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Mozambique LNG Investment And Strategy Outlook To 2020 - Analysis Of Infrastructure, Trade, Contracts, Market Dynamics And Business Opportunities

Published: Aug-2013 | Format: PDF | OG Analysis | Number of pages: 80 | Code: MRS - 756

The Mozambique LNG Outlook to 2020 report from LNGANALYSIS provides complete analysis on investments, infrastructure, supplydemand and companies. The comprehensive research work analyzes the current market conditions through key analytical tools including porter’s five force analysis, SWOT analysis and benchmarking tools. Potential business opportunities in the country LNG market along with their complete details are included in the report. Further, top ten trends in the region LNG industry are analyzed. Key supplier/buyer markets of Mozambique LNG along with trade flow analysis are provided in detail.

Competitive structure of the Mozambique LNG industry along with the business strategies being opted by leading players in current global tight supply conditions are analyzed. In addition, complete details of all operational and planned LNG terminals in the country are provided in the report. LNG profiles, oil and gas overviews, SWOT and financial analysis of three leading LNG companies in Mozambique LNG market are analyzed in detail. Further, all recent news and developments, along with their impact on Mozambique LNG players are included.

Key Questions Answered

  • How will Mozambique LNG market emerge over the short to long term future
  • What potential opportunities exist for new entrants, investors and construction companies
  • What is the stance of Mozambique in region and investment attractiveness of Mozambique compared to peer markets
  • What is the outlook of supply/demand, capacity, contracts, trains, tanks, storage from 2000 to 2020
  • What are the medium and long term sale purchase agreements (HOA/MOU/SPA) signed by LNG companies in Mozambique
  • How is the competitive landscape and what strategies are being opted by existing players
  • What is the current status and feasibility of realization of planned projects
  • What are the key strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of operating in Mozambique LNG


  • Top five Trends in Mozambique LNG market and ten LNG trends in Region
  • Outlook of Mozambique Trade, Supply/demand, liquefaction/Regasification capacity, storage capacity, contracted, available capacity, trains/tanks from 2000 to 2020
  • Mozambique LNG investment analysis with details of key opportunities, potential buyers, trade volumes, shipping distances, market concentration and new entrants scope
  • Mozambique LNG SWOT Analysis and Benchmarking with Region LNG markets
  • Potential investment opportunities in Mozambique LNG
  • Planned LNG Terminals with details of current status, expected start up, capital investment, construction companies and capacities
  • Long and Medium Term LNG contracts (SPAs, HOAs, MOUs) signed by LNG companies in Mozambique
  • LNG Trade movements by region and country, 2012
  • Terminal detailsbasic (start up, location, type), capacity (liquefaction/Regasification, contracted, storage), Company (operator, owners), Construction (technology, constructor, capex)
  • Company wise liquefaction/Regasification capacity outlook2005 to 2020
  • Profiles of three leading LNG companies in Mozambique with analysis of LNG, oil and gas, financials, SWOT and contacts
  • Latest News and Developments Landscape in Mozambique


  • Gain complete understanding of Mozambique LNG industry through the comprehensive analytical report
  • Evaluate pros and cons of investing/operating in Mozambique LNG through 'LNG Investment Analysis' model results
  • Identify all potential investment/contract/construction opportunities
  • Drive your strategies in right direction by understanding the impact of latest trends, market forecasts on your business
  • Enhance your decision making process using robust forecasts and industry analysis to 2020
  • Beat your competition through information on their operations, strategies and new projects
  • Make right decisions amidst rapid changes happening in the global LNG industry

Table of Content

1 Table of Contents
1.1 List of Tables
1.2 List of Figures

2 Executive Summary
2.1 Mozambique LNG Snapshot
2.2 Current and Future Stance of Mozambique in Africa LNG market
2.3 How will Mozambique Supply emerge by 2015 and 2020?
2.4 Overall Investment Ranking of Mozambique LNG Market
2.5 Anadarko Petroleum Corporation Leads the Mozambique LNG Market
2.6 Leading Buyer Markets of Mozambique LNG

3 Africa LNG Forecasts to 2020
3.1 Nigeria, the largest African LNG exporter continues to face construction start up difficulties for its terminals
3.2 Algeria, Egypt and Equatorial Guinea lowered their exports during 2012
3.3 Amidst declining Europe demand, African exporters target Asian buyers
3.4 African LNG Exports to increase at an AAGR of 9.2% between 2013 and 2020
3.5 Sonatrach Keen on increasing its Liquefaction Capacity as per Schedule
3.6 East African markets possess strong potential for new LNG supplies
3.7 Angola Shipped its first LNG Cargo in June 2013, marking new supplies to global LNG trade
3.8 Foreign participation key in new Africa LNG supplies
3.9 More than 60% liquefaction capacity will be available for contracts in 2020
3.10 Africa LNG Export market concentration ratio stands at 72%

4 Mozambique LNG Market Outlook and SWOT Analysis to 2020
4.1 Mozambique LNG Supply Forecast, million tonnes, 2005- 2020
4.2 Mozambique LNG Liquefaction Capacity Forecast, mtpa, 2005- 2020
4.3 Mozambique LNG Capacity Additions, mtpa, 2005- 2020
4.4 Mozambique LNG Storage Capacity Forecast, MMcm, 2005- 2020
4.5 Mozambique Number of Trains Forecast, #, 2005- 2020
4.6 Mozambique LNG Market Concentration Forecast, 2005- 2020
4.7 Mozambique LNG Market SWOT Analysis
4.7.1 Mozambique LNG Market Strengths
4.7.2 Mozambique LNG Market Weaknesses
4.7.3 Mozambique LNG Market Opportunities
4.7.4 Mozambique LNG Market Threats

5 Mozambique LNG Investment Analysis
5.1 Potential Opportunities for New Entrants and Investors
5.1.1 Key Investment Opportunities
5.2 Potential Buyer Markets
5.2.1 Trade Movements by Importing Country, 2012
5.2.2 Contracted Capacity Volumes by Importing Country, 2012
5.2.3 Shipping Distances from Key Buyers
5.2.4 LNG Demand Outlook in Key Buyer Markets
5.3 Scope of Expansion/Contracts
5.3.1 Current and Forecasted Liquefaction Capacity
5.3.2 Contracted Liquefaction Capacity
5.3.3 Available (Spare) Liquefaction Capacity
5.4 Mozambique Industry Competitive Landscape
5.4.1 Market Concentration Ratio
5.4.2 Companies with Active Operations- 2013
5.4.3 Companies planning to enter Mozambique LNG market

6 Mozambique Planned LNG Terminals and Expansions
6.1 Project wise Capital Investment Details
6.2 Current Status of Planned Projects

7 Mozambique LNG Market Benchmarking with Peer Markets
7.1 Mozambique LNG Benchmarking
7.1.1 Overall Investment Ranking of Mozambique LNG Market
7.1.2 Mozambique LNG Markets Benchmarking- Supply Index
7.1.3 Mozambique LNG Markets Benchmarking- Capacity Index
7.1.4 Mozambique LNG Markets Benchmarking- Operational Index
7.1.5 Mozambique LNG Markets Benchmarking- Growth Index

8 Mozambique LNG Sale-Purchase Contract Analysis
8.1 Mozambique Contracted LNG Capacity, 2005- 2020
8.2 Mozambique Available LNG Capacity, 2005- 2020
8.3 Long/ Medium SPA Contracts in Asia- Details
8.4 Long/ Medium SPA Contracts in Europe- Details
8.5 Long/ Medium SPA Contracts in Middle East- Details
8.6 Long/ Medium SPA Contracts in Americas- Details

9 Mozambique LNG Exports and Trade Flows to 2020
9.1 Mozambique LNG Export Forecast, million tonnes, 2000- 2020
9.2 Mozambique LNG Trade Movements by Region, 2012

10 Mozambique LNG Infrastructure Analysis
10.1 Mozambique LNG - Basic, Company, Capacity, Construction & Capex Details

11 Analysis of Key Companies in Mozambique LNG
11.1 Mozambique Liquefaction Capacity Forecast by Company, 2005- 2020
11.2 Anadarko Petroleum Corporation Company Analysis
11.2.1 Business Overview
11.2.2 SWOT Analysis
11.2.3 Oil and Gas Operations
11.2.4 LNG Operations
11.2.5 Financial Analysis
11.3 Mitsui & Co., Ltd. Analysis
11.3.1 Business Overview
11.3.2 SWOT Analysis
11.3.3 Oil and Gas Operations
11.3.4 LNG Operations
11.3.5 Financial Analysis
11.4 Empresa Nacional de Hidrocarboneto Analysis
11.4.1 Business Overview
11.4.2 SWOT Analysis
11.4.3 Oil and Gas Operations
11.4.4 LNG Operations
11.4.5 Financial Analysis

12 Latest Mozambique LNG Developments

13 Appendix
13.1 About LNGAnalysis
13.2 Research Methodology
13.3 Abbreviations and Conversions
13.4 Contact Information
13.5 Disclaimer 

List of Tables

Table 1: Mozambique LNG- Key Statistics
Table 2: Mozambique Annual LNG Export Forecast, 2012- 2020
Table 3: Africa Overall Investment Benchmark Ranking, 2012
Table 4: Anadarko Petroleum Corporation LNG Capacity by Terminal, 2005- 2020
Table 5: Current Status of Planned Terminals in Nigeria, 2013
Table 6: Algeria, Egypt and Equatorial Guinea LNG Exports- 2012 Vs 2011
Table 7: Europe natural gas demand forecast to 2020
Table 8: Africa LNG Exports Forecast, 2000- 2020
Table 9: Sonatrach LNG Capacity Outlook by Terminal, 2005- 2020
Table 10: Planned LNG Terminal Details in East Africa
Table 11: Africa LNG Industry- NOCs vs IOCs operations
Table 12: Africa Contracted vs Non- Contracted Liquefaction Capacity, 2012- 2020
Table 13: Africa Liquefaction Capacity by Company, 2005- 2020
Table 14: Mozambique LNG export outlook, 2005- 2020
Table 15: Mozambique Liquefaction Capacity Outlook, 2005- 2020
Table 16: Mozambique LNG capacity additions through new and existing terminals, 2005- 2020
Table 17: Mozambique LNG storage capacity outlook, 2005- 2020
Table 18: Mozambique LNG trains count forecast, 2005- 2020
Table 19: Mozambique LNG industry concentration ratio- 2005, 2010, 2015, 2020
Table 20: Mozambique LNG Trade Flows by Country, 2012
Table 21: Mozambique Contracted LNG Volumes by Country, 2012
Table 22: Mozambique Geographical Shipping distances from leading importers
Table 23: Mozambique planned LNG Terminals- Capital Investment Details
Table 24: Africa Liquefaction markets Benchmark- Overall Ranking
Table 25: Africa Liquefaction markets Benchmark- Supply Index
Table 26: Africa Liquefaction markets Benchmark- Capacity Index
Table 27: Africa Liquefaction markets Benchmark- Operational Index
Table 28: Africa Liquefaction markets Benchmark- Growth Index
Table 29: Mozambique Contracted LNG Capacity, 2005- 2020
Table 30: Mozambique Non- Contracted LNG Capacity, 2005- 2020
Table 31: Mozambique LNG Contracts with Asian countries
Table 32: Mozambique LNG Contracts with Europe countries
Table 33: Mozambique LNG Contracts with Middle East countries
Table 34: Mozambique LNG Contracts with American countries
Table 35: Mozambique LNG supply/demand outlook, 2000- 2020
Table 36: Mozambique LNG Trade Flows by Region, 2012
Table 37: Mozambique Liquefaction Capacity Forecast by Company, 2005- 2020 

List of Figures

Figure 1: Share of Mozambique in Africa Liquefaction Capacity & Exports
Figure 2: Mozambique Annual LNG Export Forecast, 2012- 2020
Figure 3: Mozambique Liquefaction Capacity Outlook, 2005- 2020
Figure 4: Mozambique LNG Market Structure by Company, 2013
Figure 5: Mozambique Contracted LNG Capacity, 2005- 2020
Figure 6: Mozambique Non- Contracted LNG Capacity, 2005- 2020
Figure 7: Mozambique Liquefaction Capacity Forecast by Company, 2005- 2020 

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