Studying Neighboring Metallic Nanoparticles In Catalyst For Better Efficacy

In real-world, everybody is affected by their neighbors and so is the elements present around us. The nanoparticles in the catalyst are found to be effected on a large scale. The Chalmers researchers have published their study on surrounding elements effect on the nanoparticles functionality in the catalyst in the journal Science Advances and Nature Communications. The researchers are thus on the run to find super particles that can aid in developing efficient catalysts in the future.For utili

Researchers Develop New Protein Nanobioreactors For Hydrogen Production

The University of Liverpool researchers have recently developed a means for the future development of sustainable, clean bioenergy. For the production of hydrogen, the researchers are reprogramming bacterial protein cages into nanoscale bioreactors. In the journal Nature Communications, the researchers have mentioned how carboxysome, a unique bacterial organelle that captures important CO2-fixing enzyme, Rubisco, into a virus-like protein shell. The structure, catalytic property, and semi-perm

Chameleon Skin Inspires Researchers To Develop New Color-Changing Films

Researchers are using the chameleons ability to change colors, communicate, and temperature regulation properties in enhancing the technologies, anti-counterfeiting measures, and displays in electronics. However, every material has its limitationsand thus the researchers are working toward developing a flexible film that will change colors depending on the stretching, pressure, or humidity. The latest study published in ACS Applied Materials Interfacesthe structural coloration of the chameleo

Researchers Develop New Cotton Face Mask To Kill Viruses And Bacteria

At the time of coronavirus pandemic, all of us are mandatorily wearing face masks while stepping out of their house. But, the major concern is that the viruses and bacteria that glue onto the outer surface of the masks could be transferred everywhere while being removed or touched. Additionally, the researchers reported in the journal ACS Applied Materials Interfacestheir invention of a new type of cotton face mask that can destroy up to 99.9999% of bacteria and viruses in just 60 Minutes on

New Smart Window Blocks Noises And Reduces Energy Consumption In Buildings

Scientists from the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore have lately created a liquid window panel that can instantaneously block the sun so ascontrol solar transmission and at the same time release thermal heat during the day and night for lowering the energy consumption by buildings. The NTU scientists smart window has been made by adding hydrogel-based liquid in the glass panels. This new window is found to have the ability to reduce heating, air-conditioning energy consumption, and

New Catalyst Helps Develop Biodiesel From Old Cooking Oil & Food Scraps

Recently, a team has found new means of recycling of agricultural waste and used cooking oil into biodiesel. They are also working toward converting food scraps or plastic rubbish into highly valuable products. The latest low-cost and powerful method uses a new type of highly efficient catalyst that can quickly help develop low-carbon biodiesel or other complex products from the different, impure raw substances. In case of used cooking oil, an intensive energy consuming cleaning process needs

Latest Metal-Organic Magnets Have Wide Range Applications

A team of researchers have found newly designed magnets with amazing physical properties that can very well compete with the traditional inorganic magnets used in the daily appliances. According to researchers from the Centre de Recherche Paul Pascal, the magnets have an important role in our everyday lives as well as in majority of the electronic and medical devices. Thus, the demand for new magnetic materials is increasing. Most of the materials are found to be made of rare earth metals or m

Green Tableware Is The New Alternative For Plastic Containers

Sugarcane and bamboo could now be used to make green tableware with high functionality and convenience that makes it the best alternative to plastic cups and other disposable plastic containers. Generally, the traditional plastic or biodegradable polymers are found to need high temperature to undergo degradation. However, the new material is found to be non-toxic, eco-friendly that requires only 60 Days to degrade. This clean and rapid method potentially can help keep the environment clean. Th

Latest Discovery Could Pave Way For Effective Hepatitis C Virus Treatment

Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS)researchershave discovered theimportant role of a cellular protein in the Hepatitis C virus infection, thus making way for a more effective and accurate treatment. Till date no vaccine has been developedfor Hepatitis C virus infection. It has been found to affect more than 130 Million people across the globe and almost 250,000 Canadians. Even though antivirals exist they are costly and not easily available in emergingnations, where the disea

Latest Imaging Technique Helps Identifying And Studying Deep Tumors

Tumor spotting, tracking, and studying are challenging tasks in the cases when a thick layer of exoskeleton and muscles covers cancer. Light-based imaging techniques fail to spot cancer. Therefore, clinicians have been using CT and MRI modalities to visualize the entrenched tumorous tissues.Recently, scientists at Stanford University have come up with a new approach of illuminating the tumorous cells residing underneath the skin.The team has designed new nanoparticles for thisapproach. Besides