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Western Europe Handset Shipments, Vendor Market Share, Strategies and Key Trends Q3’2011

Published: Nov-2011 | Format: PDF | SNS Telecom & IT | Number of pages: 21 | Code: MRS - 18207

Product Synopsis

This report and its associated database provide an in-depth assessment of handset shipments, vendor market share, strategies and key trends in Q3'2011. Q3 witnessed 44.32 million shipments in Western Europe which is a 10.87% decline on the same period in 2010 and while a robust Q4'2011 figure is expected, it is unlikely to reach the full year 2010 total. The Q3 decline in growth is the largest single drop since 2008 although it is a 4.28% improvement on Q2'2011 and forecasts are optimistic that this growth will continue into healthy Q4'2011 shipments. 

Within Western Europe, Q3 has witnessed great changes with vendors with several making announcements of new products, new operating systems and new functionality in a drive to generate sales ahead of the festival Q4 demand. There are now pivotal battles being fought by all vendors to capture, maintain or win back market share. 

Samsung has achieved a Q3 market share of 38.29% of all shipments to Western Europe, which is its highest achievement to date and reflects substantial growth over all other vendors and equaling growth figures attained by Nokia in 2009. 

By contrast, Nokia, while in second place, continues to experience declining growth and an attainment of a market share of 19.60% in Q3 2011 , which is half that of figures achieved in 2008. Apple's iPhones have acquired a 9.57% growth in quarter 3, down on earlier 2011 quarters but higher than its achievements in previous years. 

HTC comes into an aggressive fourth place for shipments to Western Europe in Q3 with a total share of 7.52% equating to 3.32 million units; more than double its share for the whole of 2010. 

RIM, with its Blackberry devices, started off 2011 with optimistic growth attainments in Q1 and Q2 but has seen this shrink back in Q3 to a 5.70% share.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction

1.1 Coverage
1.2 Executive Summary

2 Section 1: Global Historical Regional Trends
2.1 Historical Market Size and Share by Region
2.1.1 Historical Handset Shipments by Region
2.1.2 Historical Year on Year Growth
2.2 Global Shipments: 2011 Quarters 1-3
2.2.1 Handset Shipments by Region 2011 to date
2.2.2 Global Handset Shipments by Region volumes

3 Section 2: Western Europe Trends
3.1 Trends in Handset Shipments to Western Europe
3.1.1 Historical Handset Shipments Western Europe: Historical Handset Shipments 2004-2011
3.1.2 Handset Shipments 2011 Quarters 1-3 Western Europe: 2011 Qtr 1-3 Handset Shipments - Percentage per Quarter
3.1.3 Western Europe Handset Shipments 2011 Quarters 1-3 compared to 2010 & 2009 Western Europe: 2011 Qtr 1-3 Handset Shipments compared to 2010 & 2009

4 Section 3: Western Europe Trends by Vendor
4.1 Historical Trends by Vendor
4.1.1 Historical Handset Shipment Vendors by volume
4.1.2 Historical Handset Shipment Vendors Market Share
4.2 2011 Quarters 1-3 Shipments to Western Europe
4.2.1 2011 Quarters 1-3 Handset Shipment Vendors Market Share
4.2.2 2011 Quarter 3 Handset Shipment Vendor Market Share
4.2.3 Vendor Strategies

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