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Research and Forecast of China Smart Water Meter Industry, 2014-2018

Published: May-2014 | Format: PDF | Huidian Research | Number of pages: 66 | Code: MRS - 3248

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Smart water meter is a new type of water meter integrating modern microelectronic techniques, modern sensor technology and other advanced technologies, which is used for metering water consumption, transferring data and clearing trade transaction. Smart water meter brings great conveniences for users and administrative departments, and also provides significant supports for the modern renovation of traditional water management mode. Although China has witnessed remarkable development that attracted worldwide attention in the past decade, and urban construction is changing day by day, China water meter industry develops slowly because mechanical water meters which use manual meter reading have a dominating position among China water supply companies.

The 12th Five-Year Development Planning and Measures for China Water Meter Industry points out that the average growth rate of total industry output value, sales revenue, value of export delivery and profits among China's water meter enterprises should all reach 10% to 13%. Total value of water meter industry will strive for exceeding CNY 9 billion, and the output will reach 90 million units by 2015.

Although having years of development, technical stability has been hindering smart water meter industry. While in recent three years, it has marched into sound development stage. At the same time, stimulated by three policies, namely urbanization, smart cities and ladder-like water price, smart water meters accelerate the replacement of mechanical water meters. Thus Huidian Research predicts that smart water meter is stepping into rapid rising stage.

In 2013 the output of water meter in China was about 69.812 million units and smart water meter accounted for 15%. And the growth rate of water meter market was 8.5%. Huidian Research predicts that the output of water meter will be around 79 million units throughout 2014, of which 14.24 million smart water meter, and market penetration rate of smart water meter will reach 18%; by 2018, the output of smart water meter will be about 37.33 million units with market penetration rate of 30%.

This report primarily conducts analyses on China smart water meter industry in the following aspects: supply and demand, market pattern and distribution, upstream and downstream market of smart water meters as well as development trends.

Table Of Contents


1. Overview of Smart Water Meter
1.1 Definition
1.2 Operating Principle
1.3 Main Technical Parameters


2. Economic Development Environment of China Smart Water Meter Industry 
2.1 Environment for Economic Performance
2.2 Policy Environment


3. Market Operation Status of China Smart Water Meter Industry 
3.1 Development Overview
3.2 Existing Problems
3.3 Stimulus for Development
3.3.1 Urban Water Pipeline Construction
3.3.2 Ladder-like Water Price
3.3.3 One Water Meter for One Household
3.3.4 Replace Mechanical Water Meter


4 Development Status of China Smart Water Meter Industry 
4.1 Status Quo
4.1.1 Supply Scale
4.1.2 Demand Scale
4.2 Regional Distribution of Sales


5 Import and Export Data of China's Smart Water Meters
5.1 Import-Export Volume and Amount
5.2 Major Import Sources in Terms of Trade Value
5.3 Major Export Destinations in Terms of Trade Value


6. Technological Development Status and Future Trends of Smart Water Meters 
6.1 Core Technologies and Manufacturing Techniques
6.2 Technological Development Trends


7. Competitive Landscape of China Smart Water Meter Industry 
7.1 Competitiveness Analysis
7.2 Regional Pattern


8. Industry Chain of China's Smart Water Meters 
8.1 Major Raw Materials
8.1.1 Copper Product
8.1.2 Plastics
8.1.3 Iron and Steel
8.1.4 Electronic Component
8.2 Development State of China Water Industry
8.2.1 Current Situation of China Water Resource Industry
8.2.2 Supply and Demand of China Tap Water Industry
8.3 Development Situation of Urban Water Consumption, 2012-2013
8.3.1 Urban Water Consumption Situation
8.3.2 Penetration Rate of Urban Water Consumption
8.3.3 Supply and Demand of Water in Urban, 2012-2013
8.3.4 Pipeline Laying for Water Consumption, 2012-2013
8.4 The 12th Five-Year Plan for Renovation and Construction of Urban Water Facilities and Prospect in 2020
8.5 Development Situation of China Real Estate


9. China's Main Enterprises of Smart Water Meter 
9.1 Jiangxi Sanchuan Water Meter Co., Ltd.
9.1.1 Company Profile
9.1.2 Business Analysis
9.1.3 Competitiveness
9.2 Suntront Tech Co., Ltd
9.2.1 Company Profile
9.2.2 Business Analysis
9.2.3 Competitiveness
9.3 Ningbo Water Meter Co., Ltd.
9.3.1 Company Profile
9.3.2 Business Analysis
9.3.3 Competitiveness
9.4 Ningbo Dong Hai Group Co., Ltd.
9.4.1 Company Profile
9.4.2 Business Analysis
9.4.3 Competitiveness
9.5 Lianyungang LianLi Water Meter Co., Ltd
9.5.1 Company Profile
9.5.2 Business Analysis
9.5.3 Competitiveness


10. Development Prospect Analysis of China Smart Water Meter Industry 
10.1 Demand and Prospect, 2014-2018
10.1.1 Positive Effects brought by Construction and Development of Urbanization
10.1.2 Positive Impact of Smart Cities
10.1.3 Positive Effects of Ladder-like Water Price
10.2 Main Barriers for Entering Smart Water Meter Industry
10.3 Development Factors
10.3.1 Driving Factors
10.3.2 Restrict Factors

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