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Market Research on 2 - naphthol Industry in China 2016-2021

Published: Feb-2017 | Format: PDF | ASKCI Consulting Co., Ltd | Number of pages: 50 | Code: MRS - 107587


Nowadays, main manufactures of 2 – naphthol in the world include China, India, Japan, Italy and some countries in the east Europe. From 1957, China began producing 2 – naphthol. After the 80s of the 20th century, China became the major manufacture of 2 – naphthol, for that the production in developed countries was stopped. In recent years, the annual output of 2 – naphthol in China remains between 80 to 100 thousand tonnes and the export during from Feb. to Oct. in 2016 was nearly 13 thousand tonnes, which also keeps rising with a relatively fast speed.

In 2015, the import volume of 2 – naphthol in China was less than seven tonnes, falling by about 33%. And from Feb. to Oct. in 2016, the import volume was more than nine tonnes. In 2015, the export volume was about 15 thousand tonnes, falling by around 25%. From Feb. to Oct. in 2016, the export volume was nearly 13 thousand tonnes.

The consumption structure of 2 – naphthol in China is that 60% is dye intermediate, 20% is rubber ingredient, 10% is dye and paint and the rest is the others. With increasing demand for dye and paint, the demand for 2 – naphthol will rise along. Improvement of production techniques, reduction of commission and conservation of energy and research on clean techniques are the directions of 2 – naphthol industry.

In this report, AskCI will further disclose market potential and commercial opportunities for venture capital of electric vehicle industry in China. Recommendations will be given at the end of the report to analyze the forecast of the industry and provide analysis on opportunities and risks.

The Aim of Report

  • To provide readers with comprehensive and in-depth understanding of Chinese 2 - naphthol industry; 
  • To analyze current development of the industry; 
  • To analyze industrial chains of the industry; 
  • To discover drivers and barriers of the industry;
  • To reveal opportunities for 2 - naphthol industry in China.  

Benefit from the Report

  • Obtain latest info of 2 - naphthol industry, such as status, import and export, downstream and upstream, key players, etc.;
  • Find out how Chinese 2 - naphthol  market will change and how your business can be involved in;
  • Keep informed of your competitors/their activities in the globe and in China; 
  • Learn about key market drivers and barriers; 
  • Share this information within your organization using free global intranet license.


The report will investigate Chinese 2 - naphthol industry from the following aspects:

  • General situation;
  • Import and export;
  • Downstream and upstream;
  • Key players; 
  • Future trend; 
  • Commercial opportunity. 

Time Needed

  • Five work days needed.

Table of Content

Part Contents
Executive Summary

1 Development Environment of 2 - naphthol Industry in China

1.1 Economic Environment
1.2 Policy Environment
1.3 Technology Environment

2 Supply and Demand of 2 - naphthol Industry in China
2.1 Supply
2.2 Demand

3 Industrial Chains of 2 - naphthol Industry in China
3.1 Upstream
3.2 Downstream

4 Import and Export of 2 - naphthol Industry in China
4.1 Import
4.2 Export

5 Analysis of Leading Enterprises in 2 - naphthol Industry
5.1 Jining Yangguang Coal Chemical Co., Ltd.
5.2 Wuhai Liang Feng Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.
5.3 Shanxi Yangmei Fengxi Fertilizer Industry Co., Ltd.
5.4 Qujing Zhongyi Fine Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
5.5 Tangshan Samsing Chemical Co., Ltd.

6 Forecast and Investment Strategy of 2 - naphthol Industry in China, 2016-2021
6.1 Forecast of 2 - naphthol Industry in China, 2016-2021
6.2 Meaning of Strategy Planning
6. 3 Principles of Strategy Planning
6. 4 Analysis on Strategy Planning
6.5 Key Customer Strategy

List of Table

Table 1 Prices of 2 – naphthol in China
Table 2 Output volumes of 2 – naphthol in China, 2011-2015
Table 3 Output volumes of dyes in China, 2011-2016

List of Figure

Figure 1 Forecast of demand in China 2 – naphthol market, 2016-2021
Figure 2 Forecast of output in China 2 – naphthol market, 2016-2021
Figure 3 Export values of 2 – naphthol in China, 2011-2016

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