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Research and Forecast of China UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) Market, 2014-2018

Published: Jun-2014 | Format: PDF | Huidian Research | Number of pages: 78 | Code: MRS - 3239

Research and Forecast of China UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) Market, 2014-2018 mainly analyzes China UPS industry in the following aspects: domestic market status, supply and demand, competitive landscape and business performance of major enterprises both at home and abroad; meanwhile this report offers suggestions for investors in UPS industry, so as to familiarize investors with this field and provide decision-making references for them.

From late 1980s to now, China UPS market has experienced 30-plus years of development. At present, UPSs are widely applied in industrial control, communication, medical treatment, computer, transport, banks, security and other fields, successfully solving electricity interruption and poor quality of electric energy.

In recent years, foreign major power suppliers held an optimistic attitude toward China power electronics market, turning their focuses to Chinese mainland in succession. As for UPS products suppliers, there are SANTAK, APC, AKSAY, MGE UPS SYSTEMS and Mitsubishi etc.; in the aspect of communication switching power supply, Ericsson, Siemens, Vicor, Artesyn Technologies, Alcatel-Lucent and Shindengen Electric MFG Co., Ltd etc. Taiwan power suppliers have also set up plants in Chinese mainland, for example, Delta Group has built up plants in Dongguan, Shanghai and Tianjin.

Along with the development of industry, domestic UPS enterprises are approaching to international famous brands in the aspects of market share and high-tech. KEHUA Group, KSTAR, East, Jeidar and some other private enterprises rank among the front row in domestic UPS market.

China UPS market had undergone high-speed growth. Since 2011 the overall UPS market in China has presented a slowdown trend. In 2013, market scale of China UPS was above CNY 30 million.

Table of Contents


1. Overview of UPS Industry 
1.1 Brief Introduction to UPS
1.1.1 Definition
1.1.2 Composition of UPS
1.1.3 Product Classification
1.2 Development History of China UPS Industry


2. Development Environment of China UPS Industry 
2.1 China's Economic Development Analysis
2.2 Relevant Policies and Standards


3. Current Situation of China UPS Industry 
3.1 Market Status
3.1.1 Market Overview
3.1.2 Existing Problems
3.2 Supply and Demand
3.3 Competitive Landscape
3.4 Price Analysis
3.4.1 Factors Influencing Price
3.4.2 Analysis of China UPS Price


4. Import and Export Analysis of UPS
4.1 Import & Export Volume and Import & Export Value
4.2Major Import Sources and Export Destinations


5. Key Foreign UPS Enterprises
5.1 Emerson Network Power
5.1.1 Company Profile
5.1.2 Business Performance
5.1.3 Competitive Edge
5.1.4 Development in China
5.2 Schneider Electric
5.2.1 Company Profile
5.2.2 Business Performance
5.2.3 Competitive Edge
5.2.4 Development in China
5.3 Delta Green Tech
5.3.1 Company Profile
5.3.2 Business Performance
5.3.3 Competitive Edge
5.3.4 Future Development Strategy
5.4 American Power Conversion


6. Key UPS Enterprises in China 
6.1 KEHUA Group (China)
6.1.1 Company Profile
6.1.2 Business Condition
6.1.3 Competitive Edge
6.1.4 Development Strategy
6.2 Guangdong East Power Co., Ltd
6.2.1 Company Profile
6.2.2 Business Performance
6.2.3 Competitive Edge
6.2.4 Future Development Strategy
6.3.1 Company Profile
6.3.2 State of Operation
6.3.3 Competitive Edge
6.3.4 Future Development Strategy
6.4 Guangdong Zhicheng Champion Group Co., Ltd.
6.4.1 Company Profile
6.4.2 State of Operation
6.4.3 Competitive Edge
6.4.4 Development Strategy
6.5 Shenzhen Jeidar Electronics Co., Ltd.
6.5.1 Company Profile
6.5.2 State of Operation
6.5.3 Competitive Edge
6.5.4 Future Development Strategy


7. Development Trend Prediction of China UPS Industry 
7.1 Development Trend
7.1.1 High-power UPS Market Rising
7.1.2 High-frequency UPS Being Mainstream; High-voltage Direct Current UPS Entering Market
7.1.3 Obvious Trend-- Decentralized Market Demand
7.1.4 Importance of System Integrator Being Prominent
7.2 Technical Development Trend
7.3 Market Size Forecasting
7.3.1 Great Prospect
7.3.2 Promising Future


8. Investment Opportunities and Risks of China UPS Industry 
8.1 Investment Opportunities
8.1.1 Related National Policy Support
8.1.2 Growing Market Demand
8.1.3 International Industrial Transfer
8.2 Barriers to Entry
8.2.1 Technical Barrier
8.2.2 Scale and Capital Barrier
8.2.3 Talent Barrier
8.2.4 Brand Barrier
8.2.5 Product Certification Barrier
8.3 Investment Risks
8.3.1 Macroeconomic Environment Risk
8.3.2 Weak Technological Base
8.3.3 Cost Fluctuation of Raw Materials
8.3.4 Market Competition Risk
8.3.5 Exchange Rate and Tax Policy Risk
8.4 Investment Suggestion

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