Space Gets A New Frontier - Jupiter Gets New Leads

The University of Leicester scientists have recently uncovered research studies that underline the magnificent results that have perplexed the scientific community for decades about Jupiters energy crisis. The research team which was full of astronomers created a detailed map of the gas giants upper atmosphere which runs parallel with the long standing belief that Jupiters power aura is responsible for the planets huge size and planet-wide heating systems which keeps the planet at a warmer sid

Research Team Underlines New Basis For Cybersecurity Measures & Solutions

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers have recently underlined research that pertains to increasing cyber security measures when compared to its counterpart based conventional security. The research team formulated a new model that shows why countries that indicate a retaliating measures against online phishing attacks can tend to make things worse for themselves in the larger timeline. The core of the study revolves around a correlation between the hostilities of the countries

Research Team Doles Out Rules For Dealing With Carbon Debt

The International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis have underlined conditions for increased atmospheric conditions as the concentration of carbon dioxide continues to rise. The team denotes that future generations are being put to risk as the implications of increasing carbon dioxide will lead to a massive carbon debt. The research team calls for intermediate action plans on an immediate basis in order to pertain responsibility for the imploding carbon debt that can be implemented by int

Research Suggests Higher Testosterone Related To A Warmer Amount Of Success

The University of Bristol researchers have recently uncovered research that highlights a rather perplexing link that suggests a higher amount of testosterone might be associated with a dense amount of success in one spersonal and private life. The team notes that with the current iteration of the Olympics sessions underway, a higher amount of testosterone have often been linked to a great amount of sporting success and other kinds of success as well. However, previous research studies have nev

Research Study Finds Links Between AI Recommendations And Consumer Approval

The University of America Marketing Association researchers have recently uncovered notational study that can highlight the significance of the pivotal factors that are often considered while integrating AI based recommendation systems for consumers that are focused primarily on functional and practical aspects of a product (often considered as the utilitarian value) when compared to the experimental and sensory aspects of the product (often considered as the hedonic value). The team focuses t

Research Indicates Constructed Wetlands For Improving Texture And Quality Of Drinking Ravines

The University of Kansas researchers have recently uncovered research that aims to associate the effectiveness of the wetlands that are constructed for improving water quality surrounding the latter especially if the size and location of the wasteland are evaluated at the scale of a watershed. The following research is based effectively for an entire region that drains into a common body of water. The research is based on a watershed subject to runoffs from the intense agricultural production

Research Based AI Algorithm to Tend Workers and Focus on Finding Jobs that are Skill Based

The University of Technology Survey have recently underlined a research study that is aimed at associating a machine learning algorithms that recommend jobs to skilled workers based on their profession and skill level. The team based their knowledge and their research study in order to rapidly fill in the open positions that have arisen from the ongoing pandemic for the essential job markets that range from car manufacturing workers, long haul airline pilots, coal workers, and shop assistants

Quantum Particles Needs Renovation As New System Focus On Safer Methodology For Online Communication

The University of Bristol researchers have recently bought the world a step closer to having a totally verifiable and secure internet as the research study presented aims to dismiss the rising number of cyber security attacks and the growing risks of phishing scams by creating a prototype based model that aims to change the outlook on how we communicate on a daily basis through the online media. The team behind the research quotes that their modem has the potential to serve millions of users a

Global Fuel Oil Market to be worth around USD 220.8 Billion by End of 2026

The recently published report by MRS titled Fuel Oil Market By Application (Marine, Industrial, and Others): Global Industry Outlook, Market Size, Business Intelligence, Consumer Preferences, Statistical Surveys, Comprehensive Analysis, Historical Developments, Current Trends, and Forecasts, 20212026 states that the global demand for the fuel oil market in 2020 was approximately USD 168.2 Billion. The market is likely to grow at a CAGR of 3.8% and is anticipated to reach around USD 220.8 Billi

Parents Are Likely To Be Stressed Due To Kids’ Longer Screen Time

The University of Arizona researchers have recently found that kids who are habited with an increased TV time are more likely to make it more difficult for their parents in terms of endearment and discipling. The team notes that such efforts are expected to increase stress levels among the parents at a larger scale during the upcoming infant years. The team notes that the more time the kids are plucked in front of the TV the more prone they will be to advertising messages and the more likely t