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In this report, ASKCI analyzes the investment opportunities of China’s threonine industry. It will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of this industry from the following aspects: market size, status in the world, product structure, company analysis of major players, etc., as well as make scientific prediction on the future development threonine industry.

The Aim of this report

  • To provide readers with comprehensive & in-depth understanding of Chinese threonine industry;
  • To understand position of China’s threonine in the world;
  • Get more information of the major threonine companies;
  • To predict what future of China’s threonine industry will be;
  • To find out the key strengths and weakness of China’s threonine companies, and the threats and opportunities they face; 
  • To reveal opportunities in Chinese threonine industry.

Benefit from the report

  • Obtain latest info of threonine industry, such as market size, product structure, status in the world. key hotspots and so on;
  • Get latest information of major threonine companies in China;
  • Evaluate the status of China’s threonine industry in the world;
  • Identify key trends and opportunities in China’s threonine market; 
  • Understand what are the drivers and barriers of China’s threonine companies;
  • Find out some players who are best worth for investment in China’s threonine industry.


  • Word-format report, with around 30-50 pages;
  • Excel-format database of key players of threonine;
  • Excel-format market data of threonine;

Time needed

  • 2 or 3 weeks needed

The report will investigate Chinese threonine industry from the following aspects:

  • Production (capacity, output, active producers, expansion, etc.)
  • Upstream industry (supply and price of major raw materials)
  • Pathway & technology 
  • Pricing
  • Import & export
  • Market demand and consumption
  • Future trend
  • Commercial opportunity    


Table Of Content

Table of Content

Part Contents

Executive summary

Introduction and methodology

1 PEST analysis of threonine industry in China
1.1 Policy analysis
1.2 Environment analysis
1.3 Society analysis
1.4 Technology analysis

2 Industry chain analysis of threonine industry
2.1 Industry chain
2.2 Overview of upstream industry
2.2.1 Production situation
2.2.2 Price
2.3 Overview of downstream industry
2.3.1 Production situation
2.3.2 Demand for threonine

3 Supply and demand of threonine in China
3.1 Production situation
3.2 Consumption situation
3.3 Price
3.4 Import situation
3.5 Export situation

4 Major manufacturers of threonine industry in China
4.1 Enterprise scale
4.2 Industry concentration 
4.3 Geographical distribution

5 Company profile of major threonine producers
5.1 Fufeng Group Co., Ltd.
5.1.1 Basic information
5.1.2 Major product
5.1.3 Financial performance
5.1.4 Sale network
5.1.5 New activities on threonine
5.2 Meihua Holding Group Co., Ltd.
5.5 Henan Julong Biological Engineering Co., Ltd.
5.5.1 Basic information
5.5.2 Major product
5.5.3 Financial performance
5.5.4 Sale network
5.5.5 New activities on threonine

6 Forecast of threonine industry in China to 2020
6.1 Influence factors
6.2 Forecast to 2020
6.2.1 Forecast of production and demand
6.2.2 Development strategy

7 Conclusion
7.1 Risk and challenge
7.2 Opportunity

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Survey of Chinas Threonine Industry in 2016

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