Exclusive Li-ion Batteries Will Come With Reversible Phase Change Feature

Have you ever wondered what if you can use a material over and over without deteriorating its original performance? The phase transformation approach has made it possible. This is considered as one of the most crucial and distinctive features as the materials ability to transform into different phases and holding its properties. In the recent theory research, the researchers have accomplished success in developing reversible phase batteries with an additional stretch to their structure. This p

Enhanced Optical Storage Media Will Take Over: Goodbye To The Morse Code

A team of engineers at Purdue University has created a novel technique aimed to upgrade optical digital storage technology. This development would enable the devices to store and read more data in a limited time. The information regarding this development has been published in the bimonthly peer-reviewed journal Laser Photonics Reviews. Instead of employing conventional approaches, which used dashes and dots, the Purdue researchers encoded the data at an angular position of the small, tilte

Electrochemical Sensors Can Evaluate The Production On Agricultural Land

Soil health has been considered a crucial factor in determining crop yield. The major concern for many farmers and researchers is that no such commercial and straightforward technique has been available so far. But now, with the assistance of farmersextensive agricultural knowledge, a team of researchers has developed a noveltechnique by deeply understanding the physical and chemical properties of the fertile land. Brandi Schottel, Associate Program Director at NSF,saidthatsoil health is one

Effective Machine-Learning Will Help Promote Safe Agricultural Practices

Nanotechnology has been burgeoning for the past several years, as it plays a crucial role in promoting crop yield and generates huge profits.Technology is being extensively employed in almost every field such as medicine, consumer products, and of course agriculture.The nanoparticles derived through nanotechnology significantly augment the crop yield through accumulation in the soil. Moreover, the antimicrobial characteristics of nanoparticles help to prevent plants from pathogenic microorgani

Conversion Of Thermal Energy Into Electricity Now Extremely Feasible

The U.S. Army Research Laboratory have recently underlined their research with attempts to quantify in larger measure with the integration of additional sensors and enhanced communication tools in order to provide lightweight tools and portable power solutions that have now become more challenging. This new format of research has demonstrated a new approach for turning thermal energy into electric energy using a method that is more compact and effective than its current format of production. T

AUDI Unveils Vorsprung 2030 Electrification Strategy, ICEs Expire In 2033

Audi has stated that by 2030, it desires to acquire the leading position in terms of social, ecological, and technical development. This is all part of Audis new Vorsprung 2030 business plan, which aims to accelerate the companys electrified transformation that was initially scheduled for 2026. Audi has also planned to begin phasing out internal combustion engine (ICE) models, which is expected to conclude by 2033. Audi initially unveiled that it would invest a significant portion of the all

An Insulating Material Can Easily Transport Electricity To Great Distances

A team of engineers at the Swedens Chalmers University of Technology has developed a novel insulation material that is despite three times less conductive but can significantly enhance the performance and characteristics of cables.With the growing access and extensive adoption of renewable energy, efficient transportation of electricity for longer distances is necessary as the wind and solar farms that generate electricity are situated far from cities. High voltage direct current (HVDC) cables

AI-Powered Recycling Robot Assists In Resolving The Plastic Waste Crisis

A group of engineers is engaged in fabricating smart robot that would help in quickly recycling soft plastic in a novel way. The robot is capable enough to not only recognize but also segregate and separate various items in recyclable garbage. Soft plastics are hard to recycle through the robotic approach, as the garbage may interfere in the autonomous functioning. Due to this concern, manual sorting of soft plastics is preferred, which is a laborious and possibly lethal operation. A team of

Drones Will Swiftly & Securely Deliver Automated External Defibrillators

As per an authentic report,one out of every ten peoplein the world experiences sudden acute cardiac arrest, with a demise rate of 3050% even when CPR- and AED-like facilitiesare provided on time. While, in some incidences, ambulance and healthcare workersfail toreach the spotin time,as every minute after cardiac arrest is crucial. A team of scientists at Swedens Karolinska Institute has devised a pragmatic approach to prevent such unfortunate incidences. The researchers explicated in their s

A Smart Crop Disease Detection System Can Promote Sustainable Agriculture

AI-powered mobile detectors in agricultural fields to recognize crop diseases could revolutionize the agriculture sector as in every country the food demand is increasing at a fast rate due to an increase in population. Moreover, the extensive use of technology these days has increased the accuracy and efficacy of disease diagnostic tools in plants and animals. Thanks to the innovative study conducted by the scientists at the Imperial College London. The team has been able to identify the firs