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Thin Film Solar Technology Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2011 to 2017

Published: Sep-2011 | Format: PDF | Winter Green Research | Number of pages: 496 | Code: MRS - 2399

A new study on Solar Panel and System Market Shares and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2011-2017. The 2011 study has 1,075 pages, 334 tables and figures. Solar energy units re evolving more sophisticated technology that works. The worldwide demand for energy is steadily increasing. Demand for energy is doubling every 15 years. The major effort is to sustain growth in the electricity supply without causing irreversible harm to the environment. Solar energy has rapidly grown as a clean, renewable alternative to limited fossil fuels. Recognition of the need to reduce reliance on coal and fossil fuels is driving interest in solar energy.

Growth of solar markets will depend on continued investment in energy infrastructure by governments. When you think about it, there is no better investment government can make than in achieving development of low cost, reliable solar energy. This availability of low cost energy is what makes an economy hum. Some governments are sure to recognize these issues and make the investment, others will not.

The worldwide demand for energy is steadily increasing. Demand for energy is doubling every 15 years. The major effort is to sustain growth in the electricity supply without causing irreversible harm to the environment. Solar energy has rapidly grown as a clean, renewable alternative to limited fossil fuels. Recognition of the need to reduce reliance on coal and fossil fuels is driving interest in solar energy.

The need to reduce reliance on coal and fossil fuels is intuitive. The science agrees -- climate change is a reality. Government priorities are changing. The military robots have brought a dramatic shift in the nature of combat, lowering the cost of military engagement. Many combat situations are engagements against bad guys, not nation against nation.

There is no better place for a country to invest than in providing tax credits for solar energy. Assuming that the political framework is reliable, that companies and customers have the planning security they need, and that the demand situation stabilizes once again, solar market growth will accelerate. Solar energy makes electric vehicles possible. The auto industry drives the economy. As people buy electric vehicles, they will keep their existing vehicles and drive them less. They will plug the vehicles into parking meters on a street or at work, and recharge the electric vehicle at home from a bank of batteries located beside the home.

Change is a single constant in the solar industry. Changes in customer requirements result in new and more demanding technologies, product specifications and sizes, and manufacturing processes.

The ability to remain competitive depends upon the ability to develop technologically advanced products and processes. What better investment in infrastructure on the part of a government than solar power Cheap energy promises to provide water, cheap manufacturing, electric vehicles, all sorts of things more useful than a war that the government might alternatively spend its money on.

There are three main areas of solar technology: crystalline types are suitable for colder temperatures at high latitudes, thin film types and concentrating solar technology. The largest market for photovoltaics is for large scale utility systems connected to the electrical grid.

There are 150 solar manufacturers with measurable market shares in some region. Solar markets are significant with 16,469 solar panel manufacturers. This is by far the largest number of viable, functioning companies in any market segment. This many companies participating in the market mean there is enormous, ongoing investment in new technologies. The competitive situation bodes well for market growth, with solar energy complimented by wind and stationary fuel cells poised to become virtually the only systems that deliver energy for the world.

Global production of photovoltaic cells and modules in 2009 was 9.2 GW gigawatts. In 2010, a tremendous growth of solar PV cell shipments increased the solar PV cell market shipments to 16.6GW. The top ten manufacturers accounted for 67% of this total.

Solar energy is headed toward becoming the only viable energy source, complimented by wind and some fossil fuels and the nuclear industry in China. Solar energy, now at less than 1% of world electrical generation, will quickly go to 92% of what is used as a source to generate electricity. The speed of adoption of solar energy and the penetrations will rival or exceed the speed of adoption and penetrations of cell phones. The same factors are in play, relatively low cost local units, battery power mobility supported, and availability to everyone at an affordable price.

As electric vehicles come on-stream for use in short distance travel, they complement the internal combustion vehicles used to move longer distances. The use of electricity will extend support of travel of short distances by electric vehicles, vastly increasing the quantity of electricity generated. Electricity for vehicles will be distributed in two ways, through parking meter type posts in garages and on streets, and from hardened boxes in a yard or parking facility that contain many thin film batteries with high energy density. Vehicle fuel from solar energy is what provides the quickest payback for solar panels.

Markets at $32.1 billion in 2010 are set to grow to $338.2 billion by 2017, reaching $ 1 trillion sometime in the middle of 2021.

Growth is patchy by region, with investment ebbing and waning regionally, but cumulatively showing a rapid pace of adoption of solar energy as technologies continue to evolve to exceed grid parity by a goodly margin. The combination of attractive technology and government subsidies will create a thriving solar energy business.

The holy grail for the solar industry has been grid parity. Grid parity has been reached in every part of the world if solar systems are looked at over the 25 year useful life of the systems. Solar power has achieved recognized grid parity in some areas and is approaching recognized grid parity in other areas. According to Susan Eustis, the principal author of the study, "The concentrated solar power adventure is like the old railroads, those who get there first with all the will be the winners. Large fortunes are to be made in concentrated solar power CSP." Solar energy provides energy for lighting and power, for data centers, for electric vehicles, for transportation, and to desalinate water, making much more of the earth's land mass usable.

Report Methodology

This is the 477th report in a series of market research reports that provide forecasts in communications, telecommunications, the internet, computer, software, and teleequipment. The project leaders take direct responsibility for writing and preparing each report. They have significant experience preparing industry studies. Forecasts are based on primary research and proprietary data bases.

Forecasts reflect analysis of the market trends in the segment and related segments. Unit and dollar shipments are analyzed through consideration of dollar volume of each market participation in the segment. Market share analysis includes conversations with key customers of products, industry segment leaders, marketing directors, distributors, leading market participants, and companies seeking to develop measurable market share. Over 200 in-depth interviews are conducted for each report with a broad range of key participants and opinion leaders in the market segment.

Table of Content:

1.  Solar Technology Market Description and Market Dynamics
1.1  Sun Is The Earth's Most Abundant And Primary Source Of Energy
1.1.1  Solar Energy
1.2  PV Cell Device Made From Polysilicon Wafers
1.3  Solar Energy From the Sun
1.3.1  The Solar Solution
1.3.2  Solar Industry Key Drivers
1.3.3  Government Incentives for Solar Power:
1.3.4  Solar Energy Benefits
1.4  Solar Technologies
1.4.1  Research Initiatives
1.4.2  Thin Film Material Layers
1.5  Photovoltaic Conversion Of Sun Light
1.5.1  Solar Panel Orientation
1.6  Thin Film Solar Materials
1.7  Sunlight Intensity in Various Regions
1.7.1  Average Solar Irradiance
1.7.2  Global Solar Resources for PV
Photovoltaic and CSP Technologies
1.7.3  Sunshine Index
1.7.4  Economics of PV
1.8  Variety of Solar Panel Installations
1.8.1  Off-Grid Systems:
1.9  Solar Technology
1.9.1  Cost-Competitive Solar
1.9.2  Crystalline-Silicon Panels
1.9.3  Thin-Film Solar
1.9.4  Silicon or CIGS
1.10 World's Largest PV Installation German Solar
1.11 The Basics of Solar Electricity
1.12 Utility Power Positioning
1.12.1 Utility Solar Decision Making
1.13 U.S. Building Construction Industry
1.14 Silicon Panels Harvest More Energy
1.14.1 Solar Real Estate
1.15 Smart Electric Grid Overhaul: Utility
1.15.1 IBM Smart Grid
1.15.2 U.S. Electric Grid Needs Major Overhaul: Utility
1.15.3 Flexible Solar Cells With Silicon Wires
1.16 Competition and Advanced PV Technologies
1.17 Parts Of The Solar Cell Manufacturing Process
1.17.1 Silicon Crystal Growing or Casting Plants
1.17.2 Solar Cell Plants
1.17.3 Module Assembly Plants
1.17.4 Systems Assembly
1.18 Greenhouse Gases
1.19 Productionizing Technologies
1.20 Era Of Cheap Energy
1.20.1 Unprecedented Level Of Development Worldwide
1.20.2 Population Increases
1.21 Tackling Climate Change
1.22 Power From the Sun
1.22.1 PV Industry
1.22.2 SGS Solar Services

2.  Solar Panels and Systems Market Shares and Market Forecasts
2.1  Solar Market Driving Forces
2.2  Solar Market Shares
2.2.1  Suntech
2.2.2  SunTech Strategic Positioning
2.2.3  Sharp Cumulative Solar Cell Production Volume:
2.1 gigawatts in 2007 to 4.3 gigawatts By the end of 2010
2.2.4  Sharp Solar Thin Film Solar Modules
2.2.5  First Solar 4 Gigawatt Manufacturing
2.2.6  First Solar
2.2.7  Canadian Solar
2.2.8  Canadian Solar Module Producer
2.2.9  Trina Solar Limited
2.2.10 Gintech Energy
2.2.11 SunRun and U.S. Bancorp
2.2.12 Panasonic / Sanyo Solar
2.2.13 Panasonic / Sanyo Solar Stone Brewing Company Reference Account
2.2.14 Sanyo
2.2.15 BP Solar's EnergyMax Solar Electric Ground Systems
2.2.16 Q-Cells Q.SMART CIGS Solar Modules
2.2.17 Q-Cells
2.2.18 LDK Solar
2.2.19 LDK Solar Competitive Strengths
2.2.20 China South Industries Group Corporation (CSGC) / TIANWEI New Energy Holdings Co., Ltd. (TWNE)
2.2.21 Tianwei
2.2.22 Daqo New Energy
2.2.23 Scatec Solar 4 MW Solar PV Plant in Puglia, Italy
2.2.24 Solyndra: The Rooftop Solar Leader
2.2.25 Yingli Green Solar Energy Projects
2.2.26 SolarWorld
2.2.27 SolarWorld Acquired The Manufacturing Base of Shell Solar
2.2.28 SolarWorld
2.2.29 BP Solar
2.2.30 JinkoSolar
2.2.31 Juwi
2.2.32 Masdar Operates Through Five Integrated Units
2.2.33 Masdar PV Production Capacity at Ichtershausen
2.2.34 Masdar PV
2.2.35 Masdar PV Thin-Film Photovoltaics
2.2.36 Masdar PV and Beck Energy Open-Space
Solar Park In Germany
2.2.37 Evergreen Solar Revenue
2.2.38 Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc.
2.2.39 Conergy Modules Installed
2.2.40 Conergy AG
2.2.41 Saint-Gobain
2.2.42 ET Solar Grid Connection of a 2.9MW Power Plant in Germany
2.2.43 Abengoa Solar Commercializes High-Concentration Photovoltaic System
2.2.44 SolFocus
2.2.45 Yingli Green Solar Energy Projects
2.2.46 Solar Panel Megawatts Shipped Market Shares
2.3  Solar Market Forecasts
2.3.1  Government Incentives For Solar Energy
2.3.2  Grid Parity
2.3.3  Impact of Oil Price on Solar Industry
2.3.4  Outlook for Solar Electricity
2.3.5  Solar Electricity Storage: Thin Film Batteries
Complement The Hydrogen Manufacture
2.3.6  Solar Market Opportunity
2.4  Solar Panel Manufacturing Capacity
2.4.1  Solar Panel Efficiency
2.4.2  Yingli Green Energy High-Efficiency Panda Module
2.4.3  Canadian Solar High-Efficiency Cell
2.5  Solar Industry Segment Demand
2.6  Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells – Market Share
2.6.1  Solar Panel Commercial Forecasts
2.6.2  Germany and Spain Feed-in Tariffs for Photovoltaics in C/kWh
2.6.3  Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaics - Segment
2.7  Thin Film Solar Cells Market Forecasts
2.7.1  Thin-Film Solar Markets
2.7.2  Thin Film Photovoltaics
2.7.3  First Solar Benchmarks In Thin Film Modules
2.7.4  First Solar Thin Film
2.7.5  Thin Film Photovoltaics
2.7.6  Higher efficiencies of CIGS modules
2.8  Developing Technologies: Concentrators
2.8.1  Solar Energy Cost-Of-Electricity Analysis
2.9  Concentrated Solar Power CSP
2.9.1  Concentrated Solar Thermal - Segment
2.9.2  Concentrating Solar Power
2.9.3  Concentrated Solar Power Plants
2.10 Solar Energy Marketplace And Secure Power For Buildings BIPV
2.11 Global Solar Resources
2.12 Solar Panel ROI
2.13 Solar Panel Benchmarks
2.14 Solar Market Installed Capacity
2.14.1 PV Countries 2010
2.14.2 PV Installations by Technology
2.14.3 PV Installations by Application and Country
2.15 Solar industry Product Pricing
2.16 Solar Regional Market Segments
2.16.1 United States Solar Market
2.16.2 Germany, Italy, Spain, France, the United States,
Canada, China, India, and Australia provide FiT, Rebates,
Tax Incentives,
And Other Incentives Subsidies
2.16.3 German Solar Market
2.16.4 UK Solar Market
2.16.5 France: Solar Market
2.16.6 Italy and Spain: Solar Market
2.16.7 Canada: Solar Market
2.16.8 Australia: Solar Market
2.16.9 China: Solar Market
2.16.10 China's Insatiable Demand For Energy
2.16.11 Environmental Concerns Continue To Mount
2.16.12 Chinese Concerns About Power
Reliability And Energy Security
2.16.13 China's Energy Policies Are Focused On
Fostering Energy And Environmental Conservation
2.16.14 India: Solar Market
2.16.15 Trina Solar Regional Revenue
2.16.16 First Solar Regional Participation

3. Solar Technologies Product Description
3.1  SunTech Strategic Positioning
3.2  Sharp Solar Residential Products
3.3  Canadian Solar Standard Modules
3.4  Yingli Green Energy Residential
3.5  BP Solar Home Solutions Modules
3.6  SunPower® Solar Solution Home Energy Systems
3.6.1  SunPower® Residential Solar Panels
3.6.2  SunPower Solar Elegance
3.6.3  SunPower Highest Efficiency Solar
3.6.4  SunPower E19 Series Solar Panels
3.6.5  SunPower E18 Series Solar Panels
3.6.6  SunPower Solar Power Home Monitoring Systems
3.7  Sharp Solar Commercial Products
3.8  First Solar PV Modules
3.9  Canadian Solar Standard Modules
3.9.1  Canadian Solar e-Modules
3.10 Sanyo HIT A Series Solar Modules
3.10.1 Sanyo HIT A Series Solar Modules High Efficiency
3.10.2 Sanyo HIT Double Solar Panels
3.11 SolarWorld Sunkits Solar System
3.11.1 SolarWorld Sunmodule Solar Panels
3.11.2 SolarWorld Long-Term Performance
3.12 Q-Cells Commercial Grade Solar Cells
3.12.1 Q-Cells Q.PRO Multicrystalline Solar Module
3.12.2 Q.BASE Multicrystalline Solar Module
3.12.3 QCells PV Systems
3.13 Mitsubishi Electric PV Modules
3.14 Yingli Green Energy Commercial Installation
3.15 RRS - Magaldi Group
3.16 BP Roof systems
3.16.1 BP Ground systems
3.16.2 TATA BP Solar
3.16.3 Tata BP Solar's Large Commercial Projects
3.17 SunPower Commercial Solar Energy Solutions:
3.18 Trina Solar TSM-PC14 Utility Scale PV Systems
3.19 Sharp Solar Utility-Scale Products
3.20 First Solar Utility-Scale PV Systems
3.20.1 First Solar Utility Scale Engineering,
Procurement, and Construction
3.21 Yingli Green Energy Utility
3.22 Highwoods Solar
3.23 TATA BP Solar Energizes India
3.24 Daystar Technologies Target Market: Grid-Tied Utilities
3.24.1 DayStar CIGS Module
3.24.2 DayStar CIGS on Glass, Solar Photovoltaics, and
CIGS Electrical Energy
3.25 SunPower Utility-Scale Solar Power Plants
3.26 Solar Thin Film MiaSole Frameless Double Glass Module
3.26.1 MiaSole Solar Panels Targeted to Utilities And
Independent Developers
3.27 First Solar Thin Film
3.27.1 First Solar Operations and Maintenance
3.27.2 First Solar Strong Industry Vendor Relationships
3.27.3 First Solar Module Collection and Recycling Program
3.28 Sharp Solar Thin Film, Wide Impact
3.29 Q-Cells Q.SMART CIGS Solar Modules
3.30 HelioVolt
3.30.1 HelioVolt Best In Class of Thin Film
3.30.2 HelioVolt Electrical Performance
3.30.3 HelioVolt Front View
3.30.4 HelioVolt Back View
3.30.5 HelioVolt Mechanical Specifications
3.31 The Highest Performing Thin Film Products
3.31.1 HelioVolt Commercial roof tops
3.31.2 HelioVolt Ground mount
3.31.3 HelioVolt Residential rooftops
3.31.4 HelioVolt BIPV
3.31.5 HelioVolt Custom Panels
3.32 Masdar PV
3.32.1 Masdar PV Modules Amorphous Modules
3.33 Masdar PV Micromorph Modules
3.34 CIGs
3.34.1 CIGS Advantages:
3.34.2 Advanced CIGS Manufacturing Process
3.35 Ascent Solar Technologies, Building Integrated
Photovoltaics (BIPV) Modules Flexible And
Lightweight Thin-Film PV Technology
3.36 Canadian Solar BIPV Products
3.37 BP Solar BIPV Canopy Systems
3.38 Photovoltaic Consumer Solar Products
3.39 Ascent Solar Electronic Integrated
Photovoltaics (EIPV) Modules
3.39.1 Ascent Solar Defense Module & Applications
3.39.2 Ascent Solar Defense Operations Benefits
3.39.3 Ascent WaveSol™ Micro Solar Custom Solutions
3.39.4 Ascent WaveSol™ Micro Solar Electronic Product Benefits
3.40 Canadian Solar Specialty Products
3.41 LDK Solar
3.41.1 LDK Solar Cell
3.41.2 LDK Solar Monocrystalline Solar Cells
3.41.3 LDK Solar Multicrystalline Solar Cells
3.41.4 LDK Solar Modules
3.41.5 LDK Solar Systems
3.42 Yingli Green Energy
3.42.1 Yingli Green Energy Monocrystalline Solar Panels
3.42.2 Yingli Green EnergyPanda Series
3.42.3 Yingli Green Energy Multicrystalline Solar Panels
3.43 Trina Solar Product Portfolio
3.43.1 Trina Solar TSM-DC01 Universal Solution
3.43.2 Trina Solar TSM-DC01A Solar Panels
3.43.3 Trina Solar TSM-DC80
3.43.4 Trina Solar TSM-PC05
3.44 A Power Energy DG Systems
Micro Power Generation Grids
3.45 Petra Solar Utility Pole Applications for Solar Energy
3.45.1 Petra Solar Commercial Systems
3.45.2 Petra Solar Residential
3.46 Scatec Solar Project Development
3.46.1 Scatec Solar GmbH Operational
Management For Solar Parks
3.46.2 Scatec Solar Generates Electricity from Roof
3.46.3 Scatec Solar Carports
3.47 Schott PV
3.48 Solyndra Technology / Products
3.48.1 Solyndra Systems Minimal Orientation Impact
3.48.2 Solyndra Cylindrical Modules
3.48.3 Solyndra 200 Series
3.48.4 Solyndra Agricultural Solar Products
3.49 SunFields PV Modules
3.50 Stirling Energy Systems Dish Power
3.50.1 Stirling System SunCatcher™ 25-Kilowatt-
Electric (kWe) Solar Dish
3.50.2 SES SunCatcher™ Technology
3.50.3 SES SunCatcher Power Conversion Unit (PCU)
3.50.4 Dual–Axis Tracking Parabolic Concentrator
Efficient Solar Collector
3.50.5 Stirling Engine Efficient Heat Engine for
Operating Temperatures
3.50.6 SunCatcher Advantages vs. Solar Technologies
3.50.7 vs. Concentrating Solar Power
3.51 Suniva
3.52 Telio Solar Cells
3.53 Tianwei Monocrystalline Modules
3.53.1 TIANWEI Multicrystalline Module Description
3.54 Abengoa Solar Concentrating Solar Power
3.54.1 Abengoa Solar Parabolic Trough
3.54.2 Abengoa Solar Concentrating Solar Power Requirements
3.54.3 Abengoa Solar Power Tower
3.54.4 Abengoa Solar Operating Scheme For Tower Technology
3.54.5 Abengoa Solar Hybridation and Storage
3.54.6 Abengoa Solar Land Requirement For 20 MW Plants
3.54.7 Abengoa Solar ISCC (Integrated Solar Combined Cycle)
3.55 Solar Thermal Water Heating Units
3.55.1 Zing Solar Water Heating
3.55.2 Vajra Plus Solar Water Heating
3.55.3 Hotmax Nova Solar Heating
3.55.4 TATA BP Solar Business Energy
3.56 Daqo New Energy Solar Module
3.57 Dyesol DSC Applications Designs In BIPV
3.58 JinkoSolar Value Chain
3.58.1 JinkoSolar Product Traceability Control
3.58.2 JinkoSolar High Efficiency Modules
3.58.3 JinkoSolar High Efficiency Cells
3.58.4 JinkoSolar High Quality Wafers
3.58.5 JinkoSolar Advanced Technology

4. Solar Strategy, Technology, and Industry Specific Applications
4.1  Solar Reflectors
4.1.1  Semiconductors Absorb Light
4.1.2  How Solar Energy Works
4.1.3  Connecting to the Grid:
4.1.4  SunEdison's Approach:
4.1.5  Solar Electricity
4.2  Solar Power Grants for Rural U.S.
4.3  Solar Electricity Powering Nighttime Football
4.4  Solar Power Installations Raise Home Values
4.4.1  CIGS
4.4.2  Photovoltaic Systems
4.5  Akeena Solar – Residential Solar Panels
4.6  Akeena Solar – Commercial Solar Panels
4.6.1  Akeena Solar - Installations
4.6.2  Andalay Integrated, Plug-and-Play Solar Power System
4.6.3  Andalay — Beautiful to be Green
4.6.4  Web-Based Monitoring
4.7  Suntrol Monitoring
4.7.1  Authorized Installation
4.7.2  Commercial systems
4.8  Sharp Forms The Consortium For Solar Lighting (CSL)
4.9  BP Solar Modules Testing
4.10 Solar Panel Technologies
4.10.1 Thin Film Solar Cells Amorphous Silicon
4.10.2 Thin Film Solar Cells Cadmium Telluride
4.10.3 Thin Film Solar Cells CIGS
(Copper Indium Gallium Selenide)
4.10.4 Miasolé Copper-Indium-Gallium-Diselenide Films
Conversion Efficiency Confirmation From NREL
4.10.5 Thin-Film On Glass Substrate
4.10.6 Ascent Solar Putting CIGS On A Polymeric Or
Plastic Substrate
4.10.7 First Solar Monolithic Integration On Glass
4.10.8 Substrate Discussion
4.10.9 First Solar Modules Cadmium Telluride (CdTe)
Semiconductor Material
4.11 Trina Solar Silicon Panels
4.12 Q Cells Technology
4.13 SunTech
4.14 CIGS Photovoltaic Effect
4.14.1 Crystalline Silicon Indirect Band-Gap Semiconductor
4.14.2 Solar Thin Film Substrates
4.14.3 Gettering in Large-Grained Thin Polycrystalline
Silicon Films on Glass Substrate
4.14.4 EPV Solar Contracts Deliver 300 Megawatts Of
Thin-Film Panels Through 2012.
4.14.5 Photovoltaic Technologies: Single Crystal,
Polycrystalline and Thin Film
4.14.6 Single Crystal and Polycrystalline
4.14.7 Thin Film Panels
4.15 Shading
4.16 Third-Generation Thin-Film Solar Applications
4.17 Flexible Glass Solar Panels
4.18 Polysilicon Producers
4.18.1 Emerging Global Solar Polysilicon Producers
4.19 Inverter and Micro Inverter Markets

5. Solar Technology Company Profiles
5.1  A Power Energy
5.1.1  A Power Positioning
5.2  Abengoa Solar
5.2.1  Abengoa Solana: The World's Largest Solar Plant
5.2.2  Abengoa Solar
5.2.3  Abengoa Solar Concentrating Solar Power
5.2.4  Abengoa Solar Photovoltaic
5.2.5  Abengoa Solar Customized Industrial and
Commercial Applications
5.2.6  Abengoa Research and Development of Solar Technology
5.2.7  Abengoa Solar Commercializes High-
Concentration Photovoltaic System
5.2.8  Joint Venture Between Masdar (60%),
Total (20%) and Abengoa (20%) Shams-1 Solar Project
5.3  Akeena Solar
5.4  Anwell Group / SunGen
5.5  Applied Materials (NASDAQ: AMAT)
5.5.1  Applied Materials Silicon Systems Group
5.5.2  Applied Materials Revenue
5.5.3  Applied Materials Fiscal Second Quarter
Reportable Segment Results
5.5.4  Applied Materials Quarterly Financial Information
5.5.5  Applied Materials Acquisition of Varian Semiconductor
5.5.6  Applied Materials' HCT B5 Wire Saws
Selected by GCL-Poly for Solar Manufacturing
5.6  Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc.
5.6.1  Ascent Solar Technologies Technology
5.6.2  Ascent Solar Company Positioning
5.6.3  Ascent Solar Distributor Agreement with
Sunload Mobile Solutions GmbH
5.7  ATS
5.7.1  ATS Innovation/R & D
5.8  BP Solar
5.8.1  BP Solar Modules Testing
5.8.2  BP Solar Research
5.8.3  BP Solar Innovative Relationships
5.8.4  BP Solar, MetLife Joint Ownership
Agreement for Long Island Solar Farm
5.8.5  BP Solar Energy Systems For
Stanford Engineering Buildings
5.8.6  TATA BP Solar
5.8.7  Tata Power:
5.8.8  BP:
5.8.9  Bhutan Tata BP Solar Supplies Power
 Systems for CORDECT Telecom Network
5.8.10 Tata BP Solar Solar Manufacturing
Capacity by 62% to Serve Growing Solar Market in India
5.9  Bosch
5.9.1  Bosch Group’s Solar Energy Division
5.9.2  Bosch Malaysia Marketing
5.10 Canadian Solar
5.10.1 Canadian Solar New Powerful Solar Cell
5.10.2 Canadian Solar 600 MW PV Cell Plant Joint Venture
5.11 China Glass Holdings Limited
5.11.1 China Southern Glass (Australia)Pty
Ltd is a subsidiary of CSG Holding Co., Ltd.
5.11.2 China Glass Holdings Production Base in Suqian, Jiangsua
5.11.3 China Glass Holdings Production Base in Weihai, Shandong
5.11.4 China Glass Holdings Production Base in Xianyang, Shaanxi
5.11.5 China Glass Holdings Production Base in Beijing
5.11.6 China Glass Holdings Production Base of
Wuhai, Inner Mongolia
5.11.7 China Glass Holdings Production base in Nanjing, Jiangsu
5.11.8 China Glass Holdings Production base in Taicang, Jiangsu
5.11.9 China Glass Holdings Business and Revenue
5.11.10 China Glass Holdings Business Review
5.11.11 China Glass Holdings Outlook Tied To
China’s Twelfth Five Year Plan
5.11.12 China Glass Holdings Lowers Cost to
Manufacture Low Iron Glass
5.12 China South Industries Group Corporation (CSGC) /
TIANWEI New Energy Holdings Co., Ltd. (TWNE)
5.12.1 Tianwei New Energy German Solar Exhibition
5.12.2 Tianwei New Energy Resource Component Products
5.12.3 Hoku Scientific
5.12.4 Hoku $20 Million Loan From China Merchants Bank
5.12.5 Hoku Solar / Tianwei New Energy Holdings
5.12.6 Hoku Manufactures Polysilicon at Idaho Plant
5.13 Conergy AG
5.13.1 Conergy for Grimmway Enterprises,
Grower Of Carrots Implements 230 Kilowatts Of Solar
5.13.2 Conergy Powerplus Solar Plant At Fujifilm In Hawaii
5.13.3 Conergy 1.7 million PowerPlus Modules Installed
5.13.4 Conergy 12.4 MW solar park in Thailand
5.13.5 Conergy Is Building The Second Solar Park
5.13.6 Conergy PowerPlus Premium 56,000
Modules On Over 56 Kilometers
5.14 Daystar Technologies
5.14.1 DayStar Commercialization Strategy
5.14.2 DayStar Manufacturing
5.14.3 DayStar Technologies First Quarter 2011 Revenue
5.14.4 Daqo New Energy
5.14.5 Daqo New Energy / JNE Solar Module
 Joint Venture in Canada
5.15 Dow Chemical
5.15.1 Dow Positioning
5.15.2 Dow Rethinking Energy
5.16 Dyesol
5.16.1 Dyesol Major Research Expansion in Japan
5.17 ET Solar
5.17.1 ET Solar Corporate Vision
5.17.2 ET Solar Modules Adopted in a UK
Commercial Rooftop Project
5.17.3 ET Solar / Zep Compatible Modules for
Rooftop PV Systems
5.17.4 ET Solar Grid Connection of a 2.9MW
Power Plant in Germany
5.18 Evergreen Solar
5.18.1 Evergreen Solar Revenue
5.19 First Solar
5.19.1 First Solar Sales
5.19.2 First Solar 4 Gigawatt Manufacturing
5.19.3 First Solar PV Modules UK MCS Certification
5.19.4 First Solar & China Power International
New Energy International Cooperation Framework Agreement
5.19.5 First Solar Push In The Cadmium Telluride Market
5.20 G24 Innovations
5.20.1 G24 Innovations (Dye Sensitized Solar Cell
Technology (DSSC) Strategic Development Agreement
With Texas Instruments
5.20.2 G24I UK site first in world to make ‘Green from Green’
5.21 Gintech
5.22 Greenwing Energy
5.23 HelioSphera
5.23.1 HelioSphera Micromorph Technology
5.24 HelioVolt
5.24.1 HelioVolt and NREL Renew CRADA Continue
Advanced CIGS Development
5.24.2 NREL-Confirms HelioVolt Monolithic
Modules Lead Environmental Performance
5.25 JA Solar
5.25.1 JA Solar Revenue
5.25.2 JA Solar First Quarter 2011 Financial Results
5.25.3 JA Solar Fourth Quarter 2010 Financial Results
5.25.4 JA Solar Full Year 2010 Results
5.26 JinkoSolar
5.26.1 JinkoSolar Launch of Research and Development Center
5.26.2 JinkoSolar Powers Solar Tunnel
5.26.3 Jinko Solar Revenues
5.26.4 Jinko Solar Module Manufacturing
5.27 Juwi
5.27.1 Juwi Positioning
5.27.2 Juwi Financing
5.27.3 Juwi Construction
5.27.4 Juwi
5.27.5 Juwi Germany’s Largest Rooftop Solar
Power Plant in Philippsburg
5.27.6 Juwi Leads the Way to an Energy Transition
5.28 LDK Solar
5.28.1 LDK Solar Acquired Crystalline Module
Manufacturing Best Solar
5.28.2 LDK Solar Core Values
5.28.3 LDK Solar Mission Statement and Vision
5.28.4 LDK Solar Competitive Strengths
5.28.5 LDK Solar Cost-Effective Production
5.28.6 LDK Solar In-House Polysilicon Production
5.28.7 LDK Solar Vertically Integrated Capabilities
5.28.8 LDK Solar Strong and Diversified Customer Base
5.28.9 LDK Solar Key Strategies
5.28.10 LDK Solar Sale of Minority Stake in Its
Polysilicon Business to China Development Bank
 International Holdings Limited
5.28.11 LDK Solar Revenue for First Quarter Fiscal 2011
5.28.12 LDK Solar Silicon
5.28.13 LDK Solar Production Technologies
5.28.14 LDK Solar Ingot
5.28.15 LDK Solar Multicrystalline
5.28.16 LDK Solar Monocrystaline
5.28.17 LDK Solar State-Of-The-Art Mono
Crystalline Pulling Equipment
5.28.18 LDK Solar Solar / Green Technology
5.28.19 LDK Solar Financial Services
5.29 Mubadala / Masdar
5.29.1 Masdar Operates Through Five Integrated Units
5.29.2 Masdar PV
5.29.3 Masdar Initiative
5.29.4 Masdar PV Production Capacity at Ichtershausen
5.29.5 Masdar PV and Raabvill Kft. Build Solar
Parks With Full Size Modules
5.29.6 Masdar PV and Beck Energy Open-Space
 Solar Park In Germany
5.30 MEMC
5.30.1 MEMC Global Sales And Manufacturing
5.30.2 MEMC Strategic Positioning Driving
Sustained Achievement
5.30.3 MEMC Wafer Manufacturing Process
5.30.4 MEMC Electronic Materials Revenue
5.30.5 MEMC Semiconductor Materials Segment
5.30.6 MEMC Solar Energy Segment -- SunEdison
5.30.7 MEMC / SunEdison
5.30.8 Selected MEMC Sun Edison Customers
5.30.9 MEMC Solar Energy ROI Advantages
5.31 Motech
5.31.1 Motech Revenue
5.32 Panasonic / Sanyo Solar
5.32.1 Panasonic Corporation Revenue
5.32.2 Sanyo
5.32.3 SANYO 2011 Sales Of Solar Photovoltaic Systems
5.32.4 Panasonic Full Year Revenue
5.32.5 Panasonic / Sanyo Solar Ark
5.32.6 Panasonic /Sanyo Solar Stone Brewing
 Company Reference Account
5.32.7 Panasonic / Sanyo Solar lumenHAUS Reference Account
5.32.8 InSpec / SANYO
5.32.9 SANYO and InSpec Group Partnership
Generates Multiple Solar Installations in Oregon
5.33 Mitsubishi Electric
5.33.1 Mitsubishi Electric Group Energy and Electric Systems
5.33.2 Mitsubishi Electric Power Module for Electric Vehicles
5.33.3 Mitsubishi Electric Group Power
Module Test Samples Specifications
5.34 MiaSole
5.34.1 Intel / MiaSolé
5.34.2 MiaSolé Thin Film Solar
5.34.3 MiaSolé Shingles
5.35 Oerlikon Solar
5.35.1 Oerlikon Solar's Market Segments
5.35.2 Oerlikon Solar Products & Technology
5.35.3 Oerlikon Solar Customers
5.35.4 Oerlikon Solar Competencies
5.35.5 Oerlikon Solar Market Segments
5.35.6 Oerlikon Solar Environmental Commitment
5.35.7 TÜV Rheinland certificate for Oerlikon
Solar ThinFabTM Modules
5.35.8 Oerlikon Solar 120 MW-ThinFab™ Order
5.36 Petra Solar
5.36.1 Petra Solar Utility Pole Solar
5.36.2 Petra Solar Remote Monitoring And Control
5.36.3 Petra Solar Wins Smart Grid & Clean Tech
Techamerica American Technology Awards
5.36.4 Petra Solar National Smart Solar Energy
Plan at Jordan - U.S. Business Forum in Middle East
5.37 QCells
5.37.1 QCells Revenue
5.37.2 QCells Revenue
5.38 Scatec Solar
5.38.1 Scatec Solar Corporate Structure
5.38.2 Scatec Solar Offers One-Stop-Shopping
5.38.3 Scatec Solar Role in Scatec Group
5.38.4 Scatec Solar 4 MW Solar PV Plant in Puglia, Italy
5.38.5 Scatec Solar builds 6 MW Solar PV
Plant In A Former Mine In Emilia
5.39 Schott
5.39.1 SCHOTT Solar Global presence
5.39.2 SCHOTT Solar Photovoltaics (PV) Business Division
5.39.3 SCHOTT Solar 2008 – Hospital Ward In Senegal
5.39.4 SCHOTT Light for Tanzania
5.39.5 SCHOTT Solar PV and Consolidated
Solar Technologies Inaugurate Photovoltaic Solar Installation at
Moriarty High School
5.39.6 SCHOTT Solar Black Frame Modules
5.39.7 SCHOTT Solar comes out on top in PV+
Test Conducted by Solarpraxis and TÜV Rheinland
5.40 SEC Solar Energy Centre
5.41 SENER
5.42 Sharp Solar
5.42.1 Sharp Solar Revenue
5.42.2 Sharp Corporation Regional Sales
5.42.3 Sharp Electronics Corporation
5.42.4 Sharp 3.1 gigawatts in 2007 to 4.3 gigawatts
 By the end of 2010 Cumulative Solar Cell Production Volume
5.42.5 Sharp Solar Thin Film Solar Modules
5.42.6 Sharp Revenue
5.43 SMA Solar Technology AG
5.43.1 SMA Solar Technology Acquisition of dtw Sp.z o.o.
5.43.2 SMA Solar Technology AG Revenue
5.44 SolFocus
5.44.1 SolFocus Low Lifecycle Greenhouse Gas Intensity
5.44.2 No Water Consumption
5.44.3 SolFocus Less Disruption of the Land and
Local Ecosystem
5.44.4 CPV technology:
5.44.5 SolFocus Partners with Bechtel to Deliver
 Renewable Power for California Agribusiness
5.44.6 SolFocus and Vision Electro Mechanical
Company to Build the Largest Solar Power Plant of its
Kind in Saudi Arabia
5.45 Solyndra
5.45.1 Solyndra: The Rooftop Solar Leader
5.45.2 Solyndra Installation Delhaize
5.45.3 Solyndra Solar Solution For Commercial
Metal Roof Market
5.46 Solyndra Solar Panels Help Power Qwest Field Event Center
5.47 SolarWorld
5.47.1 SolarWorld Core Business Is Photovoltaics
5.47.2 SolarWorld Acquired Manufacturing Base of Shell Solar
5.47.3 SolarWorld Improved Storage Facilities
5.47.4 SolarWorld Revenue
5.48 Stirling Energy Systems
5.48.1 Stirling Energy Systems SunCatcherTM Technology
5.49 SunFields
5.50 Suniva Inc.
5.50.1 Suniva Powers 250 kW Rooftop Solar Array at
UPS Center in Lakewood, New Jersey
5.50.2 Suniva Optimus™ Solar Modules
5.51 SunTech
5.51.1 SunTech Local Sales Offices
5.51.2 SunTech Strategic Positioning
5.51.3 SunTech Sales
5.51.4 SunTech Innovation
5.51.5 SunTech Partners
5.52 Tata BP Solar
5.52.1 Tata BP Solar Manpacks
5.52.2 Tata BP Solar Expands Manufacturing
Capacity by 62% to Serve Growing Solar Market in India
5.53 Telio Solar
5.54 Torresol Energy
5.55 Trina Solar
5.55.1 Trina Solar Partners
5.55.2 Trina Solar Products
5.55.3 Trina Solar Manufacturing
5.55.4 Trina Revenue
5.55.5 Trina Solar Regional Revenue
5.56 Total / Sunpower
5.56.1 SunPower 2.5-Megawatt Solar Power System:
Munich Re
5.56.2 SunPower Corporation Revenue
5.56.3 Total (CAC: TOTF.PA) and SunPower
5.56.4 1.8-Megawatt Solar Power System Planned for
Bloomberg's New Jersey Campus
5.57 Yingli Green Energy
5.57.1 Yingli Green Solar Energy Vertical Integration
5.57.2 Yingli Green Solar Energy Power Controlled
5.57.3 Yingli Green Solar Energy Projects

Technology Review
Selected List of Companies
Solar Energy Technology Executive Summary

List of Tables

Table ES-1
Solar Market Growth Key Factors Driving Demand
Table ES-2
Forces Driving Investment in Solar Energy
Figure ES-3
Solar Panel and Systems Market Shares, Dollars, 2010
Figure ES-4
Solar Panel and Systems Markets Forecasts Dollars,
Worldwide, 2011-2017
Solar Energy Technology Market Description and Market Dynamics
Figure 1-1 Driving Forces for Climate Change
Table 1-2 International Energy Agency Forecasts for 2030
Table 1-3 Importance of Energy Management
Figure 1-4 How Solar Power Works
Table 1-5 Semiconductor Device Industry Characteristics:
Figure 1-6 Global Primary Energy Scenario
Table 1-7 Solar Fosters Energy Independence
Figure 1-8 Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems
Figure 1-8 Flisom thin-film technology for flexible CIGS solar cells
Figure 1-9 Solar Panel Azimuth Angle and Magnetic Declination
Figure 1-10 Nanocrystalline Silicon Layers
Figure 1-11 Average Solar Irradiance
Figure 1-12 Global Solar Resources for PV Photovoltaic and CSP Technologies
Figure 1-13 Regional Power Output Levels Per kw Of
Generation Using GE Solar Electric Power Systems
Figure 1-14 Map of Solar Electricity Potential In Europe
Figure 1-15 Sunshine Index, U.S.
Figure 1-16 US Average Daily Solar Energy Received By A
Latitude Tilt Photovoltaic Cell
Figure 1-17 Solar Covered Roof
Table 1-18 Solar Energy Generated as a Function of Installation Type
Figure 1-19 Alternative Siteing of Solar Panels
Figure 1-20 Arizona Springerville Generating Station Solar
System28-Acre Field Of PV Panels
Figure 1-21 PV In Standalone Devices Solar Parking Meter
Figure 1-22 Phases of Migration to Sustainable Solar Markets
Figure 1-23 Public Policy to Encourage Sustainable Economics
Table 1-24 Sustainable Solar Energy Market Aspects
Figure 1-25 Australian Government Solar Technology Testing
Figure 1-26 Germany's Biggest Solar Installation, in Lieberose.
German Tariff Cuts To Solar
Figure 1-27 Solar Energy Module
Table 1-28 Building And Construction Market Shifts Around Solar Energy
Table 1-29 Parts Of The Solar Cell Manufacturing Process
Table 1-30Description Of Solar Services
Figure 1-31 High-Tech Solar Cell Production at Deutsche
Cell GmbH; Freiberg/Saxony
Figure 1-32 High-Tech Solar Production At Deutsche
Cell GmbH; reiberg/Saxony
Solar Energy Technology Market Shares and Market Forecasts
Table 2-1 Solar Market Growth Key Factors Driving Demand
Table 2-2 Forces Driving Investment in Solar Energy
Figure 2-3 Solar Panel and Systems Market Shares, Dollars,  2010
Table 2-4 Solar Energy Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide, 2010
Table 2-5 LDK Solar Key Information: Research & Development Targets
Table 2-6 LDK Solar Planned Capacity:
Table 2-7 LDK Solar Production Site:
Figure 2-8 SolarWorld Solar Installation
Figure 2-9 Solar Panel and Systems, Megawatts Shipped, Worldwide, 2010
Table 2-10 Solar Panel Megawatts Shipped Market Shares,
Worldwide, 2009 and 2010
Figure 2-11 Solar Panel and Systems Markets Forecasts Dollars,
Worldwide, 2011-2017
Table 2-12olar Crystalline Silicon, Thin Film, Concentrated
Power Market Segments, Dollars, Worldwide, 2011-2017
Table 2-13 Solar Crystalline Silicon, Thin Film, Concentrated
Power Market Segments, Percent, Worldwide, 2011-2017
Figure 2-14 Solar Industry Dollars to Megawatts Ratio,
Worldwide,Forecasts, 2010-2017
Figure 2-15 Solar Industry Dollars to Megawatts Ratio, Forecasts, 2010-2017
Table 2-16 Solar Market Segments MegaWatts and Dollars
Comparison, Worldwide, 2011-2017
Table 2-17 Solar Energy Significant Growth Factors
Table 2-18 Solar Energy Growth Aspects
Table 2-19 Electrical Storage Mechanisms
Table 2-20 Solar Panel Megawatts Shipped Market Shares,
Worldwide, 2009 and 2010
Figure 2-21 Solar Energy Shipments, Market Forecasts
MegaWatts, Worldwide, 2011-2017
Table 2-22 Solar Market Segments MegaWatts, Worldwide, 2011-2017
Table 2-23 Solar Market Segments Dollars, Worldwide, 2011-2017
Figure 2-24 Crystalline Silicon c-Si PV and Thin Film PV
Photovoltaic Technologies
Figure 2-25 c-Si PV Photovoltaic Technologies
Figure 2-26 Silicon Global Module Trend
Figure 2-27 Solar Panels and Systems Crystalline Silicone
Market Forecasts, Dollars, Worldwide, 2011-2017
Figure 2-28 Guardian Estimates of Global Soar PV Capacity, to 2020
Figure 2-29 Size of Commercial Rooftops in Square Feet and
Solar Rooftop Penetration Analysis
Table 2-30 Selected Solar Rooftop Installations
Figure 2-31 Commercial Solar Panel Units and Dollars, 2011-2016
Table 2-32 Solar Energy Storage Aspects
Figure 2-33 Solar Panel Commercial Photovoltaic Market Forecasts,
Worldwide, Dollars, 2010-2016
Table 2-34 Trackers Transform Commercial Rooftop Solar:

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