Researchers Believe Fiber-Rich Diet To Have An Impact Over Hypertension

There are around 100 Million micro-organisms thrivingin our gut and they are known tocontrol our metabolism, immune system, and possibly even the mental health.Recently Dr. Francine Marques, a Molecular Biologist and Geneticist, has shown interest in finding whether gut bacteria has an impact onhigh blood pressure or hypertension. The researchers are now striving to validate that the high-fiber diet does help manage the blood pressure levels in a healthy range. In the dietary fiber, the fiber

Ransomware Encrypts System Data Of An International Shipping Company

The global tech company recognized for serving shipping-related equipment and services, Pitney Bowes, has accepted that its systems were accessed during a cyberattack. The company publically stated that a widely known ransomware breached its system and encrypted all the information stored in it.The company has no clue regarding the culprit and the kind of ransomwareused for encryption in this cyberattack. However, it has been trying to resolve the issue with the support of a third-party consul

Researchers Develop Single-Molecule Nanocars For 2022 Competition

The University of Houston Rice University scientistsare working toward revolutionizing the machines to top the 2ndworldwideNanocar Race. However, the race has been postponed to 2022 and thus, the researchers have to waitmore than expected. The latest design has been clearly mentioned in the Journal of Organic Chemistry of the American Society. The researchers Anton Dubrovskiyfrom the University of Houstonand James Tour of Rice University advanced the cars by adding in tert-butyl-based wheels t

Smart Tablecloth Can Help Find Lost Objects And Perform Lot More Functions

A team of researchers from Dartmouth College and Microsoft Research developed a smart cloth that can easily detect non-metallic objects right fromavocadoes to credit cards. The new fabric has been named Capacitivo and its senses switches in electrical charge to detect products with different sizes and shapes. The sensing system presented at the ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology (UIST 2020) is projected to change the way people communicate with computing using soft objects

Scientists Discover The Process Of Water Formation On Asteroids In Space

Astronomers have unveiledone of the secret mysteries aboutthe cosmos. They have been able to findthe formation of water molecules on asteroids travelling in space.The latest research reported in the journal Nature Astronomystates thatwhen the meteoroids solar wind come in contact at exceptionally low temperatures they together help water replenish on the asteroids surface. Furthermore, the lead authorDr. Katarina Miljkovicfrom the Space Science and Technology Centre at Curtin University in Au

Scientists Call For Change In The Next Generation Of Modern Medicine

Researchers from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai(ISMMS)disclosed that genomic information extracted from population biobanks globally comprise much less ethnic assortment than needed. Out of almost 5 Million samples of DNA at biobanks universally, 68% come from people of European ancestry. This absence of diversity restricts scientistscapability to find link between genetic variants and disease, and also contributes to extending ethnic differences in health care, eventually prevent

Scientists Are Exploring The Power Of Microbes For Mining In Space

For severaldecades, people have been performingmany practices to minevaluablemetals and minerals from solid rock. It is recently that theresearchers have learned how to bind the power of microbes to do some of this work. This process, commonly known asbiomining has become a normaltechnique on the Earth.As humansaimexpeditions to places like the Moon and Mars, biomining presents a method to accessrequired materials on other planetary bodies instead of bringing them from Earth. This tactic is ca

Researchers Have A New Therapeutic Against Leukemia

Leukemia stem cells are the ones that give rise to leukemia. These stem cells usually reside in a tumor stimulating and shielding niche located in the bone marrow. Recently a team of scientists from the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry, Germany, has found a novel method to make these cells vulnerable by speciallyremoving these cells from their niches. Moreover, as the blood cells have a limited lifespan they are lost during bleeding or used at the time of infection. Thus, it is a must to h

Researchers Find Hospitals Contaminated With Infection-Causing MRDOs

From the past several decades, doctors and nurses have been trying to avoid the spread of germs by regularly washing their hands. But recent study findings recommend the patients to follow this habit too.In the study, 399 patients fromdifferent hospitals were examined. The research found that superbug antibiotic-resistant bacteria were present on the hands or nostrils of 14% of the patients at the early phase of admission. In addition, 33%of bacterial testswere positive for the objects they us

Researchers Discover New Natural Antifreeze Proteins

There are a few molecules that bind to the ice surface such that create a curved interface that can inhibit the ice growth. The new protein molecule that behaves as natural antifreeze agents is found in certain insects, plants, and sea-dwelling creatures that let the organisms bear freezing temperatures. The researchers used computational simulations to depict the ice binding through a biasing technique. The new antifreeze proteins tend to bind onto the interface between ice and liquid water.