Zipline Delivery Delivers Oral Rehydration Salt (ORS) And Rescues 113 Students

Ziplines drones prompt distribution of medical supplies has helped save the lives of 113 Mangoase Senior High School students in the East region. Acute diarrhea had befallen the boys. The incidence of diarrhoea came after the students consumed groundnut broth with rice for supper. The Headmaster suggested that the meal was presumably not well prepared, which added to the epidemic of diarrhoea. He regretted the absence of a school bus to carry the children had Zipline services not been acce

Nikon Releases 2 New Glass Lens Dubbed Z-Lenses

For their mirrorless system, Nikon unveiled two new Z-mount lenses: NIKKOR Z 24 - 200mm f / 4 - 6.3VR and NIKKOR Z 20mm f/1.8S. The firm has also launched Nikon D6 DSLR flagship camera. Nevertheless, both lenses are weather sealed, and although Nikon says the 24-200 mm is affordable, it will still cost you more than the old level entry lens. The new 20 mm f/1.8 lens meets Nikons high-performance Z-mount lens S-line, which offers edge-to-edge sharpness, including wide-open lens features, an

Button Mushrooms And Other Varieties Are The Supermarket Aisle's New Stars

People scoop up mushrooms so easily that the farmers struggle to keep pace with the growing market. Chester County, roughly a two-hour drive southwest from New York City, is the epicenter of American mushroom development. The region accounts for over 60 per cent of all domestic mushroom production from over 50 family-owned farms locally. Ferrantos farm grows five million pounds of mushrooms yearly, sold for grocery store chains including Stop Shop and Giant Foods under its name Buona Foods

DOF Subsea Has Won Various Contracts Including Acoustic Positioning System In North America

DOF Subsea has received multiple contract awards from customers throughout the North American region. The firm has secured an arrangement in Guyana for the installation of pre-lay and long baseline acoustic positioning system array activities, a deal in Trinidad for subsea deployment work, and the relocation of well-headed studies in Canada. Harvey Deep Sea, a long-term offshore supply vessel from Harvey Gulf International Marine to DOF Subsea, was awarded for a large scan of the ocean floor

Penn National Gaming Participates in Barstool Sports By Acquiring Stake Leading To Promotions in Online Gaming

For about $163 million, Penn National Gaming, Inc. has gained 36 percent interest on the streaming sports and entertainment network. Penn National will be the official online sponsor of Barstool Sports for a duration of up to 40 years, under the deal. It will have the licensing rights to use the Barstool Sports name for all electronic and retail sports betting and iCasino items within the group. Penn National also reserves the right to open licensed sport bars or restaurants in Barstool. Pen

Apple Awarded Integrated Passive Device (IPD) Patent

Apples recently issued patent includes the innovation related to an embedded microchip, a microchip integration process and an interface device for microchips. A microchip such as a micro RFID controller or Integrated Passive Device (IPD) is moved electrostatically in an embodiment and bound to a conductive template including a line break. In an example the line split is created to match the microchip by an effective cutting technique such as laser ablation, ion beam etching, or photolithogr

Nitro Blending System Of Blendtec Chosen For Exclusive Blend-In-Cup Feature In Commercial Blenders

Blendtec has been given the Kitchen Technologies Award for its innovative Nitro Blending Program, a world leader in commercial and residential blending technologies. The new Blendtec Nitro Blending System is the first to introduce a consumer jarless system that blends straight into the customers same disposable cup. It is designed to make cocktail blend operation faster and more effective than ever before. The Kitchen Design Awards have honored items at the back of the house that meaningfull

United States Navy Chooses 40 To Build Unmanned Surface Vessels (USVs), Vehicle Autonomy, And Sensor-Processing Payloads

United States Navy autonomous vehicle experts are creating a 40 member strong research team, which is a true part of prime system integration and design developers, to be included in a global effort to build next-century unmanned surface vessels (USVs). Naval Sea Systems Command officials in Washington confirmed they would share contracts with these 40 firms with a total combined amount of USD 982.1 million to help the Unmanned Surface Vessel Family of Program Systems. These terms are for fi

Enbridge Planning To Retrofit Portion Of The St. Clair River Under Line 5 Pipeline With Horizontal Directional Drilling

Environmentalists and the Michigan Attorney General, along with many others, are keeping an eye on every phase of the Mackinac Straits process of redeveloping Line 5. Enbridges Line 5 is the pipeline that connects Michigans Upper and Lower peninsulas to bring crude and liquid natural gas to Quebec. But there is another location under the body of water that is a part of the Great Lakes that Line 5 heads through. Enbridge is building the pipeline just south of Lake Huron, under the St. Clair R

Oxiteno To Increase Output Threefold In Its Alkoxylates Factory In Pasadena

Oxiteno is planning operational enhancements and volume tripling at its Pasadena, Texas alcoxylates plant by 2022. The aim is to manufacture about 50 different products that are different from running a retail factory, so the business is gradually increasing the product sophistication there. The business encountered some technical issues which were common in the first quarter of operations but it was on an upward trajectory in terms of reliability and customer service. This update from one