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Research and Development Forecast of Fluorite Market in China, 2014-2018

Published: Apr-2014 | Format: PDF | Huidian Research | Number of pages: 53 | Code: MRS - 3269

In 2013, the global output of fluorite was 6.7 million tons, which slipped by 5.2% compared that of last year. China is the biggest fluorite producing country. And in 2013, China produced 4.3 million tons fluorite, accounting for 64.2% of the total output of the world. Mexico is the second largest fluorite producing country, and the output was 1.24 million tons in 2013, accounting for 18.5% of that of the whole world.

China’s fluorite consumption reached 4.03 million tons in 2013, increasing by 2.23% compared that of last year. The main fluorite consumption fields in China are steel industry, aluminum smelting industry, chemical industry, cement and glass industry, etc. The consumption structure represents as following: steel industry accounts for 13.3%; aluminum smelting industry accounts for 7.3%; chemical industry accounts for 29.4%; cement and glass industry accounts for 40.0%; others accounts for 10%.

China is located in the Pacific Rim Diagenesis belt, where there are abundant fluorite resources. The proved fluorite resources have distributed in 27 provinces in China (including municipalities and autonomous regions), amounting to 24 million tons fluorite reserves. Fluorite mines, which distributed in Hunan, Zhejiang, Inner Mongolia, Yunnan, Jiangxi, Fujian, Guangzhou and Guangxi, account for 90% of the total reserves in China. The medium and large-scale mineral deposits mainly center on Hunan Shizhuyuan, Hunan Taolin, Inner Mongolia Stunt Qagan Obo and Zhejiang Hushan.

The large fluorite producers in China are as following: Sinochem Lantian Co., Ltd, China Kings Resources Group Co., Ltd, China Shen Zhou Mining & Resources, Inc, Centralfluor Industries Group, Inc, and Zhejiang Wuyi Sehnlong Floatation Co., Ltd. As China’s control of fluorite recourses and the integration of fluorine chemical industry, the listed fluorine chemical enterprises have set foot in fluorite filed one after another, as what Do-Fluoride Chemicals Co., Ltd and Zhejiang Yongtai Technology Co., Ltd did.

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Table Of Contents


1. Development Overview of Fluorite Industry
1.1 Overview of Fluorite Industry
1.1.1 Overview
1.1.2 Classification of Products
1.2 Application Fields
1.2.1 Chemical Industry
1.2.2 Metallurgical Industry
1.2.3 Building Materials Industry
1.2.4 Other Utilizations


2. Development Overview of Global Fluorite Industry
2.1 Overview of Global Fluorite Resources
2.2 Development Status of Global Fluorite Industry
2.2.1 Global Output Analysis on Fluorite 
2.2.2 Global Consumption Analysis on Fluorite
2.3 Development Analysis on Fluorite Industry of Major Countries
2.3.1 America
2.3.2 Mexico
2.3.3 Mongolia


3. Environment Analysis on Fluorite Industry in China
3.1 Macro Economic Development Environment in China
3.2 Industrial Policy Development Environment in China
3.3 Fluorite Technology Environment in China


4. Development Overview of Fluorite Market in China
4.1 Distribution of Fluorite Resources 
4.2 Supply Analysis
4.3 Demand Analysis
4.4 Price Analysis
4.5 Existed Problems in Fluorite Industry in China
4.5.1 Lack of Unified Planning and Administration, Random Exploitation, Serious Waste of Resources 
4.5.2 Small Production Scale, Backward Producing Technology, Inferior Performance of Enterprises
4.5.3 Circulation Disorder


5. Data of Import & Export of Fluorite
5.1 Import & Export of Fluorite ( Calcium Fluoride =97% )
5.2 Import & Export of Fluorite ( Calcium Fluoride =97% )


6. Downstream Application Fields of Fluorite
6.1 Fluorine Chemical Industry
6.2 Building Materials Industry
6.3 Steel Industry


7. Key Enterprises of Fluorite Industry in China
7.1 Zhejiang Yongtai Technology Co., Ltd
7.1.1 Company Profile
7.1.2 Major Businesses
7.1.3 Competitive Edge
7.1.4 Fluorite Resources of the Company
7.1.5 Business Performance
7.1.6 Future Development Strategy
7.2 Sinochem Lantian Co., Ltd
7.2.1 Company Profile
7.2.2 Major Businesses
7.2.3 Fluorite Resources of the Company
7.3 Zhejiang Wuyi Shenlong Flotation Co., Ltd
7.3.1 Company Profile
7.3.2 Fluorite Resources of the Company
7.3.3 Business Performance
7.4 China Shen Zhou Mining & Resources, Inc
7.4.1 Company Profile
7.4.2 Major Businesses
7.4.3 Fluorite Resources of the Company
7.5 Do-Fluoride Chemicals Co., Ltd
7.5.1 Company Profile
7.5.2 Major Businesses
7.5.3 Competitive Edge
7.5.4 Fluorite Resources of the Company
7.5.5 Business Performance
7.5.6 Future Development Strategy


8. Investment and Development Trend of Fluorite Industry
8.1 Investment Opportunities in Fluorite Industry
8.1.1 Promising Future of Fluorine Chemical Industry
8.1.2 Policy Protection and Support
8.2 Investment Risks in Fluorite Industry
8.2.1 Risk of Increasing Operation Cost 
8.2.2 Risk of Industry Accession
8.3 Development Trend of Fluorite Industry
8.3.1 Integration of Fluorite Resources Being Imperative
8.3.2 Changing of Fluorite Consumption Structure
8.3.3 Developing of New Fluorite Resources
8.3.4 De-Fluorination in Steel Industry
8.4 Development Suggestions of Fluorite Industry in China

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