New Water-Proof Coatings Fabricated By Self-Healing Chemicals

According to the recent discovery, the rapid evaporation characteristics of a specific polymer with a system of vivid bonding in its core help in the formation of a water-resistant, auto-healing nanoscale coating. The research was conducted by Nenad Miljkovican engineering professor at the University of Illinoisand Professor Christopher Evans. The key objective of this research was to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of steam-generating power plants, which are considered to be the gl

NanoVelcro Chip Can Effectively & Swiftly Detect Pregnancy-Related Issues

Placenta accreta spectrum (PAS), also referred to as morbidly adherent placenta, is a perilous condition, during whichthe placenta is unable to detach naturally from the uterus of the mother after delivery. The attached placenta has to be removed through clinical procedures, which could be life-threatening and might cause severe hemorrhage-like issues. The possible rate of occurrence of PAS is 1 in 500 pregnant women, which is rising worldwide due to burgeoning cases of cesarean delivery. Fo

Latest Tech Can Protect Earth From Space Storms

A collaborative effort between the University of Texas at Austin and Texas Advanced Computing Center has recently published an understudy that predicts the effects of an upcoming major space weather event that could have the ability to create a catastrophic impact on Earth that could further disable communications and electrical systems in case the event was allowed to go out of control. The research team used the Front era supercomputer in order to develop a new generation of forecasting mode

Latest Research Issues Warning As Animal Life Begins Shapeshifting Due To Climate Change

The Cell Press recently discovered factors that give some species of animals the ability to essentially shapeshift in order to survive the existing formats of climate change so as to adapt. The team notes that some warm-blooded animals shapeshifted by getting larger beaks, legs, and ears in order to better accustom their body temperature when the surrounding temperature gets hotter. The team carried out the current study in order to solve the hypothesis that answers the question whether animal

Instead Of Being Addictive, Opioids Should Focus On Treating Pain

Although opioids are effective pain relievers, their overdose is responsible for the deaths of over 125,000 people in the last three years. Currently, there is a huge demand for safer analgesics in the US. To develop safer analgesics, biochemists are now focusing on opioid receptors rather than opioids. Opioids bind to these receptors in the brain and peripheral nervous system, which not only curb pain but also trigger adverse effects. Bryan Roths lab just identified the atomic structure of

Increasing Threat Of Catastrophic Super Volcano Looms Continuously Over The Subterrain Of Active Volcanos

The Curtin University researchers recently underlined a study that underlines the activities of an ancient supervolcano in Indonesia and further found that active and hazardous volcanoes that were not active for more than thousands of years after a super eruption period can still be activated. This research study is aimed at rethinking measuring and solutions about how these potentially catastrophic events can be predicted. The team notes that gaining an understanding of the mechanisms of thes

Human and Swine Waste Poses Threat To Water Quality Solutions After Flooding

A team of scientists from North Carolina State University recently published their after study that aims to study the effects of human and swine waste products and the aftermath that the latter carry on the water quality in a varied amount of sense. The study is revolving around the hurricane Florence of 2018 that measures water contamination by mixing of fecal bacteria that were affected by a mixture of both human and swine waste. The team notes that they found surface waters in the eastern p

Following Sodium Deficient Diet Can Curb The Risk Of Cardiac Disorders

Health organizations and many leading healthcare services have been alerting the public by different organizing several health campaigns and reciting slogans about the threats associated with the increased amount of salt in the diet. High salt intake has been claimed as the leading cause behind severe health issues, such as high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases. This article will put forward the health effects and alternatives for table salt. In the recent research analysis conduct

First Cell Structures Used Temperature For Procreation Measures

The Cell press recently published their white paper that observes the first set of cells to have undertaken under a temperature range that was previously undiscovered. The team notes that a simple mechanism had the ability to punctuate the growth and self-replication process of protocells putative ancestors of the modern day living cells. Protocells are defined as the vesicles that are often bounded by a membrane based layer and are potentially similar to the first unicellular common ancestra

Employees' Cognition & Productivity Are Hampered By Poor Office Air Quality

According to a study conducted at the PublicHealth School of Harvard University, the productivity, as well as cognition of the employees in a workplace, depends upon the air quality in that workplace. Based on the quality of the air circulating in the office, the way of the response of colleagues, their ability to concentrate, and their rate of productivity vary. A study unveiled that the burgeoning concentrations of freely suspended fine particulate matter of the size of 2.5 Microns (PM2.5)