Smoking CBD-Rich Marijuana Poses ‘No Significant Impact’ On Vital Signs And Driving Ability.

A new study reveals that there is no significant influence or impact on driving ability after CBD-infused marijuana smoking. However, the study also showed that there is no impact on vital signs in spite of the fact that all the participants in the study surpassed the legal limit for THC in the blood. For the pilot study undertaken in Switzerland, around 33 people in this study were given a joint containing either 500 mg of CBD marijuana or 500 mg of placebo containing a nicotine-free and ca

Royal Dutch Shell Is Likely To Acquire Sprng Energy.

Royal Dutch Shell, an oil and gas major, has come out as a surprise bidder to acquire an Indian renewable platform of Actis Llp, Sprng Energy. Shell is the largest liquefied natural gas trader globally and will be in competition with the Australian infrastructure fund, CPP Investment Board, and Macquarie and Canadian pension fund for a billion-dollar and more buyout. All these candidates were shortlisted after the first round of screening from the list of 20 potential candidates that were comp

Coal Fuel Dependent Indonesia Has Begun To Tap Into Its Vast Solar Power Capability.

Indonesias electricity supply is still largely reliant on coal, despite a small track record on renewable sources. However, if early signs of a surge in solar adoption are supported, it could have a significant effect on Southeast Asias largest economy. Indonesia intends to transition away from coal source energy and become carbon-free by 2060, if not sooner. Even with a tropical archipelagic country of 17,000 islands graced with year-round sunlight, Indonesia ranks last out of G20 countries

BPCL With Rs 25,000-Cr Investment Will Develop 10 GW Clean Energy Capacity By 2040

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) is likely to invest Rs 25,000 Cr to improve its portfolio of renewable energy and actively work towards achieving net-zero carbon emission goals. Also, the company is building a team for promoting diversification. However, these efforts are part of the companys goal to achieve net-zero emissions this year. BPCL is focusing on developing 10 GW of renewable energy capacity with the help of inorganic and organic roots by the end of 2020 while the comp

Bayou City Hemp Company Introduced Ranch Water-Flavored CBD Seltzer In Texas

Texas first and leading hemp processing and extraction company, Bayou City Hemp Co. announced its first CBD seltzer Mixer Elixir. The product is handcrafted in Houston and is non-alcoholic (zero proof), zero sugar, and zero-calorie sparkling water. This Ranch Water comprises 25 mg of hemp-drive CBD and is innovated as a youngsters favorite ready-to-drink beverage and cocktail mixer. In the US, the sales of cannabis beverages were expected to hit $421 million in 2021. However, it is likely to

To Combat Industrial Risks, The Oil And Gas Sector Invested USD 15.6 Billion On Digital.

As per ABI Research, a worldwide technological intelligence business, oil and gas companies confront a variety of operational, commercial, and existential concerns. To tackle these risks, oil and gas companies are turning to digitization, with plans to spend USD 15.6 bn on digital technology by 2030. Digitalization investments can aid in analyzing a pipelines condition, preparing for swings in oil and gas prices, and implementing action plans to generate more sustainability initiatives and tra

Oil Corporations Invited By Gov. To Assist In Guideline Development To Determine Whether New Fossil Fuel Drilling Is Environmentally Friendly.

Recently when Boris Johnson encouraged countries to cease mining fossil fuels at Cop26, the govt has asked oil and gas corporations to assist develop the guidelines on whether major drilling adheres with the UKs climate obligations. Despite experts claims that additional oil harvesting is incompatible with achieving net-zero by 2050, a survey surreptitiously released before Christmas and after MPs returned to their seats signaled those authorities will allow new oil extraction. The opport

St Vincent And The Grenadines Got The Opportunity To Export Medical Cannabis To Europe.

The Government of Saint Vincent and Grenadines officially said that it would become the first member country to export medical cannabis to Europe. These are members of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) and have received the permit for this export activity. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is poised for the global business of the medicinal wellness industry, said the Minister of Agriculture of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Saboto Caesar, at a press conference. We invi

Pfizer Will Invest $6.7 Bn In The Medical Cannabis Space.

Pfizer, a major pharma company, is investing heavily in cannabis-based bowel disease treatment to step into the medical marijuana sector. This biotechnology company agreed to take over Arena Pharmaceutical a clinical-stage company valued at $6.7 billion. Pfizer is set to acquire the remaining shares of Arena for $100 per share in an all-cash deal with the latest example of growth in cannabinoid-based medical research. Arena emphasizes offering new treatment options for different immunoin

Medical Cannabis Will Help People Struggling With Inflammatory Skin Conditions.

People struggling with skin problems are said to try medical cannabis products as a potential treatment as per the study from the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences and the University of Maryland. This study is considered the largest of its category as it involves 504 respondents, and around 8.8 % of people said yes to the use of medical cannabis for dermatologic disorders. However, several people use them without even guidance from a dermatologist. The pr