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Research and Development Forecast of Activated Carbon Market in China, 2014-2018

Published: Apr-2014 | Format: PDF | Huidian Research | Number of pages: 80 | Code: MRS - 3260


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Research and Development Forecast of Activated Carbon Market in China, 2014-2018 mainly conducts in-depth research of market status of activated carbon industry in China, supply and demand, export and import, and business performance of major domestic enterprises, meanwhile offers suggestions for activated carbon industry, so as to make entrepreneurs get a better understanding of this industry and make a wiser decision with the help of the investment references.


As the society develops, China's activated carbon market has transformed from wood-based activated carbon dominant to coal-based activated carbon dominant. At present, coal-based activated carbon accounts for 60% of China's activated carbon market, while that of wood-based activated carbon is less than 30%. Meanwhile, the application filed of activated carbon is expanding; now, it has extended from food and xylose industries to almost every aspects of national economy.


In the aspect of coal-based activated carbon, the domestic manufacturers are mainly located in Shanxi, Ningxia Hui autonomous region and north China, where there are abundant coal resources. And the total output of coal-based activated carbon in Shanxi and Ningxia accounts for about 90% of the total in whole China.


In the aspect of wood-based activated carbon, the domestic manufacturers are mainly located in Fujian, Jiangxi, Zhejiang, and Jiangsu, where there are abundant forest resources. And the total output of wood-based activated carbon in the three provinces-Fujian, Jiangxi, and Zhejiang accounts for more than 85% of the total in whole China. And the major manufacturers are Fujian Yuanli Active Carbon Co., Ltd, Fujian Xinsen Carbon Co., Ltd, and Fujian Zhixing Activated Carbon Co., Ltd, and the total production capacity of those enterprises can reach 95,000 tons per year.


In aspect of import market landscape of China, middle and high-end carbon particles take a large part among the imported activated carbon products from America. South Korea and Japan have mainly used high-end activated carbon products to penetrate into China's market. Especially, Japanese enterprises have taken up much China's market with their high-end specialized products. Due to abundant resources of nut shells in Southeast Asia, China's nut shell activated carbon products and raw materials are mainly imported from Philippine, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Malaysia, etc.


Because of the downward pressure on economic growth in China in 2013, the competition in international market has become fiercer. Production halts and production reduction have spread among China's downstream market, activated carbon enterprises have been trapped in a tough situation. Though the production capacity of activated carbon in China was about 700,000 tons in 2013, the actual output in that year was about 530,000 tons.

Table Of Contents


1. Overview of Activated Carbon Industry
1.1 Brief Introduction of Activated Carbon Industry
1.1.1 Definition and Structure of Activated Carbon Industry
1.1.2 Classification of Activated Carbon Industry
1.1.3 Varieties
1.1.4 Absorption Characteristics of Activated Carbon
1.2 Industrial Chain Analysis on Activated Carbon Industry
1.3 Application History of Activated Carbon


2. Development Environment of Activated Carbon Industry in China
2.1 Analysis on Economic Development Environment
2.2 Analysis on Policy Environment and Industrial Standards
2.2.1 Policy Environment
2.2.2 Relevant Standards


3. Market Status of Activated Carbon Industry in China
3.1 Status of Activated Carbon Market
3.1.1 Overview of Activated Carbon Industry
3.1.2 Existing Problems of Activated Carbon Industry
3.2 Competition Landscape of Activated Carbon Industry


4. Demand and Supply Analysis on Activated Carbon Market
4.1 Supply Analysis on Activated Carbon Market
4.2 Demand Analysis on Activated Carbon Market
4.3 Price Analysis on Activated Carbon Products


5. Export & Import Analysis on Activated Carbon Products
5.1 Volume and Amount Analysis
5.2 Import Sources and Export Destinations Analysis
5.2.1 Analysis on Wood-based Activated Carbon Products
5.2.2 Analysis on Other Activated Carbon Products


6. Key Activated Carbon Enterprises in China
6.1 Fujian Active Carbon Co., Ltd
6.1.1 Company Profile
6.1.2 Business Performance
6.1.3 Competitive Edge
6.1.4 Future Development Strategy
6.2 Jiangxi Huaiyu Mountain Suntar Activated Carbon Co., Ltd
6.2.1 Company Profile
6.2.2 Business Performance
6.2.3 Competitive Edge
6.2.4 Future Development Strategy
6.3 Fujian Xinsen Carbon Co., Ltd
6.3.1 Company Profile
6.3.2 Business Performance
6.3.3 Competitive Edge
6.3.4 Future Development Strategy
6.4 Liyang Zhuxi Activated Carbon Co., Ltd
6.4.1 Company Profile
6.4.2 Business Performance
6.4.3 Competitive Edge
6.4.4 Future Development Strategy
6.5 Fujian Jianou Zhixing Activated Carbon Co., Ltd.
6.5.1 Company Profile
6.5.2 Business Performance
6.5.3 Competitive Edge
6.5.4 Future Development Strategy
6.6 Guizhou Qian Min Activated Carbon Co., Ltd
6.6.1 Company Profile
6.6.2 Business Performance
6.6.3 Competitive Edge
6.6.4 Future Development Strategy
6.7 Shanxi Xinhua Chemical Co., Ltd
6.7.1 Company Profile
6.7.2 Business Performance
6.7.3 Competitive Edge
6.7.4 Future Development Strategy
6.8 Other Activated Carbon Enterprises
6.8.1 Datong Huibao Activated Carbon Co., Ltd
6.8.2 Shanghai Activated Carbon Co., Ltd


7. Development Forecast of Activated Carbon Industry in China
7.1 Development Trend
7.1.1 Large-Scale Production
7.1.2 Large-Scale and Modernized Equipments
7.1.3 Diversified Products
7.1.4 Localized Marketing
7.1.5 Normalized Energy-Saving and Emission Reduction
7.1.6 Innovative Technology
7.2 Scale Forecast of Activated Carbon Market


8. Investment Opportunities and Risks in Activated Carbon Industry
8.1 Investment Opportunities
8.1.1 Relevant Government Policies and Support
8.1.2 Booming Demand in Downstream Market
8.1.3 Huge Development Space
8.1.4 Broad International Market Space under Economic Globalization
8.2 Investment Risks
8.2.1 Risk of the Changing of Macroeconomic Environment
8.2.2 Risk of the Changing of Main Tax Policies
8.2.3 Risk of the Aggravation of Anti-Dumping Movements
8.2.4 Risk of the Price Fluctuation of Raw Materials
8.2.5 Core Technology Disclosure and Brain Drain
8.3 Investment Suggestions
8.3.1 Strengthen Industrial Coordination and Management
8.3.2 Take Full Advantage of the Existing Raw Material Resources and Actively Seek for Substitutive Ones and Develop New Energy
8.3.3 Advocate Technological Innovation and Abate Pollution and Lower Energy Consumption
8.3.4 Strengthen Fundamental Research of Activated Carbon and Promote R & D of New Technology and New Products

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