Encounter Metrics – A New Method Of Slowing Infectious Diseases During The Surging Period

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) researchers have recently released a market study that aims to shed an sufficient amount of light on urgent and relevant efforts being made tofightCOVID-19 by efforts backed by facts that are perpetuated by science and technology. The team has provided a scientific and analytical overview ora concept that they refer to as encounter metrics which has the ability to develop means using encrypted methods that can be applied to a device suc

Computer-Based AI Systems Might Replace Real Sales Teams Of People

Researchers from the University of Texas at Arlington have recently uncovered findings that have made it extremely clear that digital copies or avatars of humans could soon have the capability to replace an entire sales force associated with customer service employees solutions. The research further quotes that the following task is expected to be achieved within a fraction of the cost of the real-world implications. In the context of the study, the research team notes that avatars or digital

Anonymous Cell Phone Data Can Subjugate Behavioral Change After Experiencing Flu-Like Illness

The Emory Health Sciences have recently published a white paper that associates a new format of measurement tools and services that can double down as a monitoring and regulating source for controlling infectious diseases during their surge period without compromising any form of privacy and security measures. The team incorporated cell phone and Wi-Fi data that is routinely collected by telecommunication companies in order to reveal the notable changes of intimacy between their users who are

AI-Based Recommendation Systems Can Find New Link Between Unexplored Threats

The University of Texas as Dallas researchers have recently uncovered a strong link between examining the role of economic impacts between products that are designed and structured by AI-based recommendation systems. Furthermore, the team notes that the study revolves around the affected consumers decisions after the recommended product is undertaken. The team notes that millions and millions of pages are being indexed every time a user flips through recommendation based applications that are

Study On Fish Fins Could Lead To The Discovery Of A New Flexible And Firm Material

Researchers from the University of Colorado,Boulder, have recently published their findings to uncover the engineering secrets behind the solidarity of what makes fish fins so strong, yet so flexible. The team states that the current findings will pave the way for producing durable robotic surgical tools for advanced applications or produce airplane wings with the ability to change their shape at the push of a button. The team quotes that the fascination behind the research is the list of rema

Stem Cell Could Make Kidney Structuring Effective

The University of Keck School of Medicine of USC researchers have recently published a research paper that increases the odds of structuringmini-kidneys using stem cells. The team created a primary building block that can used for building a form of synthetic kidney to be used to generate rudimentary kidney structures that are known as organoids. These organoids function in the same manner of a duct collecting systems by maintaining the bodys fluid and pH balance by concentratingand transporti

Sea-Based New Generation Of Nanomaterial Can Help Produce Hydrogen Derived Fuel

The University of Central Florida researchers have recently uncovered a method for producing hydrogen derived fuel that can be procured from the sea. This current method is expected to create a steady flow of fuel from an abundant and a sustainable form of alternative fuel compared to the fossil fuels. However, the potential challenge was limited by the technical challenges that were needed required to overcome for final stages of production. The challenge presented in this iterative form of m

Scientists Mark Severe Asthma Identifiers –Air Pollutants Most Likely Factors

The Lehigh University have recently uncovered a research study that presents an analytical view of the epidemiological effects which is known as the non-Th2 which is a format of distinct asthma disease. The research paper further exposes the side-effects of early childhood to airborne Benzo[a]pyrene, which is a byproduct of fossil fuel combustion. The team quotes that asthma affects more than 300 Million people worldwide. Most severe infestations is known as non-Th2 or non-atopic childhood as

Researchers’ List First ever Global Risk Index For Species Decline And Impacts On Humans

The University of Cambridge researchers have recently graduated a whitepaper that pertains to the fact that a wide range of disappearing habitats have been linked to the increased usage of pesticides. This increased usage among pesticides is often linked as the primary inhibitor for pollinator species across the world. This, in turn, is being quoted as the primary driver or a potential driver that threaten the preserved food and wellbeing of many ecosystems that serve billions of dollars of th

Research Team Reveals The First-Ever Form Of 3D Printed Bio-Model Of Glioblastoma

The Tel-Aviv University researchers have recently published a white paper that uncovers the very first 3D printed model of glioblastoma which is often considered the deadliest form of brain cancer. The team quote that they used human glioblastoma tissues that contained the primary component of the malignant tumor as the printing component for their 3D printed adventure. The team hopes that the breakthrough in research is expected to pave the way for a wider range of treatments for patients an