Latest Studies Show Ammunition Styled Violence To Increase With Increase Of Gun-Use In TV

A new study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania Annenberg Public Policy Center concluded that the proportion of gun violence or other forms of relative content stands in parallel to trends in actual gun homicides. Firearm injuries or death are a major concern for the citizens of many countries across the globe, however, no country has been more plagued by the violence than the United States. Previous hypothesis regarding the subject suggested that depiction of gun violence in popular s

Researchers Discover A Method To Cement Safer Next-Gen Reactors

Earthquakes can cause massive damage to infrastructure, especially nuclear reactors which can cause immeasurable harm. That is why most nuclear plants are fitted with a proactive system which shuts off the functioning of the plant when it detects any form of external danger. Nowadays, reactors are fitted in terms of safety, sustainability, and efficient working. Researchers at the Department of Nuclear Engineering at Texas AM University have been studying the fourth generation nuclear reactors

Researchers Exposed The Evil Side Of Medical Cannabis

A study was carried out by the scientists from the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), in which they tested the urine samples of patients consuming cannabis for medicinal purposes. Through this basic research, the scientists noticed that the amount of CBD or THC present in the cannabis is different from that of what is mentioned by the manufacturers or distributors of cannabis. The study was published in the scientific research journal JAMA Network Open. To be precise, the medical cannabis p

A New Process Urges Cancerous Cells To Consume Toxic Drugs

Researchers at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) have recently carried out a vital study that leads to the enhanced absorption of anticancer drugs by the tumor cells. This would help in significantly boosting the effectiveness of chemotherapy treatment. The results of this study are published in the journal Nature Nanotechnology. The key challenge being faced by medical professionals in treating the tumor is to deliver the desired dosage of anticancer drugs to the affected tissues in th

Newly Developed Robotic Implants With Tactile Simulation Can Function On Touch Based Control

A team of bio-engineers from the University of Pittsburg Rehab Neural Engineering Labs have researched into detecting the aftereffects of brain simulation reacting to tactile sensation emulated from a receiver that works on a brain-controlled robotic implant. The experiment concluded with complimentary vision aids and artificial tactile perception decreases the time spent grasping and transferring objects from within a median of 20.9 seconds reduced to a mere 10.2 second. Day-to-day tasks are

Advanced GalnG/GaN Multiple Quantum Wells Revealed Through THz Emission Spectroscopy

A collaboration between a team of Osaka University, Bielefeld University, and Technical University of Braunschweig in Germany came close to finding the complicated optical response in the wide bandgap semiconductor multiple quantum wells and how the atomic-scale lattice vibrations helps in generating free space terahertz emissions. The following research is projected to pave new way for the transition from laser-based terahertz emission microscopes to nano-seismology for wide-bandgap quantum d

3D Printing Could Double The Application Of Recycled Plastic

The discovery of a new component designed using addictive manufacturing process can lead to a polymer can absorb around 96% of shocks without fracturing. A team of researchers at Polytechnique Montreal recently came up with this finding of recycling plastics. This creation if approved and tested can pave the way for unbreakable plastic covering applications. The concept behind the creation of the material is rather crude. The researchers wanted to demonstrate the theory behind the creation A

Latest Research Among Protein Bindings Reveal A Lower Chance Of Cardiovascular Diseases

The latest research regarding food containing high unsaturated fats may provide an additional layer of protection against cardiovascular diseases. Researchers in Keenan Research Center for Biomedical Science(KRCBS) discovered that Apolipoprotein A-IV, otherwise known as ApoA-IV is a plasma protein and high concentration of the lipid through digested foods can lower rates of cardiovascular diseases significantly. They further concluded that ApoA-IV is an inhibitory factor for an increase in pla

3D Medical Devices Integrate With Body Augmentation Functionalities

Researchers at UCL University recently found out a robotic third arm that can led to brain altering chemistry and physical knowhows which were previously unknown to the human autonomy. The team of researchers trained people to integrate an additional robotic thumb and found out an increase in efficiency for carrying out minimal tasks such as building a block tower with one hand. Body augmentation is creating a buzz among the neuroscience world with the growing advantage of widening our current

After The Advent Of E-Bombs The World Witnesses Another Warfare Method

Weapons stronger than traditional forms of warfare are constantly in development which can traverse across a lot of mediums. One such kind of weapon being developed are called as tailocins and they function straight on a form of biological form of warfare. Tailocins are developed using a strong branch of bacteria and function as nanomachines are quoted by the research scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Tailocins are proved to be lethal in only a handful of bacterial strain