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Managing Home Resources: Smart Energy and Water Products

Published: Apr-2018 | Format: PDF | Parks Associates | Number of pages: 75 | Code: MRS - 241773

Smart home innovation enables consumers and communities to save money and manage precious natural resources. This report examines relevant product categories such as smart thermostats, smart water leak detectors, and smart sprinkler controllers. It assesses which consumer segments are most likely to purchase resource management devices and what other device categories consumers are most likely to adopt. It examines key industry players and trends in energy and water management. The report includes five-year forecasts for smart thermostats, smart leak detectors, and smart sprinkler controllers.

Table of Content

1.0 Report Summary
1.1 Purpose of Report
1.2 Scope of Report
1.3 Research Approach/Sources

2.0 Home Resource Management Overview
2.1 Household Resource Consumption and Savings Potential
2.1.1 Residential Energy Consumption, Cost, and Savings
2.1.2 Residential Water Consumption, Cost, and Savings
2.2 Trends in Energy Management Services and Programs

3.0 Smart Energy Product Innovations and Trends
3.1 Smart Thermostats
3.1.1 Features and Functionality
3.1.2 Leaders and Innovators
3.1.3 Consumer Data Dashboard
3.1.4 Drivers and Barriers
3.1.5 Segment Trends
3.2 Smart Water Heater Controllers
3.2.1 Features and Functionality
3.2.2 Leaders and Innovators
3.2.3 Drivers and Barriers

4.0 Smart Water Product Innovation and Trends
4.1 Water Leak Detectors, Shut-off Valves, and Flow Meters
4.1.1 Features and Functionality
4.1.2 Leaders and Innovators
4.1.3 Consumer Data Dashboard
4.1.4 Drivers and Barriers
4.1.5 Segment Trends
4.2 Smart Sprinkler Controllers
4.2.1 Features and Functionality
4.2.2 Leaders and Innovators
4.2.3 Consumer Data Dashboard
4.2.4 Drivers and Barriers
4.2.5 Segment Trends

5.0 Consumer Demographics and Segmentation
5.1 Energy & Water Device Adoption
5.2 Demographics
5.3 Energy Values Segments
5.4 Attitudinal Segmentation

6.0 Forecast
6.1 Forecast Methodology
6.2 Smart Thermostats
6.3 Smart Water Leak Detectors
6.4 Smart Sprinklers

7.0 Implications and Recommendations

8.0 Appendix

8.1 Glossary
8.2 Index
8.3 Image Sources

List Of Figure

Companies Researched for Report
Map of Water Stress in the U.S.
2015 Residential Site Energy Consumption End Use
2015 Residential Energy Use Expenditure
Energy Saving Actions Taken Over the Past 12 Months
Potential Energy Savings by Manufacturer Claims
Residential Indoor Water End Use
Consumer Reported Smart Thermostat Share (2015)
Company Profile – Nest
Company Profile – Honeywell Lyric
Company Profile – Ecobee 3
Smart Thermostat Installation
Smart Thermostat Channels
Company Profile – Smart Water Heater Controllers and Compatible Heaters
Water Leak Detector Installation
Water Leak Detector Sales Channels
Consumer Reported Share of Smart Sprinklers (2015)
Company Profiles – Blossom
Company Profiles – Rachio
Company Profiles – Rain Machine
Company Profiles – BlueSpray
Company Profiles – SkyDrop
Smart Sprinkler Installation
Smart Sprinkler Sales Channels
Smart Energy and Water Device Purchases, Adoption, and Intention
Demographic Comparison of Selected Energy and Water Devices
Energy Values Segments
Energy Value Segments of Smart Thermostat Owners
Owner Attitudes on Issues Relative to Smart Thermostats
Non-owner Attitudes on Issues Relative to Smart Thermostats
Forecast Methodology for Smart Energy and Water Management Devices
Smart Thermostat Sales Forecast by Region (2016 – 2020)
Smart Water Leak Detector Sales Forecast by Region (2016 – 2020)
Smart Sprinkler Controller Sales Forecast by Region (2016 – 2020)

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