5.41.1 NJStar Multilingual Services
5.41.2 NJStar E-commerce Model
5.41.3 NJStar High Profile
5.41.4 NJStar's Vision
5.42 OmniLingua
5.42.1 OmniLingua - U.S. based, with Global Partners
5.43 Open Text / Nstein Technologies
5.43.1 Open Text / Nstein Technologies Customers
5.43.2 Nstein Technologies
5.43.3 Nstein Strategy
5.43.4 Nstein Key Performance Indicators
5.43.5 Nstein Revenues
5.44 OmniLingua
5.44.1 OmniLingua Long-term Relationships
5.45 One Planet
5.46 Opticentre
5.47 Promt
5.48 Quagnito
5.49 Rubric
5.50 RWS
5.50.1 RWS Expands Presence in the USA
5.51 SAIC
5.51.1 SAIC Revenues For The Three Months Ended October 31, 2010
5.51.2 Saic / AppTek Partners, LLC, Applications Technology, Inc. and MediaMind, LLC
5.51.3 SAIC Revenue
5.51.4 SAIC / Applications Technology (AppTek)
5.51.5 SAIC AppTek Arabic Human Language Technology (HLT) Used by Northrop Grumman
5.51.6 SAIC AppTek File Metadata Provides Searching
5.52 Sakhr
5.52.1 Sakhr Clients
5.53 Sail Labs Technology
5.54 SDL / Trados
5.54.1 SDL SmartTarget Integration
5.54.2 SDL Technology
5.54.3 SDL / Xopus, Online XML Editor
5.54.4 SDL / Language Weaver
5.54.5 SDL / Language Weaver Accelerate Human Communication
5.54.6 SDL / Language Weaver Channel Partners
5.54.7 SDL / Language Weaver to Focus on Automated Translation for Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty
5.54.8 SDL Customers
5.54.9 SDL TRADOS Studio 2009
5.54.10 SDL Translation Technology
5.54.11 SDL / Idiom
5.54.12 SDL / Idiom Translation Services
5.54.13 SDL / Idiom Translators
5.54.14 SDL / Idiom Multi-Media Studios
5.54.15 SDL / FreeTranslation.com
5.54.16 SDL Revenue
5.54.17 SDL Segment Revenue
5.55 Sail Labs Technology
5.56 Sakhr
5.56.1 Sakhr Approaches to Complexities of the Arabic Language
5.57 Reverso-Softissimo
5.58 Symbio
5.59 Simultaneous Interpretation Specialists / I.S.T.S
5.60 Softissimo
5.60.1 Softissimo Customers
5.61 Spoken Translation
5.62 Systran
5.62.1 Systran Customer Base
5.62.2 Systran Enterprise Hybrid Machine Translation Solution
5.62.3 Systran Measurable Results
5.62.4 Systran Translation Quality
5.62.5 Systran Offers Online Translation Service For Social Media Feeds
5.63 SynerGlobal
5.64 TestQuest
5.65 The Big Word
5.65.1 thebigwordGroup Revenue
5.65.2 LanguageDirector®, thebigwordGroup Web-Based Translation
5.66 TransFluenci
5.66.1 TransFluenci Customers
5.67 Translation Experts*
5.68 Translations.com
5.68.1 Translations.com / GMS Software
5.68.2 Translations.com GlobalLink Management System Software
5.68.3 Translations.com Offices
5.68.4 Translations.com Vertical Industry Focus
5.68.5 Translations.com Areas of Expertise
5.69 Wunderman and WPP Group / Blast Radius
5.70 Word Magic
5.70.1 Word Magic Technology
5.71 Yahoo!
5.71.1 Systran Products And Solutions Used By Yahoo!
5.71.2 Yahoo! Strategy
5.71.3 Yahoo! and Computational Research Laboratories Collaborate on Cloud Computing Research
5.71.4 Yahoo Revenues
5.71.5 Yahoo! and Microsoft
5.72 1-800-Translate
5.72.1 1-800-Translate - A/V Recording
5.72.2 1-800-Translate - Script Translation
5.72.3 1-800-Translate Translation Service Simultaneous Interpreters
5.72.4 1-800-Translate Translation Service Interpreter Equipment
5.72.5 1-800-translate LitTrans: Professional Translation Services for Legal Professionals
5.72.6 1-800-Translate Professional Language Translation Services for Website Localization and CMS
5.72.7 1-800-Translate T&L Machine Translation
5.72.8 1-800-Translate T&L Translation Memory
5.72.9 1-800-translate’s CliniTrans: Medical Translation and Interpretation Services
5.72.10 1-800-Translate Certified Foreign Language Translation Services for Legal Professionals
5.72.11 1-800-Translate A/V industry
5.72.12 1-800-Translate Professional Foreign Translation Services for Financial Documents
5.72.13 1-800-Translate Defense
5.72.14 1-800-Translate Call Centers
5.72.15 1-800-Translate Technology
5.73 1-800-Translate
5.73.1 1-800-Translate Global Solutions
5.73.2 1-800-Translate Next-Generation Telephone Interpretation

List of Tables

Table ES-1
Language Translation Market Driving Forces
Figure ES-2
Language Translation Software Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide, 2010
Figure ES-3
Language Translation Software Market Forecasts, License, Maintenance, and Services, Worldwide, Dollars, 2011-2017
Table 1-1
Translation Services Competitive Positioning
Table 1-2
Globalization Software Solution Market Factors
Table 1-3
Translation Professional Services Return On Investment
Table 1-4
Translation Services Program Offerings
Table 1-5
Translation Implementation Services
Table 1-6
Translation Connector Best Practices Implementation Services
Table 1-7
Work Product Maintenance
Table 1-8
Language Teams Achieve Translation Localization
Table 1-9
Key Translation Parameters
Table 1-10
Benefits of Machine Language Translation Systems Integration
Table 1-11
Simultaneous Interpretation To Rotary Locations
Table 2-1
Language Translation Market Driving Forces
Table 2-2
Localization Translation Market Driving Forces
Table 2-3
Enterprise Market Sectors Needing Translation
Table 2-4
Software Translation Market Disruptive Market Forces
Figure 2-5
Language Translation Software Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide, 2010
Table 2-6
Language Translation Software Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide, 2010
Table 2-7
Lionbridge Localization Solution Functions
Table 2-8
Reverso-Softissimo Profile
Figure 2-9
Language Translation Software Market Forecasts, License, Maintenance, and Services, Worldwide, Dollars, 2011-2017
Table 2-10
Language Translation Software Shipment Market Forecasts, Worldwide, Dollars, 2010-2017
Figure 2-11
Language Software Market Forecasts, Units, Worldwide, 2011-2017
Table 2-12
Language Translation Shipment Market Forecasts Units and Dollars, Worldwide, 2011-2017
Figure 2-13
Desktop Language Translation Software Market Forecasts Dollars, Worldwide, 2011-2017
Figure 2-14
Server Language Translation Software Market Forecasts, Dollars, Worldwide, 2011-2017
Table 2-15
Language Translation Software Market Installed Base and Penetration Forecasts Units, Enterprise, Mid Market, and Independent Translators Worldwide, 2011-2017
Figure 2-16
Language Translation Services Market Shares, Worldwide, Dollars, First Three Quarters 2009
Table 2-17
Language Translation Services Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide, First Three Quarters 2009
Figure 2-18
Language Translation Services Market Forecasts, Dollars, Worldwide, 2008-2015
Table 2-19
Language Translation Services Market Forecasts, Dollars, Worldwide, 2008-2015
Figure 2-20
Machine Memory Language Translation, Interpretation, In House, Government, and Regulatory Language Translation Services Market Forecasts, Dollars, Worldwide, 2008-2015
Table 2-21
Machine Memory Language Translation, Interpretation, In House, Government, and Regulatory Language Translation Services Market Forecasts, Dollars, Worldwide, 2008-2015
Table 2-22
Globalization Translation and Services Market
Table 2-23
Software Translation Solution Target Markets
Table 2-24
Range Of Software Translation Solutions
Figure 2-25
IBM Table of Processor Value Units [PVUs] per core
Table 2-26
IBM Processor Value Units [PVUs] Per Core Key Benefits
Table 2-27
Word Magic Suites Components
Figure 2-28
Language Translation Regional Market Segments, Dollars,
2010 92
Table 2-29
Language Translation Regional Market Segments,
Dollars, 2010
Figure 2-30
Summary of LionBridge Revenue By Geographical Region
Table 3-1
Language Translation Software Positioning
Table 3-2
Language Translation Content Positioning
Table 3-3
Leading Enterprise Organizations Use Of Localization Solutions
Figure 3-4
IBM Globalization Strategy Using Localization and Translation Services
Table 3-5
IBM Translation Globalization and Localization Typical Activities
Table 3-6
Lionbridge Technologies Localization Methodology
Table 3-7
Lionbridge Localization Solution Functions
Table 3-8
Lionbridge Freeway™ Hosted Technology Platform
Table 3-9
Lionbridge Freeway Functionality Exposed Via Web Services
Table 3-10
Lionbridge Use of Web Services Simplifies Translation Process
Table 3-11
SDL Core Software Technologies
Table 3-12
SDL Translation Features
Table 3-13
Systran Machine Translation (MT) Technology Features
Table 3-14
Systran Machine Translation (MT) Technology Applications
Table 3-15
List Of Industry Specialized Dictionaries Developed By Systran:
Table 3-16
Systran Online Services
Figure 3-17
Systran Language Pairs Under Development
Table 3-18
Systran Products And Services
Figure 3-19
IBM Workflow Translation
Table 3-20
IBM Translation Positioning
Figure 3-21
SDL Trados Desktop Language Translation Software
Table 3-22
SDL Desktop Products
Table 3-23
SDL Trados Freelance Features
Table 3-24
SDL Trados Features Driving Productivity Improvements
Table 3-25
SDL Trados Translation Memory Engine Benefits
Figure 3-26
Systran Desktop Language Translation Products
Figure 3-27
Systran Desktop Translation Package Comparison
Table 3-28
Systran Desktop Features:
Table 3-29
Word Magic Features
Table 3-30
Word Magic Suites Components
Table 3-31
Word Magic Pricing Strategy
Table 3-32
Word Magic Translation Dictionary
Table 3-33
Word Magic Healthcare Converser for Healthcare Functions
Table 3-34
Word Magic Healthcare Converser for Healthcare Departments Targeted
Table 3-35
Word Magic Healthcare Converser for Healthcare Department Benefits
Figure 3-36
SDL Trados Server Language Translation Software
Table 3-37
SDL/ Trados Language Services
Table 3-38
Trados MultiTerm 7 Extract Freelance Features
Table 3-39
Trados Products
Table 3-40
Trados Translation Software Information Management System
Table 3-41
SDL / Trados Language Translation Vertical Market Positioning
Figure 3-42
SDL Trados Professional Translation Software
Table 3-43
SDL Language Translation Authoring Process Technology Benefits
Table 3-44
SDL Technology Integration With Different Authoring Environments
Table 3-45
SDL Trados/ Bosch Web-Based Portal Solution Challenges
Table 3-46
SDL Trados Bosch Web-Based Portal Solution Elements
Table 3-47
SDL Trados Bosch Web-Based Portal Solution Benefits
Table 3-48
SDL Global Information Management Products Complex Processes
Table 3-49
SDL Global Information Management Complex Interactions
Indicating ROI
Table 3-50
SDL Translation Management System Teamworks
Table 3-51
SDL / Idiom ® WorldServer™ Positioned As Globalization
Software Solution Components
Table 3-52
IBM WebSphere® Translation Server
Table 3-53
IBM Language Computer Translation Methods
Table 3-54
IBM - WebSphere® Translation Server Positioning
Intel-Based PC Running Windowsxp
Table 3-55
IBM - WebSphere® Translation Server For Windows
Table 3-56
IBM - WebSphere® Translation Server For AIX
Figure 3-57
IBM-Globalize On Demand
Table 3-58
IBM - WebSphere® Translation Server Challenges
Table 3-59
Systran Mobile
Table 3-60
Systran Online Translation Services
Table 3-61
Benefits of Systran Technology
Table 3-62
Language Translation Software Functions
Table 3-63
Systran Services Modules
Table 3-64
Translation Experts Dictionary in Pocket PC
Table 3-65
Translation Experts PocketTran
Table 3-66
PalmDict Dictionary Functions
Table 3-67
Translation Experts PalmTran - Palm Translator And Dictionary
Table 3-68
Translation Experts Software Keyboards For
Palm OS or PocketPC Benefits
Table 3-69
Translation Experts MobileTran Benefits
Table 3-70
Translation Experts Components
Figure 3-71
Translation Experts Limited Translation Products
Table 3-72
Translation Experts Functions
Table 3-73
Translation Experts InteractiveTran Components
Table 3-74
Translation Experts MobileTran Supported Languages
Table 3-75
Translation Experts Web Site Translation Server
Table 3-76
Table 3-77
Translation Experts KnowledgeSearch
Table 3-78
LEC Translation of Languages
Figure 3-79
LEC Power Translator
Figure 3-80
LEC Translate2Go
Figure 3-81
LEC Power Translator Global
Table 3-82
Selected Language Engineering Company Windows Products
Table 3-83
Selected Language Engineering Company, Server Software
Table 3-84
AppTek Modular Tools For Standalone Use Or For
Multiple Integrated Modules
Figure 3-85
SAIC AppTek Bi-Directional Translation Pairs
Table 3-86
SAIC AppTek’s Machine Translation Tool Features
Table 3-87
Symbio Services:
Table 3-88
Symbio Services
Figure 3-89
Word Magic Partners
Table 3-90
MSEO Languages Translated for Search Engine Optimization
Table 3-91
Babylon Translation Tool Features
Table 3-92
Babylon Dictionary Packs - Britannica, OXFORD, Wikipedia
Table 3-93
Babylon Dictionary Functions
Table 3-94
Babylon Dictionary Features For IT Managers and
System Administrators
Table 3-95
Ciyasoft Machine Translation Features
Table 3-96
Google Translations Between Language Pairs:
Table 3-97
Lucy SAP Software Translation Using Infrastructure
Technology, Tools And Methodologies
Table 3-98
Lucy SAP Software Translation Functions
Table 3-99
Lucy SAP Translation Audit Functions
Table 3-100
Lucy SAP Translation Business Benefits
Table 3-101
Lucy LT Solution Modules
Table 3-102
Lucy LT Solution Modules
Table 3-103
Moses Language Translation Features
Table 3-104
Moses Language Translation Functions
Table 3-105
Moses Statistical Machine Translation System Functions
Table 3-106
Moses Statistical Machine Translation System Features
Table 3-107
Moses Statistical Machine Translation System Alignment Agent
Table 3-108
Moses Statistical Machine Translation System TextBase TM Features
Table 3-109
Moses Statistical Machine Translation System TermBase
Table 3-110
Moses Statistical Machine Translation System Terminology Extraction (monolingual and bilingual)
Table 3-111
Moses Statistical Machine Translation System Translation Agent
Table 3-112
Moses Statistical Machine Translation System Analysis Agent
Table 3-113
MultiCorpora MultiTrans Solution Modules
Table 3-114
MultiTrans Statistical Machine Translation System Benefits
Figure 3-115
MultiTrans Statistical Machine Translation System Users
Table 3-116
MultiTrans Statistical Machine Translation System Modules
Figure 3-117
MultiTrans Product Features
Table 3-118
MultiCorpora MultiTrans Corporate Terminology
Table 3-119
MultiCorpora Translations Outsourcing Functions
Table 3-120
N-Stein Linguistic Services Benefits
Table 3-121
Open Text / N-Stein Linguistic Services
Figure 3-122
Services Provided By Promt
Table 3-123
Prompt PTS 9.0 Best In Class Customizable Collaborative Automated Translation Solution Functions
Table 3-124
Sakhr Solutions
Table 3-125
Softissimo Language Pairs
Table 3-126
Softissimo Reverso Promt Translation Software
Table 3-127
RWS Patent Translation Positioning
Table 3-128
RWS Patent Translation For Filing Purposes
Table 4-1
Speech Recognition Engine Mathematical Technique Models
Table 4-2
Speaker Change Detection Issues
Table 5-1
Asia Online Core Values
Table 5-2
Applied Language Solutions Awards
Table 5-3
AVW-TELAV Audio Visual Solutions
Table 5-4
ForeignExchange Translations Project Accuracy and Deliverables
Figure 5-5
IBM SMB Partner Go to Market Approach
Table 5-6
IBM Strategic Priorities
Table 5-6
LEC’s product Uses
Table 5-7
LEC Products for Businesses
Table 5-8
LEC Technology Customers
Table 5-9
LEC Quality Translations Between English And Major World Languages
Table 5-10
LEC Customers
Table 5-11
LEC Languages
Table 5-12
LEC Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Provider Customers
Figure 5-13
Languagelens Partners
Figure 5-14
LionBridge Large Scale Contracts
Figure 5-15
LionBridge Macro Market Trend
Figure 5-16
Lionbridge Global Mobile Translation Positioning
Table 5-17
Lionbridge Industries Served
Table 5-18
Lionbridge Production Process Deliverables
Table 5-19
Lionbridge Services:
Table 5-20
LQS Functions
Table 5-21
Lionbridge Terminology Management Identifying, Capturing, and Deploying This Unique Terminology Requires:
Table 5-22
Lionbridge Globalization Audits address:
Table 5-23
Lionbridge Cultural Assessments Elements:
Table 5-24
Lionbridge ROI
Table 5-25
Lionbridge Clients Who Purchased More Than $2.0
Million In Services In 2008
Million In Services In 2008
Table 5-26
Lionbridge Competitors
Table 5-27
Lionbridge Technologies Principal Operational Facilities
Figure 5-28
Summary of Lionbridge Revenue By Geographical Region
Table 5-29
Localize Technologies Clients
Localize Technologies Clients
Figure 5-30
Lucy Translation Core Focus And Strength
Table 5-31
Luz life Science Translation Positioning
Table 5-32
LUZ Quality Standards
Table 5-33
Microsoft Response to Security Vulnerabilities
Table 5-34
Milengo Areas of Operation
Table 5-35
OmniLingua Industries Served
Table 5-36
OmniLingua Innovation In Translation Systems
Table 5-37
OmniLingua Partnership Offerings:
Table 5-38
Selected OmniLingua Partners
Table 5-39
Open Text / Nstein Technologies Customers
Figure 5-40
Nstein Technologies Revenue
Table 5-41
Nstein Revenue
Table 5-42
Nstein Publishing Solutions
Table 5-43
OmniLingua Key Language Translation Management Sectors
Table 5-44
OmniLingua Key Language Translation Growth
Table 5-45
OmniLingua Growth Factors:
Table 5-46
Quagnito Translation Benefits
Table 5-47
Rubric Localization Functions
Table 5-48
SAIC Applications Technology Human
Language Technology Applications
Table 5-49
SAIC AppTek’s Portfolio Of Applications:
Table 5-50
SDL Customers
Table 5-50 (Continued)
SDL Customers
Table 5-51
SDL Trados Studio Features
Table 5-52
SDL Trados Studio 2009 Functions
Table 5-52 (Continued)
SDL Trados Studio 2009 Functions
Table 5-53
SDL Products And Services
Table 5-54
SDL / Idiom Linguistic Services
Table 5-54 (Continued)
SDL / Idiom Linguistic Services
Table 5-55
SDL Primary Localization Tools
Table 5-56
SDL Multi-Media Studio Functions
Table 5-57
Types of SDL Multimedia Projects
Table 5-58
SDL Positioning to Provide Customer Margin Growth
Table 5-59
SDL Information Management
Table 5-60
Sakhr R&D Enables Arabic Language Solutions
Table 5-61
Sakhr Target Markets
Table 5-62
Sakhr Arabic Language Solutions
Table 5-63
Sakhr Processing And Translation With Arabic Language Complexities
Table 5-64
Reverso-Softissimo Profile
Table 5-65
Symbio Language Translation Capabilities
Table 5-66
Systran Customers
Table 5-67
Selected TransFluenci Corporate Customers
Table 5-68
TransFluenci Massachusetts State Agencies Customers
Table 5-69
TransFluenci Human Service Agencies Customers
Table 5-70
TransFluenci Attorneys Translation Service
Table 5-71
TransFluenci Schools Translation Service
Table 5-72
Translations.com's Industry Verticals
Table 5-73
1-800-Translate Languages
Figure 5-74
1-800-Translate - A/V Recording
Table 5-75
1-800-Translate Translation Service Projects In State-Of-
The-Art Recording Facilities
Figure 5-76
1-800-translate-Website Translation
Figure 5-77
Figure 5-78
1-800-Translate CliniTrans
Table 5-79
1-800-Translate Experience

List of Figures

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