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Research on China Cardiovascular Drugs Industry, 2014-2018

Published: May-2014 | Format: PDF | Huidian Research | Number of pages: 85 | Code: MRS - 3251

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Research on China Cardiovascular Drugs Industry, 2014-2018 primarily carries on analyses on cardiovascular drugs market in the following aspects: market scale, the scale of segment markets, current competition status and business performance of major drug manufacturers; meanwhile it makes predictions about prospective market so as to help investors know this industry well and provide decision-making references for them.

With the aged tendency of population in China and the increasing morbidity of chronic diseases which have to be treated with medicines for the rest of patients' life, market scale of cardiovascular drugs is expanding. This trend has been reflected in recent years. While in the next few years, with the reform of medical insurance in China and the continuous standardization of pharmaceutical market as well as the unique curative effect of Chinese patent medicines, Chinese patents medicines for cardiovascular diseases will enjoy a promising development prospect.

In 2013 market scale of cardiovascular drugs has reached CNY 17.8 billion in China. At present cardiovascular diseases have a relatively higher morbidity rate among all diseases and also is a kind of disease that is hard to be cured. Along with the changes of people's life-styles, the difficulties in curing cardiovascular diseases are becoming more prominent. The compound annual growth rate of cardiovascular diseases is 21.6%, and the prevalence rate of cardiovascular diseases will increase further because of the improvements on people's living standards, the changes of life styles and increasing aging population. The market will be expanded.

On the other hand, patients with cardiovascular diseases have stood at 290 million, and patients with chronic diseases who have received systematic treatment account for a small proportion. In the next ten years, there is a potential for the growth in cardiovascular diseases treatment field. It is predicted that the growth rate will maintain more than 20% from 2014 to 2018. Huidian Research estimates that the sales scale of cardiovascular drugs in China in 2014 will reach about CNY 22 billion, and the figure will be CNY 45 billion by 2018.

Table Of Contents


1. Overview of China Cardiovascular Drugs Industry
1.1 Prevalence Situation of Cardiovascular Diseases in China
1.1.1 Definition of Cardiovascular Diseases
1.1.2 Number of Cardiovascular Patients and Death Situation
1.1.3 Hazards of Cardiovascular Diseases
1.2 Definition of Cardiovascular Drugs Industry


2. Development Environment of China Cardiovascular Drugs Industry
2.1 China's Economic Development Environment
2.2 Policy Environment Influencing Industry Development


3. Development Status of Pharmaceuticals Industry
3.1 Performance of Major Economic Indicator
3.2 Main Influence Factors
3.3 Key Task Progress of the 12th Five-Year Plan
3.4 Situation Forecast in 2014


4. Current Situation of Cardiovascular Drugs Market
4.1 Development Situation of International Cardiovascular Drugs Market
4.2 Development Status of China Cardiovascular Drugs Market
4.3 Competitive Landscape in China


5. Competitive Analysis of China Cardiovascular Chemical Drugs
5.1 Market Profile of Cardiovascular Chemical Drugs
5.2 Market Analysis of Medicines for Heart Disease
5.2.1 Alprostadil
5.2.2 Creatine Phosphate
5.2.3 Complex Coenzyme
5.3 Market Analysis of Medicines for Peripheral Vascular Expansion
5.3.1 Cinepazide
5.3.2 Fasudil
5.3.3 Ligustrazine
5.4 Market Analysis of Medicines for Renin-angiotensin System
5.4.1 Valsartan
5.4.2 Irbesartan
5.4.3 Losartan
5.4.4 Telmisartan
5.4.5 Benazepril
5.5 Market Analysis of Calcium Channel Blockers (CCB)
5.5.1 Amlodipine
5.5.2 Nifedipine
5.5.3 Felodipine
5.5.4 Levamlodipine
5.5.5 Nimodipine
5.6 Market Analysis of Antilipemic Agents
5.6.1 Atorvastatin Calcium
5.6.2 Simvastatin
5.6.3 Pravastatin
5.7 Market Analysis of?-Blocking Agents
5.7.1 Bisoprolol
5.7.2 Metoprolol
5.7.3 Carvedilol
5.7.4 Esmolol
5.8 Market Analysis of Antihypertensive Drugs
5.9 Market Analysis of Diuretics
5.9.1 Torasemide
5.9.2 Indapamide


6. Competitive Analysis of Chinese Patent Medicines for Cardiovascular System
6.1 Market Profile of Chinese Patent Medicines for Cardiovascular Diseases
6.2 Competitive Landscape
6.3 Chinese Patent Medicines for Cardiovascular Diseases in Hospitals of Nine Large Cities
6.4 Main Chinese Patent Medicines for Cardiovascular Diseases
6.4.1 Ginkgo Injection
6.4.2 Danhong Injection
6.4.3 Xueshuantong Injection
6.4.4 Sanqi Panax Notoginseng Injection
6.4.5 Cerecarton Capsules


7. Leading Enterprises of Cardiovascular Drugs Industry
7.1 International Leading Brands and Their Investments in China
7.1.1 Pfizer
7.1.2 Novartis
7.1.3 Merck & Co., Inc.
7.1.4 Sanofi
7.1.5 Roche Holding Ltd.
7.2 Leading Enterprises of Cardiovascular Medicines in China
7.2.1 Beijing SL PHARM
7.2.3 TASLY Pharm.
7.2.4 Taiantang Group
7.2.5 Guizhou Yibai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

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