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The rise of plant protein : Opportunities to capitalize on the protein trend using plant alternatives to meat and dairy

Published: Oct-2015 | Format: PDF | Canadean | Number of pages: 44 | Code: MRS - 38254

Plant protein sources such as soy, pea, and nuts are growing in popularity to meet ongoing demand for protein at a time when consumers are increasingly opting for meat-free or reduced-meat diets. Meat avoidance is growing for various health, financial, sustainability, and ethical reasons. At the same time, there is insatiable demand for protein, creating opportunities to incorporate plant-based sources into food and beverages in place of animal-derived ingredients.

Key Findings
- Globally, the proportion of new food and drink product launches claiming to be "high protein" increased six percentage points between 2013 and 2015, from 2% to 8%.

- Consumers actively avoiding meat are most likely to give high priority to "high protein" claims when choosing food and drink products.

- Men are more likely to perceive most types of plant protein as positive for health than women, with the exception of pea protein.

Opportunities for Plant Proteins is part of Canadean's Hot Topics research, and explores consumer perceptions of plant-based protein ingredients and identifies opportunities for food and beverage manufacturers to capitalize on.

Your key questions answered:

- What is driving demand for plant proteins

- Which plant proteins do consumers perceive most positively for health, and how can I capitalize on this

- Which consumer groups should I target and how

Reasons To Buy
- Offers insight into the key demographics that are most likely to be a key focus for innovation.

- Identifies and analyzes key trends driving demand for plant protein.

- Identifies interesting new and emerging innovation on offer in terms of product formulation, positioning, and marketing across key food and beverage categories.
Provides insight and inspiration for innovation programs and new product development.
Consumer Perceptions
Key Consumer Targets
Innovation Snapshot


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