The U.S. Health Agencies Study Vaping-Associated Lung Diseases

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a joint statement that the U.S. health officials have been examining 215 vaping-associated severe lung disease cases across 25 states.Through this investigation, the agencies could acquire more information to help them in understanding if the specific compounds in vaping products are the cause of reported illnesses. So far, none of the cases is evidently linked to any specific vaping produc

Tank Cars Have A New Protective Jacket That Can Shield It From Impacts

West Virginia University scientists are now working toward making railways safer by producing a Band-Aid-like shielding jacket for tank cars that tacklerisky materials. The latest composite material with superior puncture and fire resistance qualities helps prevent spills and leaks caused by accidents. This new protective coating will help protect surrounding communities, the environment, and emergency responders. The researchers developed the new protective jacket using glass and polymer that

Sweat Levels Behaves As A Key Indicator In Predicting Autism Outbreaks

Children with autism can become aggressive and unmanageable, usually without giving any indicationsto their closest ones. Such mood swings can be difficult for their family members and guardians to handle. The changing mental state of an autistic child can be mitigated and outbursts can be controlled if a bit of indication regarding his/her mental state is available.Affectivaa Cambridge-based firmlaunched the Q-Sensor wrist-worn device that has been used by scientists at the University of Miss

Surging Blood Pressure Increases Risks Of Stroke In Women Than Men

Since the severity of high blood pressure surges, the peril of stroke rises by two times quickly in women in comparison with men, as per to a new study. The study raises the question whether sex-specific guidelines might be required for monitoring high blood pressure. The high blood pressure is the most normal modifiable risk peril for stroke, which is the third major cause of death for women and the fifth majorreason for men.For people below 60 Years, high blood pressure is less widespread in

From 2022 Apple’s New iPhones Will Have In-House 5G Chips

Apple has signed a multi-billion dollar agreement with the international leading 5G chips producer Qualcomm for integrating 5G support in Apples three flagship iPhones that will be launching in the next few years. Thus, Apples localchip manufacturers have been striving towarddeveloping efficient 5G cellular modems for iPhones. According to a media report, Apple has set agoal to introduce its very own 5G modem chips within the next 3 Years. Despite the giant smartphone manufacturer gathering su

Despite Criticism, Tech Giants EncourageUse Of Facial Recognition

Almost all the recently launched smartphones have pre-installed face recognition system installed into them. However, the actual technology supporting this feature has become highlyprovocative with regulators and business executives calling it as a monitoring feature. Earlier this year, MicrosoftCEO Satya Nadella stated that the technology licensed to any regulation that prevents the downstroke of the market.Even though people are comfortable with thenotion of registering their portrait with F

Constant Weight Lifting Can Probably Extend The Lifespan

Recently, a new research presented at EuroPrevent 2019 proves that improvement in muscle power can prolong a persons lifespan. Author of the study Professor Claudio Gil Arajo clarifies the difference between muscle power and muscle strength. The muscle power is required to basically accomplish the given physical task in a limited period whereas muscle strength indicates holding or pushing the heavy objects for an extended period.Themuscle power could be increased by identifying the best combin

Chinese Didi Chuxing To Introduce A Robotaxi Service In Shanghai

Didi Chuxingride-hailing services provider in China (similar to Uber)revealed about its plans to introduce a robotaxi service in Shanghai, where customers can hail autonomous cars from the app.The company will deploy vehicles with level four autonomous driving levels in Shanghais district, Jiading. The autonomous vehicle fleet will include thirty different models. Both autonomous and manually handled vehicles will be operating under Didis pilot project.It is the most recent company to reveal a

Canadian Cannabis Firms Are Fretful Over Surging Vaping Cases In The U.S.

The U.S. has been warning its locals to avoid vaping any of the marijuana active ingredient-based products. On the contrary, Canada is all set to legalize marijuana production, distribution, and consumption across the entire nation. This US-based information reported could be a setback for Canadian cannabis firmsthatwanttheir businesses to propel through trading higher-margin products.According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC),approximately 805 vaping-associated respirato

Altria & PMI To Reunite & Build A $200 Billion Profit In Tobacco Market

It seems tough for Philip Morris and Altria to entirely disconnect with each other. A decade back, both the firms began following their paths and now reached at the position of joining forces. Both the cigarette and tobacco manufacturers announced of signing an merger agreement.In 2008, PMI was spun off from Marlboro-manufacturer Altria to boost the global tobacco market and shield itself from the US litigations and regulations. Now, if they reunite, a $200 Billion behemoth would establish tha