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Production and Market of High-purity iron Powder in China

Published: Apr-2015 | Format: PDF | ASKCI Consulting Co., Ltd | Code: MRS - 28636

In recent years, the production process which use high-purity iron powder to produce reduced iron powder is developed rapidly in China, making China’s high-purity iron powder produce reduced iron powder into industrial scale production, and the output of high-purity iron powder increases fast. Based on ASKCI’s investigation, the output of China’s high-purity iron powder is more than 500 thousands tones in 2014, with CAGR of 11% from 2010 to2014, and it is predicted that output will increase to over 1,200 thousands tones in 2020.

In 2014, the demand of China’s high-purity iron powder reaches 498 thousands tones, with the demand of high-purity iron powder is increasing year by year, as well as the support from the Chinese government, the market of high-purity iron powder is still facing chances and challenges. 

The Aim of this report

  • To provide readers with comprehensive & in-depth understanding of Chinese high-purity iron powder industry;
  • To identify major suppliers of high-purity iron powder in China including potential producers;
  • To evaluate capacity expansion in recent years, including new projects under construction;
  • To disclose supply situation of feedstock and technology level;
  • To discuss influence of governmental regulation on high-purity iron powder industry;
  • To discuss and analyze price fluctuation and find out its reasons;
  • To analyze import & export situation of high-purity iron powder;
  • To analyze competitiveness of major high-purity iron powder producers;
  • To find out what promotes and restricts high-purity iron powder industry development;
  • To reveal detailed consumption situation of high-purity iron powder in China;
  • To predict what future of China’s high-purity iron powder industry will be;
  • To reveal opportunities in Chinese high-purity iron powder industry.

Benefit from the report

  • Obtain latest info of high-purity iron powder, such as capacity, output, supply and price of raw materials, imp. & exp. and so on;
  • Gain vital business intelligence of China’s high-purity iron powder industry before entering competition;
  • Figure out actual production situation, technology level, pricing, consumption, trade of high-purity iron powder in China to grasp commercial opportunities;
  • Find out how Chinese high-purity iron powder market will change and how your business can be involved in;
  • Keep informed of your competitors/their activities in China;
  • Learn about key market drivers and factors;
  • Understand what are key factors and driving forces of high-purity iron powder industry;
  • Share this information within your organization using free global intranet license.


  • The report will investigate Chinese high-purity iron powder industry from the following aspects:
  • Production (Capacity, output, active producers, distribution, etc.)
  • Supply situation of major raw materials
  • Pathway & technology 
  • Pricing
  • Import & export
  • Market demand and consumption
  • Future trend
  • Key players
  • Commercial opportunity
Part Contents
 Executive summary
 Definition and methodology
I Production of high-purity iron powder industry in China
I-1 Overview of production situation
I-2 Historic development (product structure, capacity, output, etc.)
I-3 Current production situation
I-3.1 Production of major high-purity iron powder producers (status, capacity, output, price, dynamics, technology, etc.)
I-3.2 Price
I-3.3 Geographical distribution
I-3.4 Policies influencing high-purity iron powder market
II Technology and supply of raw materials
II-1 Introduction to major production technology
II-2 Raw materials supply situation
III Trade analysis of high-purity iron powder 
III-1 Overview of China’s import and export situation
III-2 Import analysis
III-3 Export analysis
IV Consumption of high-purity iron powder market in China
IV-1 Overview of consumption situation
IV-2 Market size
IV-3 Consumption situation, by application
IV-4 Key influencing factors for price (raw material price, supply situation, etc.)
V Competitiveness analysis of major producers
VI Future forecast on high-purity iron powder market in China
VI-1 Drivers and barriers for high-purity iron powder industry
VI-2 Forecast in next 5 years
VI-2.1 Production situation
VI-2.2 Consumption
VII Conclusion and opportunities
 ASKCI’s legal disclaimer

List of Tables
Table I-3.1 Production information of major high-purity iron powder producers in China, 2014
Table I-3.2-1 Ex-works average price of high-purity iron powder of main producers in China
Table II-2-1 Iron ore production in China, 2010-2014

List of Figures
Figure I-2-1 High-purity iron powder production in China, 2010-2014
Figure I-3.3-1 Geographical distribution in 2014
Figure II-1-1 Process route to high-purity iron powder


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