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Apr-2016 | Research Impact Technologies | Pages : 574 | Code : MRS-28959 | 3600
Prions Market Research report gives an insight into the global market for Prion Deactivation technologies, Post Mort em Testing for BSE and Prion Reduction Filters. The Prion related products include BSE detection test Kits, Deactivation/Inactivation technologies, Reagents and Services. The study includes estimations and predictions for the global BSE Post Mortem Testing Market. Prions market size is also analyzed by geographic regions encompassing North America, Europe, Japan and R

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hERG Screening

Apr-2016 | Research Impact Technologies | Pages : 245 | Code : MRS-28953 | 4680
hERG Screening Market research report presents an in depth analysis of hERG Screening market. The study emphasizes on both technology and product segments of hERG Screening in biotechnology and pharmaceutical application areas. The report provides essential information including market data, segmentation, market size, key trends, MA, product developments, industry forecasts, corporate intelligence, and other relevant information. The report lists more than 190 companies that are

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Jan-2016 | Research Impact Technologies | Pages : 470 | Code : MRS-28951 | 3600
Bionanotechnology report studies various Biotechnology applications (Food, Drug Discovery and Development, Diagnostic Tools and Devices, and Other). The report serves as a guide to global Bionanotechnology Market size covering more than 270 companies engaged in Bionanotechnology research, development and supply of products and services. Major Contract Research Organizations and Universities serving the global Bionanotechnology industry are also covered in the Corporate Directory section of th

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ADME/Tox Technologies

Apr-2016 | Research Impact Technologies | Pages : 558 | Code : MRS-28810 | 3600
This report on ADME/Tox Technologies gives a market insight into products and services used in the ADME/Tox industry. Predictive technologies analyzed include In vivo, In vitro, and In silico. Related technologies such as High Throughput Screening (HTS), Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), and cell based assays are also analyzed. Market projections and estimates are illustrated by region and by technology. The report serves as a guide to ADME/Tox industry, covering more t

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Governance, Risk and Compliance - The Nepalese Insurance Industry

Feb-2016 | Timetric | Pages : 34 | Code : MRS-25085 | 950
Timetrics Governance, Risk and Compliance The Nepalese Insurance Industry report is the result of extensive research into the insurance regulatory framework in Nepal. It provides detailed analysis of the insurance regulations for life, property, motor, liability, personal accident and health, and marine, aviation and transit insurance. The report specifies various requirements for the establishment and operation of insurance and reinsurance companies and interme

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