Higher Testosterone Levels In Young Women Improves Their Stamina

The latest report, thoroughly describedin a research paper accessiblein the British Journal of Sports Medicine,confirmed thathigh testosterone levels in young physically active womens bodyboost their running stamina. In addition to their running capacity, testosterone also escalatesmuscle mass and compactness. However, there is no noticeable influence on body weight.When consideringthe hormonal impact on the athletic performance in women, a controversy has sprung up at the global level asking

Sponge On A String Test Helps In Early Diagnosis Of Oesophageal Cancer

Researchers from the Cambridge University and Addenbrookes Hospitalhave lately developed a sponge on a string test to help diagnose the risks of oesophageal cancer during the earliest days following which the doctors can suggest the best preventive steps. The new test takes only a minute as the patient is told to swallow a pill having a sponge-like material tied to a thread. This pill when consumed immediately dissolves and the sponge inside it starts expanding. When the sponge is pulled it sc

Protein-Rich Drinks Can Help Improve Physical & Cognitive Performance

Researchers are trying to include a new protein-rich drink to help improve the health and mental well-being of individuals. Recently, a team from the University of Illinois has revealed a close association between standard nutrition and better mental physical fitness. The researchers have collaborated with the United States Air Force (USAF) and Abbott Laboratories in order to find a nutrient-rich protein drink that can be consumed on a daily basis at the time of workout and dieting to increas

New Radiolabeled Tracer Can Make Imaging Of Brain Injury Faster

A team from Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH)has recently found a novel radiolabeled tracerwhich integrated with imaging tests can helppreciselyidentify and typify brain injury. Thetracerhasrecently been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to be tested in the humans. The molecule named [18F]3F4AP is a tracer that is fabricated to attach to potassium channels and the attached radiolabel makes visualizationthrough positron emission tomography (PET) imaging possible. In maj

Malarial Drugs Suggestively Can Enhance Cognitive Skills In Children

Researchers fromUniversity of Maryland School of Medicine (UMSOM) have found a disease control measure to help children improve their development. The increasing risks of life-threatening malaria infections the team confirmed the antimalarial treatments to help reduce the chances of malarial infections in schoolchildren. The current study published in The Lancet Global Health explains theantimalarial drugs 15% decline in the cases of anemia among schoolchildren and their role in improving the

Flavanol-Rich Foods Is Assumed To Lower Blood Pressure

Flavanol-rich diet is assumed to help people lower blood pressure. Some of the flavanol containing fruits include berries, tea, and apples. According to the researchers from the U.K., consumption of food along with the diet plays an important role in cardiovascular diseases. Previous studies have shown a strong connection between flavanols and health benefits. Thus, the researchers basically wanted to measure the intake of compounds by identifying the presence of biomarkers present in the urin

FDA Approves A New Medication For One Of The Deadliest Form Of Tuberculosis

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration(FDA), recently, anovelmedicationhas been approved as a part of aninfluential and three-pronged treatment program for the deadliest strain of tuberculosis. The drug named Pretomanid in combination with linezolid and bedaquiline was sanctioned to be utilizedin adults havingXDR-TB, which is extensive multidrug-resistant tuberculosis,of the lungs. It is triggered by a bacterium that attacks the lungs. However there are other forms of TB that can a

Childhood Trauma Not Only Alters The Brain Structure But Also Causes Depressive Disorder

Early life trauma is likely to have a hugeimpact the structureof the brain in a way that makes clinical depression more prone to be serious and recurrent, as per to a 2-Year observational research of 110 patients. The researchers have published this new finding inThe Lancet Psychiatry. Previousstudies have shown astrong connection between maltreatment and modified brain structure as well as a link betweenmaltreatment and serious depressive disease. It is the first time that a straightway conne

A Newly Discovered Drug Can Combat Multiplication Of The Coronavirus

Coronavirus pandemic has taken the entire world by a world storm as a permanent cure and means to resist the virus has not yet been found. Currently, the medical professionals have tried many therapies and existing drugs to inhibit the spread of the virus in COVID-19. Researchers have found remdesivir and dexamethasone to be the only drugs that have hastened COVID-19 recovery. It is remdesivir that has been approved by the FDA as a drug for curing COVID-19. Additionally, the blood thinners are

Gene Associated To Alzheimer’s Are Interwoven With Neuronal Communication

It has been found that the CD2AP gene probably plays an important role in enhancing Alzheimers disease vulnerability. A team from Baylor College of Medicine has used mice, fruit flies, and human brains to find the CD2AP gene involvement in synaptic spread, which is ameans neuronsuse to interact. Similarly, the team found CD2AP to have an impact on neuronal communication by measuring the levels of important regulatory proteins present at neuron terminals synapses.This study published in the jou