Jordan's POSRocket has been bought by Foodics, a Saudi start-up.

The agreement will assist the Riyadh-based firm in establishing itself as an industry leader in Oman, Kuwait, Egypt, and Jordan. Jordans POSRocket, the Middle East and North Africas 2nd leading restaurant cloud services operator, was bought by Saudi technological start-up Foodics, which supports the food beverage and retail sectors. The Riyadh-based business said that its first purchase will help it solidify its place and be the leading company in Egypt, Oman, Kuwait, and Jordan, as well

In the Wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic, How Online Trade Exhibits Bolstered the Food & Beverage Business.

The worldwide food and beverage industry is among the oldest known industries. Globally, the sector is now valued at USD 6.1 trillion dollars. For generations, physical storefronts, exhibits, and expos have dominated the food and beverage commerce in this business. When the epidemic came, everything changed. The epidemic wreaked havoc on every area of the global economy in some form. The food and beverage business was one of the hardest hit. When shelter-in-place regulations were implemented

Cannabis Education Program In Northwest Is Likely To See Success In The First Year.

Green Flower announces the inaugural launch of the certificate program in collaboration with six private and public higher education institutions in the nation. These certificate programs are professionally developed and are innovative. Also, these are designed to offer quick on-ramp assistance and help professionals bridge the increasing skill gap between the requirements of companies in the legalized cannabis sector. Green Flower is a leading education provider for cannabis. We were lookin

Burlington Food & Beverage Firm Decides to invest in Stowe's Idletyme Brewery

According to co-founder Paul Sayler, the firm with American Flatbread Burlington Hearth has purchased a share in Stowes Idletyme Breweries. Idletymes administration and staff teams will continue running the company, with Third Place acting as a supporter, according to Sayler. On the brewing front, he intimated that there is a partnership afoot among American Flatbread in Burlington and Will Gilsons Idletyme brewery. According to Sayler, the two men had known one other for years. Since Nove

800% Spike In Cannabis Poisoning After Its Legalization Among Children Aged Below 10 Yrs.

Ontario witnessed around 9X more emergency department visits each month in the kids, particularly below the age of 10, for cannabis poisoning after Canada legalized the cannabis for recreational uses as per the study published in JAMA Network Open. However, the single hospitals have reported child cannabis poisoning cases before, but this is the first study to supervise the entire region. We saw more frequent and severe ED visits due to cannabis poisoning in children under 10 following the l

5 food and beverage techs worth your counter at CES 2022

CES 2022 isnt staying back when it relates to the most cutting-edge food beverage technologies. These are all the stuff you want on your counter, not the Happy Kitty waffle iron. The Home Bartender in Bartesian Style The Bartesian is a one-of-a-kind cocktail maker. Enjoy immediate quality cocktail drinks in the comfort of home by mixing capsuled flavorings with your favorite liquor. Margaritas, Cosmos, sex on the beach, whisky sours, and long islands are all just a button press away to ge

Trial: A Textile-Based Cartilage Implant Mitigates Joint Pain In Dogs

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease, which is caused by the wearing down of the cartilage tissues. These flexible tissues help in the smooth functioning of bone joints by lowering the friction generated in the bones while performing different activities. Osteoarthritis mostly affects the joints of fingers, thumbs, spine, hip, and knees. The symptoms include tenderness and pain in joints, which prevent the victim to do work effectively, and the only treatment to date is joint replace

Tesla Unveils Chip To Train Its AI-Powered Vehicles Within Its Data Centers

Last week, Tesla revealed its plan to develop a customized chip that will be engaged in training its AI-powered autonomous driving systems within the data centers. The company has been consistently following vertical integration and the outcome of its efforts was presented on a virtual platform. Ganesh Venkataramanan, who is a Senior Developer of Autopilot Hardware segment in Tesla, stated that the companys Dojo supercomputer system is powered with a part of D1 chip, which uses a 7-nanometer

Synthesis Of Strigolactones Is Proving To Be Effective For Weed Control

A team of researchers at the University of California, Riverside, has accomplished success in microbial production of a class of plant hormones, known as strigolactones. According to the preceding studies and pieces of research, strigolactones along with several hormones are synthesized within the plants, which can help regulate the growth and development of flora. The scientists mentioned that owingto the ability of strigolactones to develop symbiotic relationships with microorganisms, severa

Sustainable Agriculture Will Potentially Promote Food Productivity

Nowadays, coffee is in great demand within all the demographics across the world. The traditional approaches of coffee production are not competent enough to fulfill the burgeoning consumption rate of coffee. This concern has urged people to think of an easy alternative of cultivating coffee that is not only equally tasty but also refreshing. In a recent research report, it was published that a team of researchers at the Technical Research Centre of Finland has successfully developed coffee by