New Urinary Biomarkers Can Determine The Presence Of Synthetic Cannabinoids

A group of scientists at the National University of Singapore(NUS) has recently developed a surveillance booster for the design of drug abuse. This research was led by Eric Chan from the NUS Department of Pharmacy. The team has accomplished success in developing three new urinary biomarkers that would help detect consumption of ADB-BUTINACA, a synthetically developed cannabinoidprescribed during emergencies. These new biomarkers have been developed in order todetermine the intakeof illicitdrug

We Ride Introduces A Revolutionary Concept To Improve Autonomous Technology

Nissan, one of the leading automobile companies, has been in talk so wing to its recent disclosure of collaborating with a self-driving startup, We Ride. The Guangzhou-based novice company was established in 2017 and its operation centers are erected in different states of China and the U.S. With the support of an experienced team along with extensive domestic and international experience, this startup has been outperforming in the automotive sector. Tony HanCEO and CoFounder of We Ridestate

VW & Argo AI To Release Their First ID Buzz Autonomous Vehicle

German automaker Volkswagen in collaboration with the US-based software firm Argo AI hasunveiled its plans to validate and commercialize the fully electric self-driving van they were building over the last four years. The testing of the prototype, which is among the first five planned cars, has begun in different traffic scenarios. Moreover, MOIAthe subsidiary of Volkswagen Group offering ride pooling servicesplans to commercialize the ID Buzz in Hamburg as a part of autonomous ride-sharing

Novel Energy-Efficient Model Freezes Food By Maintaining Quality & Safety

By incorporating the novel food freezing process with low energy consumption worldwide, almost 6.5 billion kWh of power could be saved each year. Moreover, nearly 4.6 Billion Kg of carbon emitted to generate that additional power could be avoided. Christina Bilbao SainzResearch Food Technologist at USDAexclaimed that the significant power saving could be accomplished byslightly modifying the existing frozen food manufacturing infrastructure and equipment. However, the condition is that food ma

A Robust Superconducting Magnet Invented To Obtain Clean Fusion Energy

A team of researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has accomplished a breakthrough by working on a project for the last three years. The research project could open the path for developing a magnificent source of carbon-free energy. The team has developed the worlds strongest superconducting electromagnet that can generate a magnetic field of around twenty Tesla and can sustain the extreme level of temperature. This novel super magnet has dodged a significant obstruction

Actuators Based On ONST Technology Outperforms The Pre-existing Models

Electrochemical devices are extensively used in different sectors ranging from autofocus microlenses to soft robotics. A team of researchers at the University of Houston has accomplished success in developing the first electrochemical actuator that uses a specialized organic semiconductor known as (OSNTs) to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. They mentioned that actuators are robots or bioelectronics that play a crucial role in the research and development sector. At present,

Converting Hydrogen Sulfide Into Pure Hydrogen To Produce Top Grade Fuel

Researchers have found a novel chemical approach to convert a toxic, stinky gas into clean-burning fuel.This method is used to transformhydrogen sulfide into hydrogen fuel. Hydrogen sulfide is discharged from manure and sewerage pipes and is utilized in several industrial activities such as purifying oil and gas, mining, and paper production.Hydrogen sulfide is hazardous for people, highly toxic, andhave a nasty smell like rotten eggs. The method demonstrated in this study consumes less ener

A Thermostable COVID-19 Vaccine Derived From Plant Virus

Many renowned pharmaceutical companies have launched effective vaccines against the SARS-CoV-2 virus. However, the vaccine technology is still progressing to manufactureeffective and economical vaccinesthat can be stored at room temperature.Researchers at the University of Californias Center of Nano-Immune Engineering have developed vaccines that are thermally stable and can be transported to remote areas worldwide, where ultra-low temperature freezers are not accessible. Nicole Steinmetz, P

VR Paves Novel Opportunity In Medical Sector By Combating Anxiety And Pain

Innovative virtual reality technologyholdspromise in reducing anxiety and pain among children due to the fear of surgical procedures. One study found thatvirtual reality induced a hypnotic state, which helped to manage post-operative anxiety and pain in juveniles. The researchindicated that a novel virtual reality program could helpmanage cognitive stressby reorienting the programs display when a child changes lateral positions during medical procedures. As per the recent publication, Dr. Je

Upgraded EcoFlex- Robotic Hand Will Better Assist Differently Abled People

Neuroprosthetic is growing rapidly on commercial grounds by providing a wide range of movements to both minor and major deformities of the body but as we know this type of prosthesis can cost a person ten to thousands of dollars. Moreover, these types of prostheses use metals that can be a little uncomfortable to wear all the time especially when it is for some delicate part of your body but researchers at MIT in collaboration with Shanghai Jiao tong University came up with a comparative delic