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Market Analysis and Development Prospect for Metamaterial Industry in China

Published: Jun-2015 | Format: PDF | ASKCI Consulting Co., Ltd | Code: MRS - 28657


Currently, most of the researches on metamaterial are based in the U.S. and government is the major investor for these projects. The same applies to China, where government is the major source of investment. 
In China, private organization, university research institutes and a few companies form the major part of metamaterial research. Kuang-Chi Institute of Advanced Technology is a leader in metamaterial research and it far outnumbers the runner up. Besides, Kuang-Chi is the only institute that managed to turn the technology into commercial use. 
Cost effective manufacturing technique is crucial to the commercialization of metamaterial, which can be used in making better devices such as super lens and satellite antenna. It is estimated that metamaterial will enter the niche market soon and become mainstream material in the next 10 years.  
In this report, ASKCI will disclose market potential and commercial opportunities for metamaterial in China. Recommendations will be given at the end of the report to describe the prospect and provide suggestions for strategy making. 

The Aim of Report

  • To provide readers with comprehensive and in-depth understanding of Chinese metamaterial industry;
  • To analyze market by application  and material type to indicate market potential; 
  • To discuss the influence of governmental regulation on the industry; 
  • To analyze drivers and barriers of the industry;
  • To reveal opportunities for metamaterial industry in China.  

Benefit from the Report

  • Obtain latest info of metamaterial industry, such as patent, demand, current situation, regulation, key players, etc.; 
  • Discover market opportunities in different segments and application; 
  • Find out how Chinese metamaterial market will change and how your business can be involved in;
  • Keep informed of your competitors/their activities in China; 
  • Learn about key market drivers and barriers; 
  • Share this information within your organization using free global intranet license.


  • The report will investigate Chinese metamaterial industry from the following aspects:
  • Market demand by material type and application; 
  • Patent landscape; 
  • Key players; 
  • Future trend; 
  • Commercial opportunity. 
Part  Contents
 Executive Summary 
 Definition and Methodology
I Global Metamaterial Industry Overview
I-1 Current Development
I-2 R&D Analysis
I-3 Application Analysis
II Metamaterial Industry in China
II-1 Regulation and Policy
II-2 Patent Overview by Market Segment
II-3 Current Development
III Market Demand for Metamaterial Industry in China
III-1 Market Demand of Communication Device
III-1.1 Current Development 
III-1.2 Market Scale
III-2 Market Demand of Sewage Treatment
IV Market Analysis of Metamaterial Industry by Material Type
IV-1 Left-Handed Materials (LHM)
IV-1.1 Application of LHM in Communication System
IV-1.2 Application of LHM in Stealth Technology
IV-1.3 LHM R&D
IV-2 Photonic Crystals
IV-2.1 General Introduction
IV-2.2 Application of Photonic Crystals in Photocatalysis 
IV-2.3 Application of Photonic Crystals in Stealth Technology
IV-2.4 Photonic Crystals R&D
IV-3 Other Metamaterial
IV-3.1 Sapphire
IV-3.2 Graphene
V Key Players of Metamaterial Industry
V-1 Kuang-Chi Innovative Technology Ltd.
V-1.1 Introduction
V-1.2 Patent Overview
V-2 Kuang-Chi Institute of Advanced Technology
V-3 Chinese Academy of Sciences
V-4 China Jiliang University
V-5 Southeast University
V-6 Zhejiang University of Technology
V-7 Shenzhen University
V-8 Tianjin University
V-9 Zhejiang University
VI Prospect of Metamaterial Industry in China
VII Conclusion and Recommendations
 ASKCI's Legal Disclaimer

List of Table
Table 1 Metamaterial patent top 10 applicants and number
Table 2 Photonic crystal top 20 applicants and number
Table 3 Graphene supplier in the globe and in China

List of Figure
Figure 1 Capacity of sapphire
Figure 2 Possible application of graphene


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